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If you made it to this page, you'll be relieved. There's four tournaments and one single match.

The first is a four player tournament match in three rounds. The second is the same but tag team with Crack. The third is a four player tournament match in the four round subway match.

The forth takes place in an empty scrap yard against D-Mob. It should be easy unless you're keen in making money, which might be a good or bad thing.

The last is a three player tournament match in four rounds.

Special note: You should avoid fighting in four player and three player tournaments unless it's a must. The reason is there's no resetting your health bar and should you be nearly knocked out, you'll only recover to half your health. The tag team is the opposite, you don't want to be forced to a two on one fights so take on one of the fighters to survive. Most importantly, if you do lose in any tournaments, you can't start over so turn your autosave off unless you're doing it in the easy difficulty.

The easy difficulty won't get you a lot of blazing moves and max stats. Normal does give you max stats but some blazing moves. If you prepared to put your life on the line, hard is the best choice to give you max stats and all blazing moves. This is the aftermath of what you accomplished in the end. If your ready to make a new hip hop fighter, remember what you've been through and experiment with styles, choices and looks when you start a new person.