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Championship Manager 93
Box artwork for Championship Manager 93.
Developer(s)Sports Interactive
Release date(s)
System(s)Windows, Amiga, Atari ST
ELSPA: Ages 3+
Preceded byChampionship Manager
Followed byEnd of Season Edition
SeriesChampionship Manager
TwitchChampionship Manager 93 Channel
YouTube GamingChampionship Manager 93 Channel

Championship Manager 93 (also known as CM93) is the follow-up to the original Championship Manager and the second game in long-running Championship Manager series. It is a soccer management simulation in which the player takes control of a football club in the English football league.

The game contains many improvements over its predecessor, but the really ground-breaking one is the inclusion of accurate player names - the original game contained all the real teams but with fictional players.

Table of Contents

editChampionship Manager series

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