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This chapter discusses the solutions to level 6. One thing to take a note of: Every room in level 6 has at least one Rocky in it.



Getting the heart in the middle of the Rockies is the tricky part.

  • Get all 4 outer hearts in the Rockies' area and carefully get the middle one. Just avoid getting yourself sandwiched.
  • If the Rockies are going in a clockwise motion you're fine. If not, stand on G1 to get them to charge up the G-column and force the movement.
  • When the Rockies are walking up the G column, wait on I3.5. When one stops on G4, move it to B1 and get the heart. Do a similar process with the other, only moving it to B11 and getting that heart.
  • Stand on C6 and wait for both Rockies to stop and face you. Step right and when they are entering the A-column to shield you, get the last heart. Get the chest.



This one's not too tough.

  • Head down, move the B10 EF down one and get the D11 heart.
  • Move the H10 EF right one. Move the J7 EF right one and get the K11 heart. When the Rocky clears, move the I10 EF all the way back left. Get the A8 heart.
  • Take the B-column up and head right. Get the H4 heart. Move the J2 EF up one and get the last heart.
  • Shoot the Rocky above the chest twice and get the chest.



This one's a little trickier and it's the first level that uses a hole in the game.

  • When the Rocky clears, get the heart on B11.
  • Move the F3 EF to I3 and go around and push it up, getting the heart along the way.
  • Shoot the lowest K-column Rocky twice and wait in the column. When the Rocky appears down below, get the K11 heart and go back up taking care not to get trapped on K5.
  • Try to get the lower left Rocky to stop on D9. Shoot it, get the D11 heart and move the egg to I10. Get the I9 heart.
  • Move the same Rocky to H11 when you can and get the F11 heart. Shoot the egg again from above.
  • When the Rocky returns, move it all the way left to the A-column.
  • When it heads up, wait on B9. When it nears the top move left and head up, stopping at A2. It should walk in a clockwise loop in the top middle area.
  • When it enters the A column, move up and shoot it. Get the C5 heart and head to E7.
  • When the Rocky charges down, move to D6.5 so it'll stop at E6. Move the Rocky to I6 and go around to get the chest.



This one's pretty straightforward.

  • Get the A6 heart. Move the D5 EF to H4. Move the D7 EF to H8. Get the H6 heart.
  • Move the B5 EF to G2. Move the B7 EF to G10.
  • Shoot the left Rockies when you can to get the left hearts.
  • When the right Rocky starts walking the K-column, get top 2 hearts. Get the 2 bottom hearts when you can and you'll want to have the Rocky charge at you from above on the J-column. Egg it and put it down on J10 to get the chest.



This one's a little bit trickier. The first level to use breaking bridges too.

  • Head down. Move the I8 EF to I3. Move the G4 EF to D4.
  • Wait on C5 and when the Rocky charges and stops, get the C4 heart. Let it push you down a space and move to the right.
  • When the Rocky's out of the way, move the D4 EF to C3 and get the D3 heart.
  • Move the I3 EF all the way down.
  • Get the Rocky to come up to C5. When it does, quickly move it to A5 and get the A11 heart.
  • A good place to wait is on F4. When the Rocky comes by, quickly shoot it, build a bridge on F2, move the egg to E1 and get the last heart.
  • Move the Rocky to J4 when you can and get the chest.

Level 6 boss[edit]


The level ends with a fight against a giant Rocky. It will basically patrol the room slowly and whenever you are in a row or column adjacent to it, it will charge at you in whatever direction. At the end of the charge, it will make a right-hand turn. It can run pretty quickly and touching it is fatal. Try to stand a half space below where it walks and you can hit it with shots yet it won't charge at you. Once you get it into the giant egg, shoot the egg a bunch of times to get rid of it.