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The nature of Civilization Revolution means that there isn't a single path to victory; depending on the other civilizations you face and the available resources, the flow of the game can change dramatically from one playthrough to the next.

This walkthrough will attempt to cover as much information as possible about the units, buildings and technologies available, and any recommended tactics to help increase your chances in battle.

The game also contains an extensive Civilopedia containing exhaustive game and historical information about all the units, buildings and people you can encounter.

Winning the game[edit]

There are four types of Victory in Civilization Revolution; if any civilization meets the requirements of any Victory, the game will end and that civilization will be the winner, regardless of their standing in other areas.

Cultural Victory[edit]

Collect or build a combined total of 20 Famous People, Wonders or converted cities and then build the United Nations.

This can be done by building temples and cathedrals in your cities to boost culture greatly.

Domination Victory[edit]

Capture all other civilizations' capitals. Unlike the other Victories, you do not have to build an additional Wonder to win; as soon as the last capital falls, you will be the winner.

If you have the necessary technology then modern infantry units are good for defense and artillery for attack.

Economic Victory[edit]

Amass a fortune of 20,000 Gold and build the World Bank.

Technological Victory[edit]

Research the technology required to build a spaceship capable of reaching Alpha Centauri.

Building libraries and universities is a safe bet for a technology win.

Using a cultural strategy would benefit you so you could lure in great people to make discoveries on your science or just boost science production.

Use the tech planner to map out which technologies to research for a faster way to space travel