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Before going on, please make sure that you possess 1 red key, 2 dark blue keys, 6 light blue key, 2 pink keys, 1 green key, and 3 yellow keys.

Step 70[edit]

Castle Excellent WT70.gif

As soon as you arrive in this room, a trio of Fighters are just about to descend upon you. Quickly run to the right and drop down the gap next to the conveyor belt.

Step 71[edit]

Castle Excellent WT71.gif

As you enter this room, hold the direction pad right to fall on the ledge. Collect the light blue key to the right, and jump on the elevator. Let it take you back up to the room above.

Step 72[edit]

Castle Excellent WT72.gif

Jump up and grab the light blue key, and open the light blue door. Then jump up to the ledge above, and head to the light blue door at the top. Open it and collect the pink key. Carefully leap over the gap to the next platform; you should just make it. Collect the dark blue key, open the dark blue door, and collect the green key. Then leap over to the left and open a pink door. Either one is fine.

Step 73[edit]

Castle Excellent WT73.gif

Make your way over to the ledge with the brick on it. Push the brick to the left just far enough to allow Raphael to jump up, and use the brick as a platform to the ledge above. Jump up and collect the money bag, then jump over to the left. Fall down the middle chute to collect the dark blue key. Then jump back up on either side to collect both red keys. When you're finished, drop down the gap on the left end of the floor.

Step 74[edit]

Castle Excellent WT74.gif

Kill the Knight that is patrolling the platform that you land on, and open the red door. Now you must retrace your steps so that you end up back in the previous room from Step 73. Repeat the directions that you followed from Step 68 on until you return to the room.

Step 75[edit]

Castle Excellent WT75.gif

Once you return to the room, Make your way back to the left, and reach the green door in the upper left corner. Open it and pass through.

Step 76[edit]

Castle Excellent WT76.gif

You may not be able to reach her yet, but at last you can see that the Princess is alive and well, and waiting for rescue. She won't have to wait much longer. For now, open every door on your way to the left: red, yellow, blue, yellow, and pink.

Before going on, please make sure that you possess 1 red key, 2 dark blue keys, 6 light blue key, 1 pink key, 1 green key, and 1 yellow key.

Step 77[edit]

Castle Excellent WT77.gif

Drop down to the floor below and collect the three yellow keys. Then open the pink door in the lower right corner and return to the Princess room.

Step 78[edit]

Castle Excellent WT78.gif

Open all of the doors to the right, up until you reach the jar. Watch out for the Fighter. Then backtrack to the left and return to the previous room, and open the bottom green door. Fall down to the room below, but hug the right wall.

Step 79[edit]

Castle Excellent WT79.gif

Push to the right as you fall. Pass over the elevator, and collect the two green keys. Then charge through the top light blue door.

Step 80[edit]

Castle Excellent WT80.gif

Collect the pink, red, and dark blue keys here, and return to the room on the left. While your back there, it is very important that you remain on the highest level of platforms. Traverse all the way to the left side of the room, and open the top yellow door. Do not fall down and collect those two yellow keys yet. Pass through the top door.

Step 81[edit]

Castle Excellent WT81.gif

Make the long jump from the entrance to the light blue and green doors in the middle. Then jump to the left again to reach the cache of keys. Collect all four and then, making sure that remain on the highest level, return the way that you came to the previous room.

Step 82[edit]

Castle Excellent WT82.gif

Now you may fall down and collect those two yellow keys. At this point, you are going to retrace your steps once again so that you return to the room from Step 74. For your reference, the directions begin at Step 66.

Step 83[edit]

Castle Excellent WT83.gif

Once you have returned to this room, open the dark blue door on your left.

Step 84[edit]

Castle Excellent WT84.gif

Step on to the elevator that awaits you as soon as you arrive, and ride it up to the room above.

Step 85[edit]

Castle Excellent WT85.gif

Push the jar to the left and out of the way, then reposition it as a platform to reach the ledge to the right. Then carefully get between the block and the wall of spikes. Push the block to the left so that it hangs over the edge of the platform, and voilà, you can now reach the two red doors that imprison the Princess. Open them up and run to her to end the game.