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Basic Killing Floor Keys (Original Bindings / Alternates)[edit]

This page now contains the actual keys you need to press, rather than just tell you what you can do and not the key to press for it as it once did. There are also several proper "Quick Reference Tables" below, that give you the default bindings for all keys, along with recommended keys for easier playing, quicker communications and less hand stretching. Cos let's face it - you don't get much chance to breath in this game D:

In these Quick Reference Tables, the Killing Floor Strategy wiki give you our bindings for kicking ass as the "2nd/Alternate" key (they will change "1st/Default keys", so use what works best for you.

Game Control Keys[edit]

  • Esc - back to game menu or Perk selection. Also the game to be paused in Solo missions.
  • "E" - Opening / closing doors. Using certain things. Like the Trader.
  • "F4" - For those of you who prefer to watch in OTS (Over the Shoulder) modes and views, rather than FPS splatterhouse your way through West London.
  • "F9" - Take a screenshot or two, save yourself being pwnd by several Christmas Pounders for posterity!
  • "`" or "~" (depending on keyboard) open the Developer's Console, from which you enter commands to alter the game, fix bugs and issue server commands.

Weapon/Equipment Selection[edit]

The first thing you want to do it go to key-mapping from options and change "Quick Iron Sights" from "I" to Right Mouse Button (RMB), as this will make things a LOT easier - believe me - especially with scoped weapons like the crossbow.

All weapons and equipment are accessed via either the five number buttons, or the mouse wheel menu:

"F" for Flashlight (torch) on will usually go to this weapon tree, though others can use flashlights too like the Shotgun. You can also toggle the flashlight with by pressing the middle mouse button (for most its the depressed scroll button). This also works as the Alternate Fire Mode for weapons.

* Pipebombs and Remote Charges aren't grenades, they are more like proximity or remote mines; So don't use them like grenades. Just place them (a good place is a short way in front of a welded-shut door and along corridors where you get surprised from behind by a Bloat. Sirens don't affect them as they do RPG's or grenades so you can shut her gob with 'em. Use them tactically, welding select doors, and you're bound to find it a lot easier to cope on Hell on Earth mode than without some tactics and co-operation.

The Alternate Fire mode may be used on these to remotely set them all off at once.

  • Alternate Weapon Fire: (Default Middle Mouse Button - MMB) One barrel or two? Many weapons have alternate fire modes worth experimenting
  • Reload: Default "R". You'll want to use that a lot and remember to press it as you leave the Traders.
  • Throw Grenade: Default key "G"
  • Flashlight key: Default "F": usually pulls out your 9mm with the light on, unless you have another weapon that has a torch, like the Shotgun
  • Self-heal key (Default can be usefully changed to "Q"): pulls out and immediately uses the syringe on yourself, before it has to reload over a few moments. Afterwords it equips what you were last holding.
  • Drop held Weapon: Default "\" (for speed via dead-weight loss of an ammoless gun or to make space or give to Other Players that died last round and definitely won't this one with £50 and pistol, or whatever.

Useful Multiplayer Keys[edit]

  • Press "B" to Drop Money (wonga/dosh/squids - moolah) so that Other Players can Collect: lob a load of cash at someone if they're stuck with a pistol still and they might save your life. Share the wealth people! Yes, it's a co-op game!
  • Press "\" to Drop your held Weapon for Other Players to Collect . If you haven't the cash but can spare a backup weapon or instead of selling it - ahh... the joy of giving. Especially point blank, both barrels.

These next lot deal with multiplayer communication skills

- Default V * Activate Quick Communication Menu: from the pop-up box navigate through short menus to say things by using number keys. ie. V, 5 then 1, insults the other players, where V, 1 and then 1 will remind your oblivious team-mates that you might need a little healing before you die - MEDIC!!! Default "T" will allow in game text chat. The text can vanish quite fast, so keep messages short when playing or use a mic. It's a good way to get killed, talking too much and not shooting :P Voice Chat: (Default "CAPSLOCK or C" in steam versions, depending on which method of chat you prefer). Lets you hear that that other guy sounds like a girl as well as plays like one (and vice versa). In fact, they are one.

It is easy to block all incoming voice traffic from the options screen, and also change text settings so you can ready more than 3 words before it vanishes as someone else "V" spams the communications boxes.

  • Pressing "K" will initiate a "Kick Player" vote - just make your mind up and push the corresponding button.
  • TAB will show you quick classes/Perks and some stats/info about your team.
  • F1 will toggle display this information over the screen until you turn it off.

Quick Reference Tables for Game Controls[edit]

Action Default Alternate
Open Game Menu Esc Blank
Use E Z/F
Drop Cash B
Take Screenshot F9
Pause Game Pause/Break Empty / (ESC in singleplayer (solo) works, but do not bind this key!!!

