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The Herb Picking mission and everything before it is relatively simple to understand. A simple battle to start you off into your world of Ivalice.


After the last battle, place Sphrom somewhere on the map. Hit A button to set it down. Anywhere is fine. If you are looking to get specific items, go look at some guides on other websites that are designed for map creation.

At this point, you will have gotten your clan, and should've decided on a name. Anyways, there isn't much choice on what to do. Go to the pub and buy the information for the mission "Herb Picking". Then, if you want to, you can change your classes around on your characters. Just remember to equip them with armor and weapons, or else you're dead meat.

Your initial clan setup will be this:

Unit Job Mastered Abilities Items Notes
Soldier (Marche) Combat Combo Short Sword, Curiass, Bronze Shield Marche is a special unit. His sprite will never change when his class changes.
Black Mage (Montblanc) None Rod, Hempen Robe Montblanc also is a special unit. He also has a special sprite.
Soldier None Shortsword, Chain Plate, Bronze Shield
White Monk None Hard Knuckles, Leather Garb
White Mage (Nu Mou) None White Staff, Hempen Robe
Archer (Viera) None Longbow, Leather Garb

Now there are some different possibilities here on what to do. You could arrange your team so that it is more geared toward dealing damage without using the "Attack" command, making any battle easier where the law is "Forbidden: Attack". Or you could go for a speed-based approach, and turn everyone into their fastest classes. Any way you choose, just setup a team and get to the Giza Plains.

Hint: Laws are already in effect. Each law is effective only 1 day. You can actually walk around and force certain laws into effect, like "Forbidden: Attack" or something like that.

Make sure that before this battle you have all characters able to deal damage or heal. Having a White Mage of either the Nu Mou, Viera, or Human races wouldn't be a bad idea.

You could also go to the shops in Sphrom and Cyril to deck out your team. The weapons aren't powerful enough to KO opponents in 1 hit, so get weapons that have good abilities or are generally going to be useful.

The Battle[edit]

Enemies and Allies[edit]


Just blow straight through these guys. If you managed to get Fight banned, use any damaging moves like Whirlwind, Swarmstrike, or Black Magic. After a couple of turns, most of the enemies should go down. If you are really having trouble with the last few, use your teammates as living shields to block the enemy in.