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He’s an ex-cop, now the member of the Scull Cross gang, similar to Edi E from Final Fight, just without the gun. Dave's club is a dangerous weapon, but his most dangerous attack is a jumping one. He prefers jumping each time after being knocked down.


He’s an employee (bouncer, very likely) of “Creep Eats”. His most dangerous attack is an elbow dash. It’s a pretty fast strike with a neat reach, and when Callman performs it, he’s completely invulnerable to any attacks. Needless to say, he uses his elbow dash pretty often. When Callman appears behind you, he will grab you and perform a strong kicking attack, sending you flying.


Captain of a cargo ship, he’s the only enemy, who uses a weapon, which can be dropped. At first he appears with an anchor on a chain, with which he can perform a powerful strike. When Drake’s knocked down, he drops the anchor and begins performing a jumping attack (jump up as he lands to avoid damage). Sometimes he picks up the anchor and stops jumping until he’s knocked down again.


A Scull Cross gang mechanic, who lives in a junkyard, he’s armed with a wrench. Caine’s very slow, but his reach is quite good.


He can be called the slowest enemy in the game, whose attacks are pretty rare. Despite that, sometimes he performs a spinning jump attack, which allows him to cover very long distances and deliver nice amount of damage, knocking you down.


It’s a tall freak in a long coat, armed with two spiked knuckles. He moves fast, he jumps often, his moves are unpredictable. Stray’s most dangerous attack is a dashing punch, which can be performed not only sideways (left or right), but also up or down, making it difficult to avoid or to find a proper time to attack. Luckily, you don’t have to fight him, if you destroy all computers in the factory.


Leader of the Scull Cross gang, Black is also the final boss of the game. He uses a bat swing as his attack, throws knives, performs a spinning attack similar to Mike's one and a ki attack similar to Guy’s one. When Black’s health meter is next to empty, he stands next to the generator on the right side of the roof only to be thrown to it by the final attack.