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She learns magic as she levels up and can use Morph.


  • Level 1 - Cure
  • Level 3 - Fire
  • Level 6 - Poisona
  • Level 12 - Drain
  • Level 18 - Raise
  • Level 22 - Fira
  • Level 26 - Warp
  • Level 33 - Cura
  • Level 37 - Dispel
  • Level 43 - Firaga
  • Level 49 - Arise
  • Level 57 - Holy
  • Level 68 - Break
  • Level 75 - Graviga
  • Level 86 - Meltdown
  • Level 99 - Ultima


Morph doubles her strength and halves damage to her temporarily. The amount to time she can be morphed for is directly proportional to the number of ability points (not MP, but AP gained after battle like EXP) she's accumulated since she last used this skill.

Locke's steal[edit]

Locke the "treasure hunter" can steal items from enemies and in certain parts of the game can change clothes and unlock doors.

  • Steal: Locke tries to take an item from an enemy. If he's successful, you gain that item immediately. This is the only way to get some items in the game.
  • Mug/Capture: With the Thief Glove relic equipped, this skill becomes Mug, which is simply attacking and stealing at the same time.

Edgar's tools[edit]

Edgar can use various tools to inflict damage or status ailments on enemies.

Tool Effect Location
Auto Crossbow Attack all: non-elemental damage. Edgar joins with it
Noiseblaster Debuff all: inflicts Confuse status. Figaro Castle: 500 GP
Bioblaster Attack all: poison-elemental damage, inflicts Poison status. Figaro Castle: 750 GP
Chainsaw Attack 1: non-elemental damage, instant-defeat chance. Found in Clock Room in Zozo
Flash Debuff all: inflicts Darkness status. Figaro Castle: 1,000 GP
Drill Attack 1: non-elemental damage. Ignores Defense. Figaro Castle: 3,000 GP
Debilitator Debuff 1: inflicts a random elemental weakness. Figaro Castle: 5,000 GP
Air Anchor Attack 1: Inflicts heat, when the target takes its next action, it will die. Found in Fanatics' Tower

Sabin's blitzes[edit]

Sabin can do a variety of "martial arts" moves by inputting various button combos.

Name Level Effect Buttons combination
Raging Fist (Pummel) 1 Damages one enemy Left Dpad, Right Dpad, Left Dpad
Aura Cannon (AuraBolt) 6 Does damage to one enemy Down Dpad, Arcade-Stick-Qcb.png, Left Dpad
OR: Down Dpad, Down Dpad, Left Dpad
Meteor Strike (Suplex) 10 Damages one enemy X Button, Y Button, Down Dpad, Up Dpad
Rising Phoenix (Fire Dance) 15 Fire damage to all enemies Arcade-Stick-Hcf.png
OR: Left Dpad, Left Dpad, Down Dpad, Down Dpad, Right Dpad
Chakra (Mantra) 23 Heals allies excluding Sabin R Button, L Button, R Button, L Button, X Button, Y Button
Razor Gale (Air Blade) 30 Wind damage to all enemies Up Dpad, Arcade-Stick-UR.png, Right Dpad, Arcade-Stick-DR.png, Down Dpad, Arcade-Stick-DL.png, Left Dpad (270° rotation)
OR: Up Dpad, Up Dpad, Right Dpad, Right Dpad, Down Dpad, Down Dpad, Left Dpad
Soul Spiral (Spiral Soul) 42 Restores 100% of allies HP but kills Sabin R Button, L Button, X Button, Y Button, Right Dpad, Left Dpad
Phantom Rush (Bum Rush) 70 Damages one enemy Left Dpad, Arcade-Stick-UL.png, Up Dpad, Arcade-Stick-UR.png, Right Dpad, Arcade-Stick-DR.png, Down Dpad, Arcade-Stick-DL.png, Left Dpad (360° rotation)
OR: Left Dpad, Left Dpad, Up Dpad, Up Dpad, Right Dpad, Right Dpad, Down Dpad, Down Dpad, Left Dpad

Note: The Phantom Rush can also be gained if you meet with Sabin's master Duncan in the World of Ruin.


Celes, like Terra, learns magic through leveling and has the somewhat useful Runic skill.


  • Level 1- Blizzard
  • Level 4- Cure
  • Level 8- Poisona
  • Level 13 - Imp
  • Level 18 - Libra
  • Level 22 - Protect
  • Level 26 - Blizzara
  • Level 32 - Haste
  • Level 32 - Confuse
  • Level 40 - Berserk
  • Level 42 - Blizzaga
  • Level 48 - Vanish
  • Level 52 - Hastega
  • Level 72 - Holy
  • Level 81 - Flare
  • Level 98 - Meteor


Runic absorbs magic spells cast by anyone on the field while in effect. Absorbed spells restore Celes' MP. Some spells and abilities are immune to Runic.

