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The second age is the age of amphibians and plant life. However, the plants in the north are being eaten too quickly.

Hints and Tips[edit]

You'll struggle a bit on the start of this chapter, since your starting amphibian is really weak; however, you have a lot more freedom to evolve it the way you want, as well as a new attack (now you can jump on your enemies!).

If you finished the last stage with a large fish, you'll get a large amphibian; if your fish was small, your amphibian will be also small.

Some suggestions on body parts:

  • Upgrade your jaws as soon as possible; even intermediate upgrades like Tusking Jaws are worth the spent EVO points, they kill enemies faster so you get more points faster.
  • Horns are expensive and still break after some use. You're better off biting and/or jumping on your enemies.
  • The Armour Body is well worth the small loss of speed. It's not recommended to shrink your body if you started large.
  • The tails are straight upgrades, so it might be worth storing EVO points to go straight after the Thorny Spring Tail.
  • There are three good options for the Dorsal Fin: the Vestigal Shark's Fin adds a lot of HP, the Thorn Fin adds mostly defence and strength, and the Jumping Fin adds agility and jumping. Note however the damage done by jumping is tied to your strength, so counter-intuitively the Thorn Fin is better if you dish a lot of damage through jumping on your enemies.
  • Similar to the above, each back of the head provides different bonuses. You can go with Kerii if your amphibian is too slow, since it adds agility; otherwise Jeprol to bite harder. Morimar adds defence but this is already well covered by the armour, while Wooper just makes you jump higher.

Coast of Pange[edit]

Your new body requires you to learn how to move around the area. As such, the Coast of Pange is a small area with no hostile animals to deal with.

For information on some new evolution features, eat the yellow crystal. It will mention that the tail helps you jump.

Ocean of Pange[edit]

Empty Land
The area directly to the north has a green crystal, which allows you to return to one of your previous forms. This may be useful temporarily if your fish was evolved quite well.

The ocean of Pange is filled with Coelafish. These fish are passive and only attack if you injure them.

They provide so little experience they aren't worth killing. Just swim to the right, to the next area.

Land of timid Ikustega[edit]

As mentioned in the area name the Ikustega here are timid and will run away if you approach them. They yield 10 EVO points each, but you're probably too slow and weak to chase them; just proceed to the next area.

If you remain in the area long enough, you will notice the sky darkens; this is part of a day/night cycle, where creatures behave differently in each. Usually, they will be asleep and can be attached by surprise.

Land of bull Ikustega[edit]

Unlike the above the enemies here are aggressive, but you can get 15 EVO points from each. Since they don't run away, it's easier to hunt those for EVO points than the timid Ikustega you found earlier.

Land of Amphibians[edit]

There is a new horned amphibian in this region, worth 30 EVO points, making this the first good place to grind in this chapter. They damage you as much as the bull Ikustega, but also knock you back.

It's a good idea to collect at least 700 EVO points here - 500 for the Tusking Jaws, to inflict five damage on the bite attack on the next boss, and 200 for later.

Land of Boss Ikustega[edit]

The Boss Ikustega will announce himself as the leader Debustega, and will attack when you begin to laugh at him. It's a tough opponent that requires some strategy.

He has 60 HP, and uses two attacks: leaping and spitting. The spit takes a lot of HP off your creature, and he uses it when you go too far away. If you bite him, he'll do a leap attack, but with some timing you can land two or more bites in a row.

If your creature is almost dying, use the stored 200 EVO points to evolve a Vestigal Shark's Fin. This will reset your HP to maximum and give you a nice max HP boost in a single move.

Once the combat is complete, you will meet the Elder of Ikustega. You must accept his quest to investigate the abnormal evolution of the insects, and their overconsumption of the plant life on the northern continent.

Domain of Profasu[edit]

The profasu is a small version of the modern cockroach. When damaged, they will attempt to fly away. They are worth 40 EVO points each.

If you have fierce jaws they can be killed in one hit, making this the best area to farm EVO points in this chapter.

Domain of Giant Bee[edit]

Giant bees will be seen trying to grab the timid Ikustegas and collect them for food. Each bee is worth 50 EVO points. However, the giant bees will attack you directly during the night.

Land of Insect[edit]

Giant bees will arrive in groups of three, carrying the Ikustegas to the lair.

Cave of the King Bee[edit]

When you enter the cave, you need to provoke the king into arriving, by eating his eggs.

The King Bee is an easier enemy than Debustega due to its simple attack pattern: it'll hover and fire shots from the stinger, then try to ram sting you for heavy damage. When injured, his attack pattern resets; and as he takes damage the number of shots increases.

For an easy kill bite him mid-air just before the shots; you might need to maximize your jumping ability for that.

Once your enemy is slain eat the food and exit to the right. Megausu, a dragonfly, will greet you and give a brief description of the area ahead.

Desert of the Sand Eater[edit]

The sand eater will pop out of the sand from time to time, and spit out more sand. It is indestructible, and the only way to survive is to run quickly and jump over their attacks.

Desert of Edosaurus[edit]

The edosaurus is the first reptile you will encounter. While it is small, its back is armored, allowing it to inflict significant damage against you. It is worth 80 EVO points, but the counter-attack makes it not worth farming.

There is still the horned creature that you can safely eat.

Desert of Mosuchop[edit]

The Mosuchop will jump out of the sand and try to quickly attack you. It will easily die to the fierce jaws (if you have obtained them) for 60 EVO points each.

Desert Time Trans[edit]

Megausu will arrive, revealing that it was working for the Queen Bee all along.

The Queen will attack in revenge. She alternates between a diving bite and three stinger shots, just like the King Bee, but it's really hard to hit her mid-air.

When the Queen Bee dives, there is a small window where you can bite either just before or just after the swoop. Mis-timing the bite will cause damage. The attack can also be dodged by moving away from the bee.

When the Queen Bee heads upward to fire the stingers, it will usually be outside your normal jumping range. However, the stingers are easily dodged by jumping or moving away.

Once defeated, you will obtain the body of a reptile.