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Gee Bee
The logo for Gee Bee.
Publisher(s)Namco, Gremlin
Year introduced1978

Gee Bee is a series of three pinball-style arcade games that were released by Namco in the late 1970s; they were designed by Toru Iwatani, who would later go on to create Puckman, Pole Position, and Libble Rabble. When Iwatani joined up with the company aged 22 in 1977, he had originally wanted to design pinball machines for them - but they were not very keen on that idea, so this trilogy of games was their resulting compromise. The first game was released in 1978 and licensed to Gremlin for US manufacture and distribution while the second and third ones were released directly by Namco in 1979; the two sequel games were also included on the Japanese version of Namco Museum Vol. 2 for the Sony PlayStation in 1996 (one as a "hidden" game).

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