Cyan's bushido[edit]

Cyan can use Bushido to inflict more damage than he usually would do. Higher numbered bushidos will require Cyan to wait a longer period of time. Cyan will eventually learn all of the techniques through leveling up, but defeating Wrexsoul in the World of Ruin will result in all bushidos being learned instantly.

When in battle, try to give all your other characters commands before executing a Bushido. This way, Cyan can charge his attack during the animations of your other characters attacks, and not waste any time. Umaro and Gau can attack even while Cyan is charging.

  1. Fang (Dispatch) - Attacks one enemy
  2. Sky (Retort) - Counterattacks when hit
  3. Tiger (Slash) - Drains HP from enemy
  4. Flurry (Quadra Slam) - Attacks four times, hitting random targets.
  5. Dragon (Empowerer) - Drains HP and MP
  6. Eclipse (Stunner) - Damages all enemies and may inflict Stop on them.
  7. Tempest (Quadra Slice) - Damages four enemies greatly.
  8. Oblivion (Cleave) - Instantly kill all enemies. Has a hit rate of 71% and fails on enemies immune to death.

Gau's rages[edit]

Gau can use the techniques of any monster he's Leaped into on the Veldt. To gain new rages, simply go there and have him use the Leap command to learn the Rages of both the enemies you currently face and the enemies that you will kill when Gau decides to rejoin the party on the Veldt.

See Rage List

Mog's dances[edit]

Mog can learn dances when he fights in different areas. Each dance has four separate possible effects, chosen randomly.

Dance Terrain Actions
Wind Rhapsody (Wind Song) Veldt, plains, barren lands, Coliseum, airships
  • Attack: Wind Slash (7/16)
  • Support: Sunbath (6/16), cures HP to all allies
  • Attack: Plasma (2/16)
  • Attack: Cockatrice (1/16)
Desert Lullaby (Deset Aria) Deserts
  • Attack: Sandstorm (7/16)
  • Attack: AntLion (6/16)
  • Attack: Wind Slash (2/16)
  • Support: Meerkat (1/16), casts Haste on all allies
Forest Nocturne (Forest Suite) Forests, phantom forest
  • Attack: Leaf Swirl (/16)
  • Support: Forest Healing (/16), cures status ailments to all allies
  • Attack: Will o'the Wisp (/16)
  • Attack: Wombat (/16)
Earth Blues Mountain slopes, floating continent
  • Attack: Rock slide (7/16)
  • Attack: Sonic boom (6/16)
  • Support: Sunbath (2/16), cures HP to all allies
  • Attack: Boar Brigade (1/16)
Love Serenade (Love Sonata) Towns, buildings, castles
  • Attack: Will o'the Wisp (7/16)
  • Debuff: Apparition (6/16), inflicts confusion on one enemy
  • Attack: Snare (2/16)
  • Support: Tapir (1/16), cures status ailments to all allies
Twilight Requiem (Dusk Requiem) Caves, mines
  • Attack: Cave in (7/16)
  • Attack: Snare (6/16)
  • Attack: Will o'the Wisp (2/16)
  • Attack: Poison Frog (1/16)
Water Harmony (Water Rondo) Lethe river, Serpent Trench
  • Attack: El Nino (7/16)
  • Attack: Plasma (6/16)
  • Debuff: Apparition (2/16), inflicts confusion on one enemy
  • Support: Raccoon (1/16), cures HP and status ailments to all allies
Snowman Rondo (Snowman Jazz) Narshe snowfield (World of Ruin)
  • Attack: Snowball (7/16)
  • Attack: Avalanche (6/16)
  • Attack: Snare (2/16)
  • Support: Arctic Hare (1/16), cures HP to all allies

Setzer's slots[edit]

Setzer's Slot attack is exactly what it sounds like. Stop the slots on the right combination, and you'll get many varying effects.

  • Gil Toss/GP Rain With the Heiji's Jitte/Coin Toss relic, Slot becomes Gil Toss. Setzer throws GP at the enemy for some damage.
Slots Combo Name Effect
3 Diamonds Prismatic Flush (7-Flush/Flash) Attacks all enemies.
3 Chocobos Chocobo Stampede (Chocobop) Attacks all enemies. Ignores defense, but fails on floating enemies.
3 Airships Dive Bomb (H-Bomb) Attacks all enemies.
3 Bars Summon Summons a random Esper.
3 Dragons Mega Flare (Sun Flare) Same as Bahamut's Mega Flare.
2 Sevens and a Bar Joker's Death (bad version) Kills your entire party and ignores immunity to death, thereby ending the game.
3 Sevens Joker's Death (good version) Kills all enemies instantly, ignores immunity to death, thereby winning the battle automatically.
Anything Else Mysidian Rabbit (Lagomorph) Restores a small amount of HP to allies and cures some status ailments.

Shadow's throw[edit]

Shadow only has one skill: throw.

