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Jump over the spikes, using the suspended platform and go right. You will need to hang from a lever to make a hook appear that will allow you to overcome the wall ahead. Meanwhile, you will be attacked by some kangaroos. You can parry the balls they throw at you with your cloak. You will then have to overcome a long vertical section, by climbing. What you have to do is go up more and more, clinging to the platforms and street lamps and defeating the enemies you meet. Beware of mechanical dogs, which are tough and take a lot of hits to defeat them. You will come to a point where you can take the Thunder Gas on the left or the Arrow Gas on the right: the second is better, which will be very useful later on. A little further up you can choose whether to go up to the right or to the left. Going left you will find a large first aid kit along the climb, on the right you will get nothing. Higher up the two paths rejoin and you can take a large gas energy canister. Climb using the moving platforms and continue to the right.

You can hang on to two other levers to bring down as many hooks, as you did at the beginning of the level. If you do everything correctly, you can reach a Darkwing Doll. Another lever awaits you later. Meanwhile, calmly defeat the kangaroos that attack you, one at a time. Drop into the gap at the end and follow the path. Now you will be attacked by inflatable ducks, like the ones you met on the bridge. You will also find two diamonds on a platform. Further on, another long climbing section awaits you.

Jump over the spikes by grabbing the ledges and start climbing. Here you will be attacked by other inflatable ducks and turtles. You will also find a large gas energy canister. You will then come to a point where you will notice a narrow opening, beyond which there is a large first aid kit and a Darkwing Doll. In order to reach them, you will need to be in possession of the Arrow Gas and shoot an arrow with a suction cup below the opening. Going up, however, the two paths rejoin and you will find a gold bar. After one last climb, in which you will have to cling to some ledges, you can proceed to the right. Jump over the small gap and take out the turtle, to reach a large first aid kit at the bottom. Go back and drop into the gap, grabbing the ledge below. Reach the opening on the right to face the boss.

BOSS FIGHT - MOLIARTY[edit | edit source]

In this room there is a platform that you can cling to, halfway up, and two ledges that will allow you to reach it. There are also three strange appliances with a flashing light: one on the floor and two above the platform. While in operation, these devices will throw flames at you. You can however break them with your weapons. To do this, you'll need to hit the flashing light with four gun shots. In the meantime, Moliarty will move back and forth to the floor you are not on. If you get close, he will throw a wrench at you and change floors. However, if you break one of the machinery, Moliarty will run to repair it and take a few moments to get it back into operation. This is the best time to attack him. It is advisable to always remain on the lower level and continue to break the appliance located here (you can also do this by clinging to the two ledges), avoiding the flames thrown by the appliances above. When Moliarty rushes to repair it, shoot him. Then repeat the process until you defeat him. Here too, the Arrow Gas will allow you to do more damage and defeat Moliarty faster.