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Regular thug of the Scull Cross gang. Not very difficult to beat, especially in the beginning of the game.


Tall enemy with claws on his hands. His reach is quite good, but despite that he’s not very tough.

Fat Jack/Arby[edit]

Fat Scull Cross gang rugby player. His favorite attack is to charge from one side of the screen to the other. This move can look pretty dangerous, but he can be stopped with a simple strike or even be grappled while he’s charging.


A tall man with a hockey mask and a baseball bat. He’s pretty slow, but he has several attacks, the most powerful among them is a bat swing. This strike can easily knock you down and take a huge amount of health from you.


A small hairy punk, very quick and nimble. He often rolls, appearing behind your back and avoiding your attacks. He can either strike with a punch, which looks more like grabbing of the private parts, or he can jump on you and bite you. Joes are really annoying, especially in groups.


The only female Scull Cross gang member, she wields two karats. May usually backflips when being attacked out of harm’s way.


Scull Cross gang member in a Stahlhelm (helmet used by German troops during the WWII). He tosses a stick grenade similar to Stielhandgranate, then escapes as fast as possible . Fritz has a very low amount of health and can be beaten with a single attack.


The most notorious regular enemy in the Final Fight series. Andore is a huge brute, who’s pretty slow, but has a ton of health and a few very powerful attacks.