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The first area is very linear. Go right, defeating the enemies you encounter (none of them should bother you) and being careful not to end up in the water. Cling to the hooks to get inside. Here you will have to grab onto a pulley to get past some spikes. Then let yourself fall into the gap on the right. Go left. There is a Heavy Gas on a ledge, to reach it you have to quickly jump on the platform that goes down. Then use the same platform to grab onto the lanterns below. Proceed to the right, jumping from one lantern to another and take advantage of another descending platform to overcome the chasm.

Here you will encounter some rather insidious enemies. There are lamps on the floor from which genies come out, which will attack you by throwing blue flames. You can only hit the genies when they come out, shooting the lamps is useless. Try not to get too close, so as to avoid their attack without too much trouble. A little further on you will encounter other enemies, who run and jump quickly back and forth. It takes two hits to eliminate them, both these and the genies. Fortunately, you will also find a large first aid kit on one platform. After a ladder, you can reach a gold bar and a large gas energy canister in a recess, using the platform that goes down. Be careful not to fall. Then use the platform again to continue to the right. Here you will find another large gas energy canister and a Thunder Gas on a platform above, which can be very useful against some enemies. A little further on, you will in fact find enemies on flying carpets, who will attack you by throwing blue flames. It only takes one hit to take them out, but be careful because they move fast.

You will then have to cling to another pulley, to overcome long spikes. When you are almost at the end of the rope, let yourself fall, to cling to another pulley below. Quickly drop down to grab a large first aid kit and grab the pulley again. Then jump to grab another pulley at the top. You will now have the option to choose between two paths. You should follow the upper one: here you can get two diamonds and a Darkwing Doll. Below, instead, you will not find anything. However, you will have to pay attention to the flying enemies, it is better to shoot continuously. When the paths rejoin, cross the gap using the descending platform. You will have to overcome a short climbing section, during which other flying enemies will attack you; try to eliminate them quickly. Finally, proceed to the right and after taking out a few last enemies, you will find a large first aid kit on a ledge. Grab it and go down, to also reach a large gas energy canister on the floor. Then enter right to face the boss.


Darkwing Duck Megavolt.png

At the start of the fight, Megavolt will throw a spark that will quickly move back and forth on the floor for the duration of the fight. It is therefore better to stay on the floor only when necessary and being very careful to avoid this spark. For the rest, Megavolt will move around the room, firing two other types of sparks: one that moves horizontally, towards you and one that rises upwards, then quickly descends where you are. The boss moves quite slowly, so you should be able to attack him without any problems. Thunder Gas can help you, giving you the ability to hit Megavolt even without being at the same level as it. His attacks are not very difficult to avoid, in a short time you should have the upper hand.