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All bosses have 16 HP. This also applies to Steel Beak, except that he has two forms, each of which has 16 HP. Beating a boss will gain 5,000 points.


Hopefully you have the Heavy Gas ready with at least 16 ammo (8 shots) otherwise this battle is a little difficult.
When you enter the room, you'll notice Quacker Jack at the bottom of the screen and a little guy at the top (an alive version of Mr. Banana Brain). The two will begin to move, signaling the start of the fight.
The two guys act completely different. Mr. Banana Brain will try and match your horizontal location and then drop banana peels in an attempt to hit you. These peels hurt, unlike those in City stage. Quacker Jack, however, just runs around trying to avoid you (he will run into you though if you let him). If you do nothing, Quacker Jack will run back and forth indefinitely. When attempting to fight him, Quacker Jack will try and jump to another level if you get down on his. If you shoot him, he'll stop in place and then jump to another level.
Heavy Gas Strategy
Simply avoid the bananas, drop down on the lowest platform and hang. Drop a Heavy Gas on the ground, jump up, dodge Mr. Banana Brain and repeat. It only takes 8 shots with Heavy Gas to kill Quacker Jack.
Normal Weapon Strategy
There's no real procedure for doing this, since there is some randomization and such, but just keep the following in mind as you attempt to defeat Quacker Jack:
  • Always stay as far away from Mr. Banana Brain as possible.
  • When going up a level you can chase Quacker Jack so that you hit him immediately after he lands.
  • When going down a level to attack Quacker Jack, make sure he is a safe distance away so that you give yourself time to drop down twice.
  • Go at your own pace: Quacker Jack will never change levels unless you cause him to so focus on avoiding Mr. Banana Brain's attacks and running into Quacker Jack.


Watch the moon at upper left. If it is not behind cloud, Wolfduck is invincible and will throw large crates to you. Dodge that.
When the cloud shades the moon, Wolfduck shrinks, becoming vulnerable, and starts to run to the other side and return. Before moon comes out again, attack him with anything possible.

The Liquidator[edit]

He is invincible when hiding in the water. Occasionally he pops out and calls out two types of droplets from below you:
  • The droplet with a tail will stop at fixed height, and suddenly pop up and return.
  • The bird-like droplet will keep going up until a certain height, and then dart in down 45 degrees angle.
Since the water is a bit higher than the ground, you have to shoot him during small jumps. Keep dodging his droplets, although you can remove them with 2 shots each.


There will be 3 machines on the field, 2 of which are at upper floor and working, and 1 at lower floor being broken. If these machines are working, they will shoot fireballs to you, one each time.
Each machine has 4 HP, and the weakness is the flashing light. If any of them is broken, Molitary will run to fix it in a few seconds. Otherwise, he will be roaming in the other floor you are not at. Attempting to attack him in this state will cause him to throw a fast wrench and change floor.
The best strategy is to keep breaking one of the machines, so that Molitary has to repair the machine and stand like a sitting duck. Attack him during the process while dodging fireballs from other machines.


He starts with making a spark ball running on the lowest floor continuously, then he walks around and may send one of the following attacks:
  • A spark ball aimed at you,
  • A spark ball upward off the top, then fall down from above you.
As his walking speed is low, just shoot him while dodging the ground spark and it is fine.


It is better to bring Thunder Gas to this fight. He mostly hop around the low areas, but when he takes damage, he jumps to above the upper vine, and calls out a hand from one of the trees, which throws three nuts to you, then return to below.
With Thunder Gas you can easily attack him from anywhere. Otherwise, after attacking him, focus on dodging the nuts.
While it is not possible to cling the upper vine from below, there is a very short moment upon starting the fight where you can jump off the lower vine before falling through. Shall you have succeeded, you shall be able to hang on the upper vine, but keep note that once you leave, you cannot return.


Steelbeak is both the hardest boss in the game and the only one with two parts (essentially twice the health).

Part One[edit]

When you enter the room, Steelbeak will be sitting in a control room in the upper right. Two small flying mechanical units will attempt to destroy you by running into you and firing small purple projectiles at you. Your goal is to destroy the window noted by the two glowing markers on the left side; it can be destroyed by shooting between them. There are two ways to do this: you can either use Thunder Gas and fire from the ground near the bottom left corner of the room, or you can (and probably will have to) climb up the candelabras and fire normally at it.

There is just one simple way to get through this without dying: first kill the two robots that start in the room. Try to kill them one right after the other. Immediately climb the objects on the wall and hang onto the one on the upper left. Face Steelbeak, and just keep firing. Whenever a robot respawns, destroy it while it is flying downwards on its starting path (during this small amount of time, they won't try and attack you). This way, you'll be able to kill off the minions while you go after Steelbeak.

Eventually the glass will shatter, a full health box will appear, and Steelbeak will take an elevator down to the floor to face you himself. Remember to heal if need be.

Part Two[edit]

Steelbeak will begin by running back and forth like a crazed chicken. If you drop to the floor to get a shot off at him, be ready to jump! After getting hit he'll pull out a large metal block and throw it at you before pulling another one out and using it as a shield. While he's using it as a shield, climb to the top left or right wall object and wait for him to reach the opposite side of the room. Drop down while he's running towards the wall (not after he's reached it), pop off a shot, then jump back on the wall. If done right, he'll throw the metal object away and begin running around again without any defense. Simply repeat this process to win!