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This chapter discusses the solutions to level 4. One thing to take a note of: Every room in level 4 has at least one Snakey in it.



The first Snakey-infested level will have you using lots of shots.

  • Get the D7 heart. Move the B9 Snakey left one and move the B8 Snakey to A3. Get the C5 and D5 hearts. Move the C3 EF up one. Move the F2 Snakey right one.
  • Head back down and left again. Move the C10 Snakey down one. Yet again head down the center.
  • Get the H7 heart. Move the I10 Snakey down one. Move the J9 Snakey right one. Move the J8 Snakey to K3. Get the 2 hearts. Move the I3 EF up one.
  • Move the G2 Snakey left two spaces. Get the F11 heart and the chest.



You'll need to go the long way a few times in this one.

  • Move the H10 EF left two and get the 10 hearts on the bottom area. Move the same EF to D10.
  • Move the C9 Snakey up to A3. Take the center path and move the J8 EF down and over to E10.
  • Move the D10 EF to B9. Take the long way out to push it up to B2.
  • Maneuver the E10 EF to F2 in a similar fashion to the previous EF.
  • Shoot the I2 Snakey twice and get the J2, K2, and K1 hearts. Wait on J2.
  • When the Snakey returns, move it to G1 and get the J1 heart.
  • Shoot the F6 Snakey twice. Get the 3 hearts.
  • Shoot the K6 Snakey twice and get the chest.



This one's not too tough. Just the beginning setup is a tiny bit tricky.

  • Move the G4 EF left one. Get the G5 heart. Move the G6 EF to I6. Move the H5 EF to E3. Move the I6 EF all the way down.
  • Move the J5 Snakey to J3. Get the K3 heart and shoot the egg again from below.
  • When the Snakey returns, move it to J8 and get the K8 heart.
  • Move the H7 Snakey down one. Cross left on D10 with the G8 Snakey.
  • Get the 2 hearts here. Cross up, get those 2 hearts. Cross up, move the C3 Snakey to cross right on D2. Get that heart, cross back and get the chest.



This one's pretty straightforward. One long path to take at a point.

  • Get the F8 heart. Move the C9 Snakey to B4.
  • Move the J6 Snakey to G1. Get the I1 and K1 hearts. Move the E2 EF left one.
  • Move the I8 EF to J3. Go the long way around and move it to A3.
  • Move the E9 Snakey up into the water. Move the D9 EF up to C1.
  • When the Snakey returns, move it all the way left. Get the last heart and the chest.



This one's pretty straightforward.

  • Get the heart and move the B5 EF all the way down.
  • Push the E4 Snakey right and ride the egg. Get the G6 heart along the way. You'll disembark on I8. Move the I9 Snakey all the way down and get the heart.
  • Push the D5 Snakey down and ride. Get the last heart and ride down.
  • Head back up and move the B2 Snakey left one. Move the D2 EF up one. Get the chest.

Level 4 boss[edit]


The level ends with a fight against a giant Snakey. It will basically follow you around the room in a slow manner. Touching it is fatal. You have infinite shots here, so all you basically need to do is keep shooting at the Snakey and run away when it starts getting close. Other than that, there are no real difficulties. Once you get it into the giant egg, shoot the egg a bunch of times to get rid of it.