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Before dungeon 5[edit]

Load the Week 3 savestate (available here). You start outside the beginning cave. From here, head east, north, north, east, north, north, west, and step onto the wooden platform to reach the next area. When you arrive, immediately head east. Stand above the gravestone then walk directly north of it through the cliff face and into the next area. Head west, then north. The shop here sells a shield, key and meat, if you need anything. When you are ready, head east and into #Dungeon 5.

Dungeon 5[edit]

Free healing
In the entrance room, bomb the eastern face and head east twice where you'll find a fairy. You can heal here as many times as you like. Bomb the northern face wall to resume exploring the dungeon.

Head north then east. Use the Candle to light the room and continue east (the enemies in this room only stun you, rather than hurting you). In the next room kill the mummies and push the left-hand block aside to open the shutter doors.

In the next room kill the Keese and grab the Key . Watch out for the floating skull: this particular variety makes you unable to swing your sword. To cure yourself either go and get hit by the skulls in the pitch-black room or else use a potion. When you have the key head south. Light the room and grab the Map (watch out for the Wall Masters). Bomb the western face to escape this area. In here there is a fairy who can heal you. Go through the door and bomb the western face and you'll be back in the entrance room.

Head north and unlock the door. In the next room are some Wizzrobes; they randomly appear and disappear and shoot blasts of magic. You can kill them for some Bombs , or just head north. There's a Key in this room but you can't get it yet, so continue north. Give the Meat to the man (select it in your inventory and use it on him). Head north and push the block aside to get the Compass . Bomb the western face to proceed. You can't do anything in this room just yet, so head back east, then north. Kill the Darknuts and push the left-hand block aside to reveal the stairs. Go through the basement and back up the other ladder.

In this next area, head south and down the stairs. Grab the Ladder . Head back upstairs, north, through the basement, and finally south to reach the room where you got the Compass earlier. Push the block down and head west, then go back and push the block again to head south two screens. Walk over the water using the Ladder and grab the Key . Head back north two screens and go west. Light the room and have a look around you. You need to make your way to the locked door using the Ladder. The Ladder can only cross one tile of water at a time. In the next room use the Candle to light your way. Watch out for the three Wizzrobes. Kill them if you want some Bombs , otherwise head south then south again.

Light the room. there are two blue Wizzrobes here that don't vanish. Kill them if you wish, then head south. The statues in this room spit fireballs. Kill the Keese if you want some Bombs , but otherwise head south. Kill the Darknuts and push the block to enter the basement. In the next room kill the mummies and head east, then east again. Light the room and kill the mummies, then push the center block of the horseshoe-shaped barrier to continue east to fight the boss.

This boss is a fly-like insect, surrounded by six smaller versions. Kill all the smaller flies then focus on the boss itself. Grab the Heart Container , then head east and collect the Triforce piece .