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Orcs Slime
Black Tiger enemy orc peach.png
Black Tiger enemy orc pink.png
While they are a basic enemy of they game, they are by no means a push over. Using their shield to block your attacks, you'll need to hit them multiple times to defeat them. They come in a variety of colors, blue being the strongest.
Black Tiger enemy slime blue.png
Black Tiger enemy slime red.png
Slimes drop down from the ceiling, or appear from pots. When they hit the ground, they split into a set of three. Very weak, they only take a single hit to defeat, but beware of any that escape your notice.
Bats Snake
Black Tiger enemy bat.png
Black Tiger enemy bat.png
Bats will always appear in pairs. They arrive in the scene, pause for a moment, and then home in on your position. They only take one hit to defeat, but they change position rather quickly.
Black Tiger enemy snake.png
Giant snakes coil themselves around the pillars that you must climb in order to advance through each stage. While touching one doesn't necessarily damage you, or even cause you to lose your armor, it will poison you androb you of the ability to throw knives. Clear them out of your way first.
Fire Demon Skeletons
Black Tiger enemy fire demon.png
Fire Demons are truly made of pure elemental fire. As such, they can summon large fireballs and hurl them in your direction. These fireballs can only travel a certain distance, but they will linger for a while before disappearing. You can destroy fireballs as they travel to you. Fire Demons take several hits to defeat.
Black Tiger enemy skeleton.png
Black Tiger enemy skull.png
Unlike most enemies who appear in predetermined places, skeletons can pop out of the ground from literally any location. However, they can't harm you until they pull themselves completely out of the ground. In later levels, Skeletons will throw their own skulls at you.
Plants Skull Coin
Black Tiger enemy plant red.png
Black Tiger enemy plant pink.png
Although plants are stationary, they are quite deadly foes. They hide beneath the ground and spring up quite fast, and they can easily take you by surprise if you don't know where they are. On top of damaging you, they will poison you as well.
Black Tiger enemy skull coin.png
Less a conscious enemy and more of an obstacle, these gigantic spinning coins cannot be destroyed by any weapon. They merely float left and right randomly, potentially getting in your way and blocking your progression. Wait for them to move out of the way before passing them.
Mummies Witch
Black Tiger enemy mummy red.png
Black Tiger enemy mummy pink.png
Mummies come forth from dark caves, and they like to attack by blowing a jet of fire at you. You can avoid the fire by ducking down, but watch out for the other enemies around you as well. Mummies always appear in pairs; a second one will appear shortly after the first one is defeated.
Black Tiger enemy witch pink.png
Black Tiger enemy witch red.png
Witches don't have great defense, and can be defeated in two hits. However, they make themselves difficult targets by teleporting to random locations on the screen and floating in mid-air. They cast spells that cause pillars of flame to erupt from the ground, or make you lose your sense of direction.
Black Tiger enemy ninja.png
There is no enemy as fast as a Ninja. When you see one appear, focus as much of your efforts on it as you can safely afford to. You won't have much time to react before they're upon you and causing damage.


Boulder Fire
Black Tiger trap rock.png
Boulders fall from the sky when you approach certain locations. These large rocks are capable of doing quite a lot of damage to you. Get far away from them when you see one coming. (Note: If you can find them before they fall, they can be destroyed for 20,000 points, but it takes 256 hits to destroy them, which eats a lot of time.)
Black Tiger trap fire.png
It's not uncommon to find treasure chests or captive men placed next to a rock wall. And it's also not uncommon for such walls to release a blast of fire intermittently, catching unsuspecting explorers off-guard. Learn to identify such traps and steer clear of them.
Red flames Blue flames
Black Tiger trap flame red.png
While some treasure chests yield money or healing potions, some are merely booby trapped. Those that are make a different sound when opened, and shortly after, jets or red flames will rise up from the ground in groups of four.
Black Tiger trap flame blue.png
Blue flames behave nearly identically to red flames, except they they are not generated by opening trapped chests. Blue flames are often the result of a spell or direct attack by particular enemies, including witches and dragons.


Stone Faces Red Arremer
Black Tiger boss stone face 1.png
Black Tiger boss stone face 2.png
Both the first stage and the second stage pit you against a stack of stone faces at the end of the level. Only one face will possess orange eyes while the remainder will possess purple eyes. The purple eyed faces are no less dangerous than the orange eyed face, but the destruction of the face with orange eyes is all that is necessary to defeat these bosses. These faces will begin to show up in the middle of the later stages as well.
Black Tiger boss red arremer.png
Not content with being a thorn in Arthur's side in Ghosts 'n Goblins, this small flying red devil appear in Black Tiger, first as a boss and later on as a general enemy. He has the ability to fly anywhere on the screen that he desires,and attacks by shooting arrows with very precise aim. You can shoot these arrows with your own weapon, but watch out for the flame they leave behind, as these can cause you to lose your direction.
Draconians Blue Dragon
Black Tiger boss draconian black.png
Black Tiger boss draconian gold.png
Half man, half dragon, these twisted creatures attack with great ferocity. They swing two falchion blades, and possess a breath weapon attack as well. They will attempt to corner you if you don't make any effort to leap over them and attack from the other side. Look for any terrain that might give you an advantage against them.
Black Tiger boss dragon blue.png
The weakest of the three dragons, the Blue Dragon possesses only three bars of health. However, he is still a formidable foe, with a fiery breath weapon. While he generally moves closer to you, his movement can be quite random. Use the moments when he is above you to pass beneath him and get more space to avoid him.
Red Dragon Black Dragon
Black Tiger boss dragon red.png
The Red Dragon is a bit stronger than the Blue Dragon, possessing more health, and a new form of attack. In addition to his fire ball, he can also spit a charge which erupts into four pillars of flame when it hits the ground. Keep a safe distance from him while you press your attack as much as possible, and whittle his health down.
Black Tiger boss dragon black.png
The Black Dragon is the most fearsome of the three dragons, and the ultimate foe in your mission to restore peace to your homeland. With more health and a more relentless attack, it will take all of your skill to reach and survive this climactic battle. You'll need to use all of the lessons you learned fighting the first two dragons in order to succeed.