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SNES, Game Boy Advance

This is a list of all 255 items in order as found in the in-game menu. Note that some items have different names in the various versions of this game. Use the control at the top of the page to switch between them.

Why 255?

The significance behind the number 255 is that the item variable in the game is stored with a single byte (8 bits); therefore the largest number possible that can be made from this 8 digit binary number is 256 (2^8). Where'd the last 1 go? In programming, and in most logical cases we have to include the number 0 so that we can represent having nothing; thus the largest number we can have in actuality is 255 or 2^8 - 1.


Name Use Target Price
Antidote Cures Poison status Individual ?/25
Dried Meat Recovers 150 HP Individual ?/75
Echo Screen Cures Mute status Individual ?/60
Elixir Recovers HP/MP to 100% Individual ?/1
Ether Recovers 150 MP Individual ?/1
Eyedrop Cures Dark status Individual ?/25
Fenix Down Revives a dead character Individual ?/250
Green Cherry Cures Imp status Individual ?/75
Magicite Summons a random Esper Enemy ?/1
Megalixir Fully recovers HP/MP Individual ?/1
Potion Recovers 250 HP Individual ?/150
Remedy Cures all status ailments except Zombie Individual ?/500
Rename Card Renames a character Individual ?/1
Revivify Cures Zombie status Individual ?/150
Sleeping Bag Fully recovers HP/MP at save points and world map Individual ?/250
Smoke Bomb Escape from a non-boss battle Party ?/150
Soft Cures Petrify status Individual ?/100
Tent Recovers the party's HP/MP to 100% Party ?/600
Tincture Recovers 50 MP Individual ?/750
Tonic Recovers 50 HP Individual ?/25
Warp Stone Same effect as Warp Party ?/350
X-Ether Recovers MP to 100% Individual ?/1
X-Potion Recovers HP to 100% Individual ?/1


Tools are used by Edgar (and Gogo) using the "tools" command.

Name Price Usage Info
Air Anchor ?/? Causes instant death to one opponent the next time it attacks. It is unblockable, but fails on enemies immune to instant death.
AutoCrossbow -/125 Fires arrows at all enemies, dealing physical damage.
Bio Blaster ?/375 Poisons all enemies and deals initial damage.
Chain Saw ?/? Deals physical damage to one opponent. It is unblockable and ignores defense. 25% chance of inflicting instant death instead of doing damage, works against the undead but fails on targets immune to instant death.
Debilitator ?/? Assigns a random elemental weakness to one opponent. It is unblockable.
Drill ?/? Deals physical damage to one opponent. It is unblockable and ignores defense.
NoiseBlaster ?/250 Deals physical damage to all enemies and attempts to confuse them.
Flash ?/? Deals non-elemental magic damage and inflicts Blind on all opponents. It is unblockable and ignores Split Damage.

Skeans and Throwables[edit]

Name Price Usage Info
Bolt Edge ?/?
Fire Skean ?/?
Inviz Edge ?/100 Makes thrower transparent.
Shadow Edge ?/?200 Creates thrower's illusion.
Shuriken ?/?15 Throws a barrage of shurikens at the enemy.
Super Ball ?/5000 Does random damage to all enemies
Water Edge ?/?