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In the game's Z Battle mode, you can battle freely with all of the characters you've unlocked. Unlocking characters can be done by going to the game's Shop in the Options and spending points, which are earned by either battling in Z Battle mode or finishing a story in Story mode. Fighting with a certain team setup can get you extra points in Z Battle mode, making unlocking characters an easier and quicker task.

Member 1 Member 2 Member 3 Point Bonus
Goku (Lvl.1) Piccolo (Lvl.2) Krillin (Lvl.1) 50
Frieza (Lvl.3) Ginyu (Lvl.2) Vegeta (Lvl.1) 200
Dr. Gero (Lvl.2) Cell (Lvl.2) Android 18 (Lvl.2) 250
Goku (Lvl.2) Gohan (Lvl.2) Gohan (Lvl. 3) 300
Vegeta (Lvl.2) Trunks (Lvl.2) Gotenks (Lvl.2) 250
Buu (Lvl.2) Buu (Lvl.3) Vegeta (Lvl.3) 350
Frieza (Lvl.3) Cell (Lvl.3) Buu (Lvl.3) 400
Goku (Lvl.3) Vegeta (Lvl.3) Trunks (Lvl.3) 400