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Danger Mouse: The Danger Games
Box artwork for Danger Mouse: The Danger Games.
Developer(s)9th Impact
Publisher(s)9th Impact
Release date(s)
IOS icon.png
Android icon.png
Nintendo Switch icon.png
Nintendo Switch
System(s)iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch
Mode(s)Single player, Multiplayer
Preceded byDanger Mouse Ultimate
Followed byDanger Mouse: Penfold's Peril
SeriesDanger Mouse
TwitchDanger Mouse: The Danger Games Channel
YouTube GamingDanger Mouse: The Danger Games Channel

Danger Mouse: The Danger Games is a racing game, which got released by 9th Impact for iOS and Android in the UK on August 23, 2017 and Nintendo Switch in both the US and UK on September 13, 2018; it is, much like Danger Mouse Ultimate had been before it, based upon the new 2015 TV series produced by Fremantle International (who now own the rights to Cosgrove-Hall's Thames-era shows) and the BBC (although the original series was on ITV). Players can take control of several characters including Danger Mouse himself, his hamster assistant Ernest Penfold, his chinchilla boss Colonel K', his toad arch-nemesis Baron Silas Greenback, his American rival Jeopardy Mouse, his new recurring poodle enemy Pink Dawn, and his red-suited alternative-universe counterpart Sinister Mouse as they all compete in J. J. Quark's latest game show, "The Danger Games" (however, because this game is based on the new series, Quark's American rather than Scottish, and his butler Grovel isn't with him).

The players must swipe the screens of their iPhones and iPads (or, in the case of the later Nintendo Switch version, tilt the thumbsticks of their Nintendo Joy-Cons) to make their characters move, slide and jump, tap them to make them fire, and hold them to increase their speed; before they race, they must also select their race decks from over twenty weapons including the Shrinkatiser, Freeze Ray, Carrot Rocket and Danger Car, and during the races they'll have to complete smaller challenges as quickly as they can. Players can also trade virtual cards with each other, and build their Star Power by upgrading and gifting the cards to unlock new arenas - and they can also become the bosses of their own "Dream Teams" of other characters to receive rewards determined by their performances.

Table of Contents

Danger Mouse: The Danger Games/Table of Contents