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The enemies are modified by both the initial difficulty setting, and the number of players in the game.

Difficulty modifiers
Level Movement Health Damage
Beginner (1) 95% zombie speed. 50% health 30% damage.
Normal (2) Normal Normal Normal
Hard (4) +15% zombie speed +35% health +25% damage
Suicidal (7) +30% zombie speed +75% health +75% damage

When playing alone, zombies inflict only 25% damage, and the Patriarch's rocket inflicts much less damage. However, additional players will increase the number of zombies, and cause these zombies to obtain additional health.

Note that some attacks do not use the exact difficulty damage scale shown above.


There are 9 different zombies within the game.

Name Health Damage Description
Clot 130 6 The basic zombie, which can grab players.
Bloat 525 (+131.25/pl) 14 This enemy is larger than the other zombies, and vomits acidic bile. It is vulnerable to fire attacks.
Gorefast 250 (+37.5/pl) 15 Slightly faster than clots, and swings a metallic object as it approaches.
Crawler 70 6 A spider-like zombie, known to appear in any location. It also performs leap attacks.
Stalker 100 9 An invisible zombie. It is detected either by the Commando, or by a barely visible halo.
Siren 300 (+30/pl) 13 A zombie in a straight jacket, whose loud scream will inflict damage on the player.

The scream is a spherical area-attack centered on the Siren, and will inflict light damage against all players within the sphere. In addition, any grenades or rockets within the area of effect are destroyed.

Scrake 1000 (+500/pl) 20 Equipped with a chainsaw, which it swings as it approaches the player.
Flesh Pound 1500 (+375/pl) 35*2 A zombie with heavy metallic arms, that takes half damage from bullets, double damage from frag grenades and pipebombs, and increased damage from the M79 grenade launcher. It is recognizable with a yellow light on its body, which becomes red when enraged. When one is sighted, back up to a safe distance, and attack it slowly with precision weapons to inflict gradual damage. If enraged (when it receives 360 damage before modifiers within 2 seconds), inflict as much damage as possible before it kills the team or players.

The flesh pound gradually builds up frustration if it only receives light attacks over a long period of time. After 10 seconds of being attacked in this fashion, the next shot will enrage the flesh pound.

Husk 600 (+70/player) 15 (Melee)
25+Burn (Ranged)
A large zombie that looks like a fleshpound, but appears much earlier. It is the only common zombie that has a ranged attack, which can explode and ignite players caught in the blast. Only takes 25% damage from flamethrowers or other fire attacks.
Brute An enemy that can be added through download. Its appearance is somewhat like a body builder. It is very tall and muscular. It is very resilient, especially since most of the time it has its arm raised to protect its head from weapons fire. It functions in a way similar to that of the Tank in Left 4 Dead. When it hits a player, it sends them flying a short distance. In order to be taken down safely, they require focused fire from all players
Patriarch 4000 (+3000/pl) 85 An intelligent zombie with a surgically attached minigun. It appears after clearing all regular zombie waves, and can self-heal, cloak, and fire a rocket at the player.