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Scene Player Character(s) Opponent(s)
The Ultimate Battle to Divide the World Goku Vegeta
Battle on the Planet Namek Goku, Vegeta Frieza, Ginyu
Legendary Super Saiyan Goku Frieza, Frieza
Boy from the Future Goku Trunks
Android Invasion Goku, Piccolo Android 18, Dr. Gero
Opening of Cell Games Goku, Gohan Cell, Cell
Confrontation of Fate - Goku vs. Vegeta Goku Vegeta
Confrontation with Majin Buu Goku, Vegeta Buu, Buu
Scene Player Character(s) Opponent(s)
Killing Goku Gohan Android 18
Father's Enemy Gohan Dr. Gero
A New Threat Gohan Piccolo
Gohan's Cell Games Gohan, Gohan Cell, Cell
Collapsing Peace Gohan Vegeta
Hidden Powers Gohan Buu, Buu
Threat of Two Majin Buus Gohan Goku
Final Battle Gohan, Gohan Buu, Buu
Special Edition - Reunion with the Teacher Gohan Piccolo
Scene Player Character(s) Opponent(s)
The wrath of the Namekians Piccolo Frieza
Fear of Androids Piccolo Dr. Gero
Regenerated Piccolo vs. 18 Piccolo Android 18
Piccolo's Cell Game Piccolo, Goku Cell, Cell
What was Lacking Piccolo Buu
Confrontation with the Past Piccolo Piccolo
Nameless Namekian Piccolo Buu
Special Edition - Broken Seal Piccolo, Gotenks Buu, Buu
Scene Player Character(s) Opponent(s)
Battle on Planet Namek Krillin, Vegeta Ginyu
Krillin Dies Krillin, Piccolo, Goku Frieza
Krillin's Resolve Krillin, Goku Dr. Gero
Android 18 Krillin, Piccolo Android 18, Android 18
Krillin's Resolve Krillin Vegeta
Reuniting Old Friends Krillin Goku
Krillin's Cell Game Krillin Cell
Strongest Earthling Krillin Buu, Buu
Special Edition - Another #18 Krillin, Android 18 Android 18, Android 18
Scene Player Character(s) Opponent(s)
Shattered Pride Vegeta Frieza, Frieza
Ominous Prophecy Vegeta Frieza
Appearance of Androids Vegeta Dr. Gero
Androids vs. Vegeta Vegeta, Trunks Android 18
The Super Saiyan's Limit Vegeta, Vegeta Cell, Cell
Confrontation with Destiny Vegeta Goku
Warrior with Greater Pride Vegeta Buu, Buu, Buu
Vegeta and Kakarot Vegeta, Goku Buu, Buu
Special Edition - Saiyans, A Hostile People Vegeta, Vegeta Trunks, Trunks
Scene Player Character(s) Opponent(s)
Only One Warrior Gohan, Trunks Android 18, Android 18
Fearful Message Trunks Frieza
Distorted Plans Trunks Dr. Gero
Confronting His Father Trunks Vegeta
Return of the Nightmare Vegeta, Trunks Android 18, Dr. Gero
Fear of Cell Trunks Cell
Another Conclusion Trunks Android 18
Peace for the Future Trunks Cell
Special Edition - Boy from the Past Trunks Gotenks
Scene Player Character(s) Opponent(s)
Goku or Ginyu? Ginyu Goku
Great Miscalculation of Ginyu's Remorse Goku Krillin
Ginyu Sets Foot on Earth Ginyu Trunks
Vegeta's Anger Ginyu Vegeta
Whereabouts of the Dragon Radar Ginyu Krillin
Dragon Ball Scramble Ginyu Android 18
Gathering the Dragon Balls Ginyu Dr. Gero
The Last Dragon Ball Ginyu, Frieza Piccolo, Gohan
Revival of the Ginyu Force Ginyu Frieza
Scene Player Character(s) Opponent(s)
The Last Battle on Namek Frieza, Frieza Goku
Vegeta's Resolutions Frieza Vegeta
Earthling Pride Frieza Krillin, Krillin
Extinction of Saiyans Frieza Goku, Gohan
Androids vs. Frieza Frieza Android 18, Android 18
Dr. Gero's Desperate Resistance Frieza Dr. Gero
Piccolo's Resolve Frieza Piccolo
Emperor of the Universe Frieza Cell
Dr. Gero
Scene Player Character(s) Opponent(s)
Appearance of Dr. Gero Piccolo, Goku Dr. Gero
Fear of Android #18 Vegeta Dr. Gero, Android 18
Revival of Mecha Frieza Trunks Frieza
The Powered Up Android Threat Goku, Krillin Dr. Gero, Android 18
Ultimate Android Completed Gohan, Goku Cell, Dr. Gero
The Third Android Vegeta, Trunks Android 18, Dr. Gero
Simulation Battle Cell, Dr. Gero Goku, Vegeta, Gohan
Complete! Cell's Perfect Body! Goku, Gohan Cell, Dr. Gero
Android 18
Scene Player Character(s) Opponent(s)
Rebellion Against Dr. Gero Android 18 Dr. Gero
Vegeta vs. Android 18 Android 18, Android 18 Vegeta
Trunks' Question Android 18 Trunks, Piccolo
Android's Objective Android 18 Krillin
Regenerated Piccolo vs. Android 18 Android 18 Piccolo
Goku's Son Android 18 Gohan
Resentment over Red Ribbon Android 18 Goku
Complete Cell Android 18 Cell
Special Edition - Another 18 Android 18 Android 18
Scene Player Character(s) Opponent(s)
Door to the Past Cell Trunks
Growing Power Cell Piccolo
Road to the Perfect Body Cell Android 18
Perfect Body, A Threatening Power Cell Krillin
Rematch against Vegeta Cell Vegeta
Satisfaction of Dr. Gero Cell Dr. Gero
Start of Cell Games Cell Goku
Decisive Battle - Warrior Surpassing Goku Cell Goku, Gohan
Special Edition - Earth's Final Battle Cell Buu, Buu
Scene Player Character(s) Opponent(s)
Resurrection of Buu Buu, Buu Gohan
Vegeta's Final Battle of Death Buu, Buu Vegeta
Goku vs. Majin Buu Buu, Buu Goku
Two Majin Buu Buu Buu
Super Gotenks Challenge Buu Gotenks
Counterattack by Gohan Buu Gohan
The Two Super Saiyans Buu, Buu Goku, Vegeta
Buu Again Buu, Buu Buu
Scene Player Character(s) Opponent(s)
Time Chamber Gotenks Buu
This is the Planet Namek Gotenks Frieza
Unknown Cell Gotenks Cell
Another Future Gotenks Android 18, Android 18
Early Return Gotenks Buu
The Real Gotenks Gotenks Gotenks