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Box artwork for Adventures of Lolo 3.
Box artwork for Adventures of Lolo 3.
Adventures of Lolo 3
Developer(s)HAL Laboratory
Publisher(s)HAL Laboratory
Year released1991
Preceded byAdventures of Lolo 2 (Japan)
Followed byAdventures of Lolo (Game Boy)
ModesSingle player
Rating(s)ESRB Everyone
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  • Released in USA and Europe only.
  • Graphics, music, and cutscenes are shared with Adventures of Lolo II (Japan), but most stages are different (as seen by comparing screenshots).
  • Contains 100 regular stages (14 levels with 5 rooms each, 3 levels with 10 rooms each), 10 training stages, and several boss stages.
  • This game marks the debut of the monster named Moby in western countries.

This game was the last title to be released in North America and was also the longest. Its whopping 100 stages made it over twice as long as the previous two titles on the NES and this game actually seemed a bit more like an actual adventure. Lolo and Lala were both playable in this game (having the ability to switch between the two characters) and traveled through an explorable world with locations that contained the levels that had to be completed in order to progress through the game. The game was, therefore, not entirely linear like previous titles, and some places could not be visited until others were completed first.

For example, the Tower (Level 3) requires a Key to open it (which is obtained upon the completion of one of the caves: Level 2), and at the top of the tower Lolo/Lala has to create a rainbow bridge with the Rainbow Egg which is found in another cave: Level 1. Level 1 and 2 can be visited in any order, but they must be completed before Level 3 can be finished.

This game is generally considered to be the most interesting, challenging, and fun of Lolo and Lala's excursions on the 8-bit platform(s).

Like the Adventures of Lolo (Japan) and Adventures of Lolo 2 (Western) before it, this game's presentation is identical to Adventures of Lolo II (Japan): they share the same graphics, music, and cutscenes, but most of the puzzle rooms are different, and boss monsters take half as many shots to defeat in this title as they did in the game Japan received.

It is the general consensus of those that have played both versions that the Japanese version is the more difficult version of the game. The new monster, Moby, appears in Level 9 in the Japanese version of the game, whereas it does not make its appearance until Level 11 in the NA/EU version. The game presents for the first time the idea of breakable bridges (bridges you can only cross twice because they crack and then shatter), but these are introduced much earlier on in the Japanese than in the NA/EU version.


Title screen.

Lolo, Lala, and their friends have lived peacefully for many years, ever since the defeat of King Egger (in The Adventures of Lolo 2). But suddenly his son and heir, the new King of Eggerland, launched a hollow capsule filled with a strange potion that turns the inhabitants of Lolo and Lala's tiny kingdom to stone. Only Lolo and Lala, basking in the sun at the edge of the lake between the two kingdoms, were spared this horrible fate. Brave in the face of adversity, our hero and heroine set out together to defeat the evil King and cast off his spell. Only you can help our brave pair now...

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