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As a civilization's culture increases, they will attract Great Persons from history. Each one counts as a Cultural Milestone; when 20 Cultural Milestones are obtained a civilization may obtain a Cultural Victory by building the United Nations wonder. A Great Person initially behaves as a non-combat unit with two points of movement. Upon reaching a city, a Great Person may either:

  1. Settle in that specific city, providing a permanent and significant bonus to the city.
  2. or be Consumed to grant a once-off civilization-wide or unique bonus. The Great Person is destroyed in this process.

Once settled, a Great Person cannot be unsettled, although they can be kidnapped by Spies.

List of person types[edit]

Person Type Settling Bonus Consumable Bonus
Great Artist/Thinker +50% Culture Convert a nearby enemy city
Great Leader +3 Experience to new units Upgrade all units to Veterans
Great Scientist +50% Science production Immediately complete current research goal
Great Humanitarian +50% Population growth +1 population to all cities
Great Builder -50% Building costs Immediately complete current city's construction objective
Great Explorer/Industrialist +50% Gold production Immediately obtain some gold: +50 if in the Ancient era, +100 in Medieval, +200 in Industrial, +400 in Modern

List of great persons[edit]

Name Type Prerequisite Technology
Aesop Artist/Thinker Writing
Agamemnon Leader Iron Working
Roald Amundsen Explorer/Industrialist Combustion
Archimedes Scientist Engineering
Aristotle Artist/Thinker University
Sargon Explorer/Industrialist Bronze Working
Charles Babbage Artist/Thinker Networking
J.S. Bach Artist/Thinker Religion
Thomas Becket Humanitarian Feudalism
Alexander Graham Bell Scientist Corporation
Cheops Builder Masonry
Christopher Columbus Explorer/Industrialist Banking
Confucius Scientist Literacy
Marie Curie Scientist Metallurgy
Leonardo da Vinci Builder Invention
David Leader Monarchy
Vasco de Gama Explorer/Industrialist Navigation
Fyodor Dostoevsky Artist/Thinker Industrialization
Frederick Douglass Humanitarian Railroad
Thomas Edison Scientist Electricity
Albert Einstein Scientist Atomic Theory
Enrico Fermi Scientist Nuclear Power
Henry Ford Explorer/Industrialist Automobile
Gilgamesh Builder Horseback Riding
Johannes Gutenberg Humanitarian Printing press
W.R. Hearst Explorer/Industrialist Mass Media
Homer Artist/Thinker Alphabet
Imhotep Builder Ceremonial Burial
Otto Lilienthal Scientist Flight
Guglielmo Marconi Scientist Electronics
Karl Marx Artist/Thinker Communism
Nebuchadnezzar Builder Construction
Florence Nightingale Humanitarian Gunpowder
Plato Artist/Thinker Pottery
Marco Polo Explorer/Industrialist Currency
Pythagoras Scientist Mathematics
Albert Schweitzer Humanitarian Globalization
Solomon Scientist Code of Laws
Sophocles Artist/Thinker Democracy
George Stephenson Builder Steel
Leopold Stokowski Artist/Thinker Superconductor
Tippu Sultan Explorer/Industrialist Space Flight
Lao Tzu Humanitarian Irrigation
James Watt Builder Steam Power
Eli Whitney Humanitarian Mass Production
Wilbur Wright Explorer/Industrialist Advanced Flight