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The game features various enemies, most have stronger variations and they have official in-game names, even though the aliens have an exact HP, say a heavy Fighter will take 3 single shots before it dies, it will still be able to take 2 double shots if it catches the double shots completely before they die even though they are supposed to die in 3 shots, this is because the spaces between 2 and 3 shot are close together so an alien can catch all of them and die taking up more bullets than usual.

The enemies can only damage your ship through their shots, they cannot ram into you as they will simply fly past your ship, so don't be afraid to go directly into them as long as they are not covered with shots.

  • Fighter (Light, Medium, Heavy) - These aliens first appear into the screen, firing downwards and then later they will approach you while firing at you, they cannot ram into you but they will attack you with their guns, light Fighters are the smallest and shoot only 1 bullet, while the heavy Fighters are the largest and fire 3 shots, 1 Armor Plate will be deducted from you if you get hit even with 3 shots, but 2 shots and 3 shots are harder to avoid and it could overwhelm you, light Fighters will die to 1 shot, medium Fighters will die to 2 shot or 1 double shot, and heavy Fighters will die to 3 shot or 1 single triple shot.
  • Smasher (Light, Medium, Heavy) - These aliens unlike Fighters, will ram into you but it will do so by simply going downward instead of directly approaching you, Smashers vary in both durability and fusion bolt range and they often go downward in groups, light Smashers only have 1 bolt, they die in 1 shot, medium Smashers are larger, they have 2 bolts in front and die to 2 shot or a single double shot, heavy Smashers have 3 fusion bolts in front which can be hard to avoid at it takes up space, and dies to 3 shots or 1 single triple shot, you will only be deducted with 1 Armor Plate even if you take the 3 fusions bolts as long as you stay still and don't panic.
  • Builder (Light, Medium, Heavy) - These aliens vary in durability and the barriers they create, light Builders die to 1 shot, and the barriers they produce can take up to 2 double shots, medium Builders die to 2 shots or 1 single double shot, and the barriers they produce can take up to 4 double shots, or 2 triple shots, and finally the heavy Builders die to 3 shots or 1 single triple shot, the barriers these heavy Builders produce can take up to 6 double shots or 3 triple shots, the Builders themselves are often hard to kill early because most of the time when they enter, they already have their indestructible shields active, but on some levels they appear without any protection and they can be easily killed with Flamethrower, the Barriers the Builders produce do not yield score and they can be pretty annoying to destroy, the Drill is its soft counter, and Corrosion is the hard counter to Barriers especially on thick layers, check the Power-ups section for more info.
  • Transport - This alien moves sideways on a level and firing Bombs at you which depletes 1 Armor Plate per hit before finally leaving the screen, these aliens have a guaranteed Power-up drop so always aim for this alien whenever you can, they are even more aggressive on later missions, having increased attack speed.
  • Demolisher - This alien first stays on a certain section of a level for sometime, giving you time to destroy it before it attacks, sometimes it enters the level with its indestructible shield on and already attacks, it attacks by going at you on close range laying bombs while moving sideways, its shots are a Compression-like Bomb, once the bomb gets to the bottom of the screen it will explode and produce a damaging ring that expands then compresses, this depletes 2 of your Armor Plates if you get hit with it in the center of the bomb, and 1 Armor Plate if you only get hit outside, this alien can be highly dangerous, dies in a single double shot.
  • Razer - This alien also has the same behavior as Demolisher except it has a different bomb, Razers can appear in the level unprotected allowing you to destroy them, sometimes they appear with their shields on, lay their bombs then leave, they lay bombs in random locations, the bombs Razers leave are like a Shotgun bomb, once it explodes it releases a huge number of shots in a spread fire motion covering a good part of the screen, this will deplete only 1 Armor Plate if you get hit as long as you don't move while the shots are still there, this alien dies in a single triple shot.
  • Emitter - This alien appears for some time on a level, giving you time to attack it before it can make its move, this alien attacks you by firing lasers while moving sideways and its lasers can deplete your Armor Plates quickly if you get hit within its laser stream, dies to 3 shots or 2 double shots.
  • Phantom - This alien appears for some time on a level, giving you time to attack it before it attacks, this alien attacks your ship by approaching you at close range and releasing 2 clones on both sides for a total of 4 clones along with the real alien on the center, allowing the alien to fire 5 shots at the same time, the shots this alien fires takes up a good part of the screen and it could limit your dodging space so destroy this immediately.
  • Interceptor (Light, Heavy) - This alien appears on a level and fire single shots for some time, however when a power-up appears it will do what it is supposed to do, what an Interceptor will do is go into that dropping power-up directly and fire downwards, intecepting you from getting that power-up, their attack speed isn't too fast but they can still be annoying otherwise, these Interceptors will also do the same for bad power-ups, the light Interceptor dies to 1 shot or a single double shot, the heavy Interceptors have slightly faster attack speed and can take up to 2 double shots.