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(A): As you start out moving to the right, you'll have to fight past an orc to approach the first jump. After leaping over the gap to the next platform, move non-stop to the right until you are past where some slime drops, and a plant rises out of the ground. If you hesitate at any point, you are likely to be hit by one of them. Then turn around and fight them until they are destroyed. Plants are always valuable targets.

(B): Skeletons will begin to appear out of the ground. As you approach the first treasure chest, be on the look out for a falling boulder. As soon as you trigger its appearance, retreat until the boulder has disintegrated. Then proceed to the chest.

(C): At this point, you have a decision to make. It would be wise to climb up the pillar and investigate the platform to the left. After slimes fall from above, be prepared for a mummy to pop out of the cave next to the captive. Remember that such caves always contain two mummies, so wait for the second one as well before you free the captive and enter the dungeon behind him.

(D): When you climb to the top of the dungeon, you'll notice a snake wrapped around a pillar, and an orc to the right. The snake isn't a big threat, but the orc to the right can be. If possible, remove him from the platform to the left where the captive was waiting. Then proceed to the right, watching out for the skeletons that rise out of the ground, as well as the plant which is waiting to trap you just before the exit.

(E): There is a captive in front of a wall who suggests that you can find items inside walls. (This captive is not present in the Japanese version of the game.) Sure enough, if you strike at the wall, you will discover a barrel hidden inside. The barrel will increase your current armor power by two levels. Then climb up the pillars, taking care to remove the snakes, and visit the captive to the left. He has a shop. If you can afford the Level 3 weapon then by all means purchase it. Return to the right (after investigating the chest to his left). The line of arrows pointing right indicate that this jump is one-way, and you will not be able to return to the previous section.

(F): As you jump to the next level, a heavy grouping of enemies will drive you to the right in search of safety. However, be on the lookout for a falling boulder, and retreat as much as possible in order to avoid the excessive damage it deals. Then proceed to the right. You don't need to hold up in order to make the next jump, but it certainly helps.

(G): There is another hidden item to the right of the chest, but it is a few blocks off the ground, even with the bottom of the lower pillar. Once you begin breaking the blocks and expose the Yashichi inside, the easiest way to get it is to stand on the ground, hold up and to the right, and jump into the area. Collect the Yashichi for an extra life. When you start making your way up and to the left, be on the lookout for a POW. Grab it as soon as you see it to quickly destroy a plant and a boulder. Watch out for one more plant before you make it to the next pillar.

(H): Climb up the pillar and remove the nuisance Fire Demon waiting for you above. Then climb back down and strike the left wall. If you hit the area even with the lower pair of hooks, you'll expose a dragonfly. Collect this to increase your score by 50,000 points, which is incredibly helpful with reaching the next vitality increase. Once you've done so, return to the top, and make your way to the right. There's one more boulder that you'll have to watch out for, before you make it to thep final leap into the boss arena.

Boss: Four Stone Heads[edit]

In the second stage, you won't yet be treated to a novel boss. Instead, you'll get a more difficult version of the first boss. Instead of two heads, there are now a stack of four. As before, there is only one head with orange eyes, and this is actually the only head whose destruction matters. With four heads bouncing around in a limited space, it's a little difficult to avoid colliding with any of them. You can attempt to systematically remove the heads one by one, or you may choose to focus singularly on the one with orange eyes in an attempt to destroy it before the others have a chance to destroy you. If your armor was below level 2 by the end of the battle, it will be restored to level 2 by the start of the next stage.