He can throw certain weapons and throwing items. See Equipment. Thrown weapons ignore defense and never miss.

Strago's lores[edit]

Strago can use some enemy skills once they have been used in a battle involving him. Starting from Final Fantasy 5, this skill has been known as Blue Magic.

Name MP Effect Learning location
Support spells
Transfusion (Pep Up) 01 Support: Fully restores HP and MP to an ally, but ejects Strago from the battle.
Force Field 24 Support: Nullifies a random element.
White Wind (Pearl Wind) 45 Support: Restores HP to everyone with the amount healed being the amount of HP Strago has left.
Mighty Guard (Big Guard) 80 Support: Casts Protect and Shell on all allies.
Disabling spells
Reflect??? 00 Disable: Inflicts Blind, Silence and Slow on enemies with Reflect status.
Level 3 Confuse (L.3 Muddle) 28 Disable: Inflicts Confuse on all enemies whose levels are a multiple of 3.
Bad Breath (Sour Mouth) 32 Disable: Inflicts Blind, Poison, Imp, Silence, Confuse and Sleep on one enemy.
Rippler 66 Disable: Switches status effects with an enemy.
Dischord 68 Disable: Cuts the target's level by half.
Attack spells
Aqua Breath (Aqua Rake) 22 Attack (elemental): Water and Wind damage to all enemies.
Tsunami (CleanSweep) 30 Attack (elemental): Water damage to all enemies.
Aero 41 Attack (elemental): Wind damage to all enemies.
Level ? Holy (L.? Pearl) 50 Attack (elemental): Holy damage on all enemies whose levels are a multiple of the last digit of your current Gil.
Roulette 10 Attack (instant defeat): Kills a random member of the battle (enemy or ally). Fails on targets immune to death.
Doom (Condemnd) 20 Attack (instant defeat): Starts a countdown timer over the target's head, killing them once the timer runs out. Fails on enemies immune to death.
Level 5 Death (L.5 Doom) 22 Attack (instant defeat): Instantly kills all enemies whose levels are multiples of 5. Fails on enemies immune to Death.
Stone 22 Attack (non-elemental): Deals damage to one or all enemies, can inflict Confusion. If the level of the caster and the target is the same, the damage increases.
Revenge Blast (Revenge) 31 Attack (non-elemental): Deals damage equal to caster's max HP minus current HP.
Level 4 Flare (L.4 Flare) 42 Attack (non-elemental): Deals massive damage to all enemies whose levels are multiples of 4.
1000 Needles (Blow Fish) 50 Attack (non-elemental): Deals exactly 1000 damage to an enemy.
Quasar 50 Attack (non-elemental): Non-elemental damage to all enemies.
Grand Delta (GrandTrain) 64 Attack (non-elemental): Non-elemental damage to all enemies.
Traveler (Step Mine) ??[1] Attack (non-elemental): Deals damage equal to number of steps divided by 32 to one enemy.
Self-Destruct (Exploder) 01 Attack (non-elemental): Deals damage equal to caster's HP to an enemy, but kills caster.
  1. The MP cost of Traveler equals the minutes of game played divided by 30.

Relm's sketch[edit]

Relm has one skill whose usefulness is mainly based on what she's fighting.

  • Sketch: This skill causes Relm to use an ability of the targeted enemy on an enemy. This skill is also the one that can cause the (in)famous Bugs and Glitches. (Fixed in Version 1.1 of the SNES version onwards)
  • Control: When the Fake Mustache relic is equipped, Sketch becomes Control and gives Relm control of the chosen monster, if successful.

Umaro's berserker relics[edit]

While he has no innate skills, and cannot be controlled in battle, he can gain two through equipping relics.

  • Blizzard Orb: When equipped with this relic, Umaro will randomly use a blizzard attack that hits all enemies on the field.
  • Berserker Ring: This relic makes Umaro randomly pick up a party member and throw them at an enemy. This attack adds Umaro's Battle Power to the Battle Power of the thrown character to decide the total damage dealt.
  • Bone Wrist: Exclusive to the GBA version, this gives Umaro a variety of stat boosts and makes his physical attacks unblockable and ignore defense.

Gogo's mimic[edit]

Gogo can use almost any named skill (Rage, Throw, Tool, Blitz, Magic, Item, etc.) in addition to their own skill Mimic. (They can also accordingly augment these skills with relics, so as to use Mug instead of Steal, Control instead of Sketch, etc.) To give Gogo these skills, go to Gogo's status menu, and press the cursor right (Press Select in the GBA version). You can then fill the three blank slots below the Mimic skill. Note that Gogo cannot be equipped with any of the following skills: Morph, Leap, Shock, Possess, Magitek, Pray, or any of Umaro's moves.

Gogo will simply perform the last action done by a party member in battle. If it is magic, no MP will be spent. If no action has been taken, Gogo will attack as if they had used the Fight command.