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Android 18 and Android 17 were normal humans until they were kidnapped and altered by Dr. Gero, turning them into Androids. They're quick to rebel at the beginning of their story and end up killing the scientist. Android 18 usually always has her brother by her side, though he isn't playable. Her goal throughout the story is to face Goku, who is supposedly the toughest of all the Saiyans.


Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors[edit]

Portrait DBZSSW Android 18.png
LevelMove Name Commands Notes
All Grapple
B buttonSimply a grapple, it only works when you're close to your opponent
All Knock Away Attacks
A buttonHit back Ki Blasts from opponents (it depends on the size of the Ki Blast)
All Ki Shield
Hold A button or B buttonBlock any attacks, close or long-range (similar to knocking away, it doesn't work against stronger attacks)
All Taunt
R buttonWould be the Power-Up Ki button, except 18's Ki Blasts don't use Ki. The action for R button is replaced with a taunt.
All Rapid-Fire Ki
R button+Arcade-Modifier-Tap.pngB buttonQuick and small Ki Blasts that won't let your opponent get away. Although small, they do a lot of damage
All Light Ki Blast
Hold R button+A buttonQuick and small Ki Blasts that won't let your opponent get away. Although small, they do a lot of damage
All Strong Ki Blast
Hold R button+B buttonSame as the Light Ki Blast, just stronger. It also involves more Ki to work.
All Knee Kick
A button+B button18 deals a powerful blow to the opponent in the form of a kick.
All Dodge/Rush
Arcade-Stick-Right.pngA quick sprint to get away from an attack or just get away to power up Ki
All Flying Rush
R button+Arcade-Stick-Right.pngSelf-explanatory, a counter-part to the Rush
All Energy Blast
R button+A button+B buttonA large energy beam with power equivalent to a Kamehameha.
All Super Energy Blast
R button+A button+B buttonA beam that is larger and deals more damage than the Energy Blast.
2 Android 17: Barrier
R button+A button+B buttonA move done below the opponent in 18's second form, 18 calls in Android 17 and the two form a large barrier.
3 Android 16: Hell's Flash
R button+A button+B buttonAndroid 18 brings in Android 16 when above the opponent and 16 attacks the opponent with his Hell's Flash move. To do this attack you must be 100% Ki

Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2[edit]