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Level House
Starting size 5cm0mm
Target size 10cm0mm
Time 3 minutes
Comet Time 1 minute
Royal Present* N/A

This is the same level as the tutorial. When you go to Earth for the first time, you will notice that Make a Star 1 has a completed icon while Make a Star 2 has an uncompleted icon. This is due to the fact that you beat the level already in the tutorial. It isn't necessary to beat it again unless you want the comet for this level. The completion strategy is the same as for the tutorial level, but it is very difficult to get 10cm in 1 minute without leaving the table.

Roll forward and get the stamps. Do a quick turn and pick up some tacks on your way to the caramels. Roll enough stuff to get to 7cm, then pick up the orange pieces on the corner of the table. Go down to the corner where there's a stack of cookies, and then pick up all the eye drop bottles. This should have you at about 9cm8mm or so. To finish up, just roll up some cookies on the floor.