Movement Controls[edit]

Action Default Alternative
Forward W Up
Backward S Down
Strafe Left A Left
Strafe Right D Right
Jump Space Backspace
Crouch Joy 4 CTRL
Toggle Crouch C Empty
Walk CTRL Shift
Toggle Strafe ' Empty

Weapon Controls[edit]

Action Default Alternative
Primary Fire Left Mouse Button/Mouse 1 Joy 1
Alternative Fire/Flashlight Middle Mouse/Mouse Wheel Button/F (but remember to set flashlight to something else, as it's useful :P)
Reload - do this after visiting the Trader and at every opportunity you get - grab ammo when you can! R Blank
Quick Iron Sights I RMB (Right Mouse Button)
Toggle Iron Sights Right Mouse/Mouse 2 I
Drop Weapon \ Empty
Next Weapon Mouse Wheel Up /
Previous Weapon Mouse Wheel Down Empty
Switch to Best Weapon Empty F2
Switch to Last Weapon Empty F3
Switch to Knife Empty Empty
Select Melee Weapons 1
Select Secondary Weapons 2
Select Primary Weapons 3
Select Specialty Weapons 4
Select Tools 5
Throw Grenade G Empty
Quick Flashlight F Empty
Quick Self-Heal Q Empty

View Controls[edit]

Action Default Alternative
Toggle Third Person Mode (offline only) F4 Empty
Toggle Camera Mode (offline only) F5 Empty

Communication Controls[edit]

Action Default Alternative
Say T Empty
Team Say Y Blank
Toggle Voice Commands Menu V Blank
Activate Microphone Capslock C if using X to toggle crouch - or not using it at all. Or none when using Steam group-chat with friends; VIOP; Team-Speak, etc...
Switch to Public Voice Channel Home Empty
Switch to Local Voice Channel Delete Empty
Switch to Team Voice Channel - this should be your default Voice Chat option. End Empty

Interface Controls[edit]

Action Default Alternative
Toggle Screenboard Overlay and Info/Stats F1 Empty
Quick Scoreboard Tab Empty
Open Vote Kick Menu K Empty

Miscellaneous Controls[edit]

Action Default Alternative
Toggle Console ` or ~ or ¬ depending on yr keyboard (key lives under ESC on most keyboards) Empty
View Connection Status F6 Empty
Cancel Pending Connection F10 Empty / Alt + F4
If you game is running in windowed mode, or you want to switch to windowed mode for any reason, just press: Alt+Enter
Start Demo Recording Empty Use another recording programme :P
Stop Demo Recording Empty See above

I'm gonna put these in here, just in case - me and my buddies use the numpads for certain things, what are here are just suggestions - we prefer using a Mic as, by the time you've pressed enough buttons though the "V" menu to say "LOOK OUT!" no sooner are you, and them and the other guy who saw it too, toasted and being feasted upon...

Voice Command Controls[edit]

Action Default Alternative
Medic Empty Numpad 2
Help Empty Numpad 1 / Z
I need some money Empty Numpad 9
Drop a weapon for me Empty Numpad 6
Yes Empty Numpad 4
No Empty Numpad 5
Thanks Empty Numpad 7
Sorry Blank Numpad 8
Look out Blank Numpad Enter
Run Empty Numpad +
Wait for me Empty Numpad -
Weld the doors Empty Numpad /
Lets hole up here Empty Numpad 0
Follow me Empty Numpad *
Insult Other Players - Perhaps THE most important voice menu command you can give. Empty Backspace

It's probably easier to get used to the 'V' menu if you don't have a Mic (even if you do, it can be funny listening to the different characters slagging each other off over nothing) if you're unused to or - like some keyboards and Macbooks n stuff - don't even have a Numpad (makes sure numlock is ON, please).

Everything here is sourced from upcoming contentent at [if you can get past the spambots] and Steam Group (Steam search us, or visit the site - I'll link it later when not in the Steam browser :P) and will be appearing there, as it was written for that site. This one just has top slot - doesn't mean it's the best strategy wiki, however...

Game on people! Viva la Revolucion! (a very lazy) Cap'n Saccade as 09:38, 26 December 2010 (CST)

Weapon use[edit]

  • Primary fire
  • Use iron-sights
  • Alternate fire (either a significantly more powerful attack, a semi/auto mode selector, or a laser sight toggle)


FPS game standard WASD, jump, and crouch keys. Very useful but seldom seen in games out of the box is a toggle crouch key. Use it.

Other keys[edit]

  • Drop money
  • Drop weapon
  • Reload
  • Throw grenade
  • Enable/disable flashlight
  • VOIP (this is very well implemented in KF since it actually cuts out the background music when you talk)
  • Canned speech menu