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Player-made game modes are simply that: game modes organized and made by players themselves. In any player-made game mode, players that ignore these rules usually are kicked or forced to leave the game.

  • Attack and Defend — Played in a Team Deathmatch or Assassination game. Teams take turns "attacking and defending". The attacking team leaves their spawn point and travels to the other team's spawn area and begins attacking them. The defending team must stay at their spawn area and defend themselves from the attackers. The attacking and defending teams switch every round. This type of game is commonly played in the map Mansion; the boundary of the spawn area is, in Mansion, the large holes in the floor directly outside of the hallway outside of the spawn rooms. If the attacking team fails to attack the opposing team's base after a certain amount of time, the defending team may issue a countdown; after that, the defending team may leave their spawn and attack the attacking team head on. This tactic is often used if the attacking team are trying to win using the game's time limit if they have more players than the defending team.
  • Attack and Defend Extreme — Played in a Team Deathmatch Extreme game. Rather than taking turns "attacking and defending" team spawn points, one team stays the attacking team and the other the defending team the entire game. The defending team must stay at their spawn point and defend from their attackers. This type of game is commonly played in the map Mansion.
  • Rejoin at ## Kills — Played in a Deathmatch or Berserker game. The ##s are replaced with a number lower than the amount that ends a game (ex. 95 in a 100 kill limit game). The point of these games is for players to gain large amounts of EXP without being interrupted by the game ending and/or waiting for other players to start the game.
  • Naked — Played in a Deathmatch or Berserker game (often combined with a "Rejoin at ## game"). Players are expected to join the game without any armor, equipment or rings with Armor Point bonuses. This allows for easier kills and faster rates of gaining EXP.
  • Bow Rules — Common in Team Gladiator matches where the player must use the "/salute" or "/bow" emote before a 1v1 match with another player, and in Team Deathmatches where there is one player fighting against two or more enemies. Upon completion of a bow rule match in a Team Deathmatch where the single player wins, the remaining players on the other team may give medkits to the opposing player and/or allow that player to use medkits, and the match resumes.
  • Swap — Sometimes called "kill swapping" (or "mamutear" throughout the Hispanic/Latin community of GunZ), this is commonly a Team Deathmatch, Assassination, or "The Duel" game where one player usually gets ## kills and the other player gets ## kills, and they continue to take turns in this way. In fact, this is not generally thought of as a game mode by players, rather as a way for lazy and most commonly unskilled players to gain experience points and bounty without having to use effort in an actual game. It is frowned upon by most, if not all, of those who do not do it, and ijji has made many announcements that they intend to punish those who "play" this way in the North American version. The current punishment if caught swapping is suspension for three days; a second offense is another three days and a third offense will result in the player being IP banned.
  • Line Swap — A form of swapping that also commonly takes place in Deathmatch or Berserker game where a group of players (usually four) take turns killing each other for experience. The swapping is done in a line where the one in front will get killed, followed by the second, third, and so on. In a Berserker game, the berserker is at the front of the line with someone behind waiting to kill him/her. This allows for the next person to be "marked" as the last-killing person because they have the Berserker aura. This, like swapping, is also frowned upon by those who do not swap.
  • Unofficial Clan War — Two clans fight each other in a normal Team Deathmatch, normally played in the map Town. The game is usually passworded, lasts 15 rounds, and takes place in one of the clans' clan channel.
  • Hide and Seek — Normally played in Deathmatch game in which one person is the "demon" who chases the "runners". The "demon" is supposed to eliminate another player in order to pass on the "demon" status. A variant of this game can also be played in Berserker mode, where the "runner" is the single person with the blue aura and the "demons" are the other players. Another Possible method for Hide and Seek, played in a Team Deathmatch, where one whole team hides, while the other seeks, and teams take turns in Hiding/Seeking. Common rules for this game type include: Hiders cannot run or fight back (meaning a free kill), or, instead of that, the first "seeker" to shoot (only once) a "hider" has a 1v1 fight with that person, therefore, whoever wins, continues their role as "Hider"/"Seeker". Usually "Hide and Seek" games have time limits as to when certain tasks are to be upholded, for example: At 9 minutes remaining, the Seekers begin (Before this, "seekers" wait at their spawn location), at 6 minutes remaining, Hiders give a vague idea as to where they are hiding (such as "Up high" or "near a crystal"), some people make the rule to give the hiders a chance to win the round, so in this case, a common rule could be: At 3 minutes remaining Hiders and Seekers have a duel, or hiders kill seekers for free (NOTE: these rule examples are for a typical 10 minute game). This Game type is commonly played in the dungeon map.
  • CS TDM — A mode based around the popular online first-person shooter, Counter-Strike. In this mode, players imitate the rules, physics and gameplay tactics of Counter-Strike. Only daggers, any type of grenade, and any ranged weapons besides rocket launchers are permitted; however, players may not use the secondary attack with the dagger, nor perform a Massive Strike. Players may only walk to move; they may not dash, tumble, or jump excessively.
  • Is or Ig — Normally played in Duel mode, in the beginning, the defending player will ask is or ig, insta sword or insta gun. The players will bow, and then try to perform an insta-fall on the opponent using only swords or kodachis by any means. When a player has performed an insta-fall on the opponent, they will then empty their weapons of their first round of ammo. The player that was successful in performing an insta-fall will go first in trying to juggle the opponent. This is started with an insta-fall, then players will try to keep the enemy in the air. They will take turns doing this. A turn ends when the enemy touches the floor. In insta gun, players are allowed to shoot the opponent as long as they are in the air.