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Fighting styles determines what type of fighter you are. You start with one and if you have 2500 points, you can choose another style, up to the max of three. Apparently, Rollin' is the only one with the max of four (lucky him!) Anyway, each fighting style has its own KO and other means of defeating an opponent. Here are the five styles that you can use in this game:

  • Wrestling: People who played "Def Jam Vendetta" might go for this style. It's usually comprise of well, slamming your opponents on the ground as with the turnbuckle. The unique KO is using heavy grapple.
  • Submission: Also familiar to the prequel, the idea is simple. You wear your opponent down on different areas of the body until he or she gives up. If you're going to KO your opponent, you could use walls, weapons and even add another style to compensate for it.
  • Streetfighting: This is for people who likes to punch a lot. It may look weak at first but it can help wear your opponents upper body. Obviously a hard punch and heavy grapple punch is unique to its KO.
  • Kickboxing: Kicking power can be hard to learn. Not only can you kick a lot, but you also have to master grapple strikes. In fact, if your opponents in danger, you can grapple strike that can lead to KO and maybe even KO with a kick!
  • Martial Arts: If you're thinking Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan, this could be the closest you can get to. Punching and kicking maybe weak but it makes up with speed and agility. Your unique KO if you can master it is doing flying kicks off the wall.

Combining styles can lead to various changover to its moveset. Example is Martial Arts is your primary style, secondary can be kickboxing. Third is streetfighting. Put it together and you'll have a unique street brawl style.

If your playing on easy difficulty, choose two styles your comfortable with. You can use like Streetfighting and Kickboxing as a good example. The reason is to keep in mind as you max out your stats with your created fighter.

Don't be afraid to combine as many styles as you want within the two or three style limit. However, if you try to play through it with one style only, it becomes predictable and very hard to get the upper hand as many fighters have their own styles for you to contend with.