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This is the fourth island in the game.


4-1 The Tower of Power
4-2 Hassle in the Castle
4-3 Dungeon of Defright
4-4 Ballistic Meg's Fairway
4-5 Swipe Swiftly's Wicked Ride
4-6 Panic at Platform Pete's Lair

Boss Levels[edit]

You must beat boss levels to progress to the next level.
Beating a boss level also unlocks a secret level, if you collected all the Gobbos from the levels preceding it.

4-B1 Fosley's Freaky Donut
4-B2 Baron Dante's Funky Inferno

Secret Levels[edit]

These contain the puzzle pieces needed to unlock the final island.

4-S1 Smash and See
4-S2 Jailhouse Croc