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Hints and Tips[edit]

You'll reach this chapter as a reptile or as a bird. Either way, at the start of this chapter you can choose to become a mammal instead. The game is still possible regardless of which path you choose.

Mammals have an additional attack - they can kick enemies coming from behind them. Kicks are useful in many situations and can be strong, so don't ignore the mechanic. Some recommended parts:

  • Your first jaws upgrade will be either Cat like Jaws for added biting power or Rabbit like Jaws for more jumping, speed, and kicking; both cost 200. Later on the Fierce Jaws are still the best option - the others provide nice bonuses, but biting is still a major source of damage.
  • Among the body types the Horse like Body (huge kicking bonus, lots of speed) and Rhinocerous Like Body (lots of HP) are good options.
  • The Mane gives you a stronger bite and some more HP; the horns give you progressively more HP, strength, and defence. You can't choose either if you got Rabbit-like Jaws, due to the ears.
  • A longer neck is still helpful, and horns are still breakable.

Note the Ramothecus Body is special; it can be only unlocked if you got Cat like Jaws and Rabbit like Body, and the transformation is irreversible - you can evolve further until you reach a human body, but never back. Once you reach the human form the only evolution option you have is to increase/decrease your body.

If you want to play with a certain secret evolution, don't evolve into a Ramo[pi]thecus until late in the game.

Iced Coast[edit]

When you arrive in the ice age, you will notice that the ground is icy. As a reptile, you will have difficulty walking on the icy surface.

After jumping up the icy slope, you will find a crystal that states that evolution will become harder from now on. However, there is a chance to become a mammal.

Cave of Judgement[edit]

Enter the cave.

Inside, you will find that ground to be much more suitable for movement. When you walk to the right, you will encounter some dinosaur spirits that offer a chance to become a mammal (if you meet some unmentioned requirements - the game never forbids you from evolving here).

You can return to this location at any time, should you want to evolve into a the mammalian life form.

Cave of Deltadium[edit]

To unlock the next region, enter the cave and leave once you hear a conversation.

This cave contains mammals taking refuge from the cold. They're a bit annoying to chase, but hunting 20 of them for Cat like Jaws is completely viable, if you decided to become a mammal.

Door to Mt. Snow[edit]

There are two routes through the mountain: Above and below.

Ikustega shelter[edit]

Bull Ikustegas are still here, still taking care of the plants, still giving you 15 EVO points per kill. They'd be still worth killing if not by the Tritops below.

Tritops shelter[edit]

Stay right above the Tritops you want to kill, to avoid getting hurt.

Tritops are worth 90 EVO points each, but charge you if you get too close. With cat like jaws they only take four hits to kill, and you can avoid their charges if you stay just above them, so this shelter is a great hot spot for EVO points on the start of the chapter.

Hog shelter[edit]

Hogs are worth 50 EVO points each. When attacked they release some bubbles that are almost unvoidable, so make sure to kill them in a single swift bite.

Domain Paramis[edit]

These are small mammals that will try leaping as they attack.

Domain of Prime Bird[edit]

This section has icy platforms that need to be jumped across.

The slippery ice will make it difficult for reptiles to cross, since they also need to defend themselves against the birds nearby.

Exit of Mt. Snow[edit]

At the end of either the upper or lower path, you can leave the area to the right.

Land of Survival[edit]

Head to the south to reach the Land of Survival. While your ultimate destination is in the north-west, you can't head there because of an ice door.

The dinosaurs here will complain that they have enough trouble surviving. Reptiles can easily defeat them, but unevolved mammals may have to jump over them.

Land of Survival (2)[edit]

Tyrasauruses are located to the south. They will announce they Yeti is coming, but quickly realize their mistake. This location is similar to the final region in the third chapter.

Even with a fully upgraded jaw you'll need multiple bites to kill them.

Domain of Balrium[edit]

This region is a hot desert. A good region to farm EVO points before challenging the Mammoths, as they give 90 EVO each.

The North Pole[edit]

There are some penguins waddling around in trios here; either kick or jump over them. The seals further across the icy sea are easier also easy to kick.

Domain of Mammoth[edit]

There are three Mammoths which you have to fight. They alternate between firing three bubbles, and a charging attack.

The bubbles are extremely difficult to avoid as a reptile or mammal. Their best chance is to attack right after the bubbles are launched, and try to pinch them against a wall for multiple bites.

The pink Mammoth can be also fought, if you want the additional EVO Points.

Fort Bird-man[edit]

Map of the fortress

You will learn of a location in the western portion of the Land of Survival. Explore the new location, and you will almost instantly be captured and taken into the fort (although you can exit by jumping off the side.)

The two main enemies on the outside of the fort are spearmen and mounted riders. While you can collect EVO points on them, they don't provide healing, so you'll need to spend EVO Points to heal instead.

The inside of the fortress is filled with flying swordsmen. If you have good Tyrasaurus or Fierce Jaws they die in a single hit.

To proceed through the fortress as a land-based creature, take the following route:

  1. Proceed forward, fall down, and enter the lower teleporter to the right.
  2. Re-enter the teleporter you arrived in.
  3. Re-enter the teleporter again.
  4. Head right, fall down, and enter the teleporter to the left.
  5. Head right and fall to reach the green crystal. Head to the left.
  6. Exit and re-enter the teleporter.

You will encounter the bird king. He will fly around, and will used ranged attacks to destroy you. However, he is easily locked down with well timed attacks.

When he is defeated, the fortress will collapse.

Domain of Hynodon[edit]

In the north-west area, you will find the Hynodon. While the animals provide 100 EVO points, they do not respawn until you leave the region.

Domain of Yeti[edit]

In this section, you will encounter the Yeti. His attack is a simple punch; you can defeat him by biting as he starts the jump, or by kicking him when he's almost landing.

After he is destroyed, the Yeti's wife will arrive. She has two attacks - a two handed slap, and a ranged wind attack. Jump over the icy wind to avoid taking damage. To avoid the melee attack, make an attack of your own (with a long neck) just as soon as she starts the jump. Make a second attack (timed to connect almost as soon as she lands) to push her back or jump to get out of the way.

Once the Yeti mother is defeated, a short cutscene appears and the final age begins.