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In the World of Ruin, you can visit the Dragon's Neck Coliseum and bet items to get new equipment. Wager an item, then pick a character in your party to fight one-on-one. The fight is automated; you can't control your character, so just make sure to give them your best equipment beforehand. If your character wins, you get a different item. If they lose, you get nothing. Either way, you don't get back the item you wagered. You may want to save right before each wager and reload that save if you lose.

Your opponent and reward for victory is determined by what item you wagered. The table below lists what wager gets what.

Wager Opponent Reward
Aegis Shield Glasya Labolas Tortoise Shield
Air Anchor Primeval Dragon Zephyr Cloak
Angel Brush Gamma Stardust Rod
Apocalypse Fiend Dragon Save the Queen
Assassin's Dagger Test Rider Swordbreaker
Behemoth Suit Outsider Snow Scarf
Berserker Ring Weredragon Blizzard Orb
Blizzard Orb Weredragon Berserker Ring
Blood Sword Enuo Blood Sword
Bone Club Test Rider Red Jacket
Bone Wrist Duel Armor Dueling Mask
Brigand's Glove Vasegiatta Dagger
Burning Fist Tumbleweed Burning Fist
Cat-Ear Hood Slagworm Merit Award
Celestriad Vector Chimera Dragon Horn
Chocobo Suit Ahriman Moogle Suit
Crystal Helm Duel Armor Diamond Helm
Crystal Mail Covert Ice Shield
Crystal Orb Glasya Labolas Gold Hairpin
Crystal Sword Glasya Labolas Enhancer
Cursed Ring Muud Suud Air Anchor
Cursed Shield Daedalus Cursed Ring
Death Tarot Aspidochelon Bone Club
Dragon Claws Test Rider Sniper
Dragon Horn Gorgimera Gold Hairpin
Dueling Mask Daedalus Bone Wrist
Elixir Cactuar Rename Card
Excalipoor Onion Dasher Merit Award
Falchion Outsider Flame Shield
Final Trump Ahriman Scorpion Tail
Fixed Dice Clymenus Burning Fist
Flame Shield Metal Hitman Ice Shield
Flametongue Great Malboro Organyx
Force Armor Behemoth King Force Armor
Force Shield Dark Force Thornlet
Fuma Shuriken Chaos Dragon Pinwheel
Gauntlet Vector Chimera Thunder Shield
Genji Armor Glasya Labolas Air Anchor
Genji Glove Demon Knight Thunder Shield
Genji Helm Fortis Crystal Helm
Genji Shield Yojimbo Thunder Shield
Gladius Shambling Corpse Dagger
Godhand Great Behemoth Zanmato
Gold Hairpin Great Malboro Dragon Horn
Growth Egg Muud Suud Tintinabulum
Guard Bracelet Demon Knight Hero's Ring
Gungnir Muud Suud Longinus
Healing Rod Tonberry Magus Rod
Hero's Ring Gorgimera Guard Bracelet
Holy Lance Death Machine Murakumo
Hypno Crown Great Malboro Royal Crown
Ice Shield InnoSent Flame Shield
Icebrand Gamma Organyx
Impartisan Weredragon Cat-Ear Hood
Kagenui Test Rider Murakumo
Lich Ring Death Machine Ward Bangle
Lightbringer Gamma Zantetsuken
Longinus Prometheus Gungnir
Magus Robe Test Rider Magus Robe
Magus Rod Weredragon Murakumo
Masamune Gorgimera Murakumo
Megalixir Siegfried Tintinabulum
Memento Ring Typhon Memento Ring
Merit Award Covert Rename Card
Minerva Bustier Tonberry Regal Gown
Miracle Shoes Tyrannosaur Tintinabulum
Mirage Vest Vector Chimera Red Jacket
Molulu's Charm Outsider Ward Bangle
Moogle Suit Cherry Nutkin Suit
Murakumo Galypdes Holy Lance
Murasame Glasya Labolas Masamune
Muscle Belt Weredragon Crystal Orb
Mutsunokami Gamma Radiant Lance
Nutkin Suit Aspidochelon Genji Armor
Oborozuki Outsider Zwill Crossblade
Organyx Behemoth King Soul Sabre
Paladin's Shield Demon Knight Force Shield
Phoenix Down Cactuar Magicite Shard
Pinwheel Aspidochelon Rising Sun
Punisher Aspidochelon Gravity Rod
Radiant Lance Landworm Mutsunokami
Ragnarok Daedalus Lightbringer
Rainbow Brush Test Rider Gravity Rod
Red Cap Gorgimera Hypno Crown
Red Jacket Vector Chimera Red Jacket
Reed Cloak Gorgimera Tortoise Shield
Regal Gown Death Machine Minerva Bustier
Rename Card Fiend Dragon Miracle Shoes
Ribbon Dark Force Gold Hairpin
Rising Sun Weredragon Bone Club
Royal Crown Aspidochelon Genji Helm
Safety Bit Tonberry Dragon Horn
Sasuke Face Murasame
Saucer Brachiosaur Cat-Ear Hood
Save the Queen Brachiosaur Apocalypse
Scorpion Tail Vector Chimera Final Trump
Sniper Glasya Labolas Bone Club
Snow Scarf Yojimbo Ward Bangle
Soul of Thamasa Behemoth King Celestriad
Soul Sabre Aspidochelon Falchion
Stardust Rod Dark Force Angel Brush
Stoneblade Armored Weapon Stoneblade
Tabby Suit Vector Lythos Chocobo Suit
Thief's Bracer Amduscias Brigand's Glove
Thief's Knife Wartpuck Brigand's Glove
Thornlet Aspidochelon Mirage Vest
Thunder Blade Muud Suud Organyx
Thunder Shield Outsider Genji Shield
Tigerfang Greater Mantis Burning Fist
Tintinabulum Dark Force Growth Egg
Tortoise Shield Muud Suud Saucer
Ultima Weapon Great Behemoth Gladius
Valiant Knife Baalzephon Assassin's Dagger
Viper Darts Weredragon Viper Darts
Ward Bangle Yojimbo Dragon Horn
Wing Edge Gorgimera Sniper
Zanmato Yojimbo Godhand
Zantetsuken Covert Organyx
Zwill Crossblade Tonberry Oborozuki


  • Betting anything not on this list will usually pit you against Typhon, with an Elixir as the reward.
  • After rescuing Shadow from the cave on the Veldt and getting the Striker, bet the Striker and you'll fight Shadow. If you defeat him, you get back the Striker and he'll join the party.
  • In the GBA version of the game, bet Excalipoor and you'll fight an Onion Dasher. If you win, you not only get a Merit Award, but you'll also face Gilgamesh. The fight against Gilgamesh is a normal battle with your whole party under your control. Defeat him and you gain his magicite.
  • Be careful when you face Tonberry in the Coliseum as he can counterattack with a deadly lore spell called Step Mine or (Traveler in the Gameboy Advance) which can kill you if you taken over 319,968 steps.