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King's Quest VI Ending Variations
This video shows all the different ending variations you can obtain.

King's Quest VI has a number of different endings depending on the actions you take during the game, and the path you take to complete the game. Every ending features a wedding between Alexander and Cassima, but there are a number of different variations on that theme. There are five major variables that control exactly which ending you get: the table below describes them all. Note that to get the best ending, you must complete the game following the long path.

Variable Notes Getting the Best Ending
Alexander's ring If Alexander retrieves his ring from the pawn shop and sends it to Cassima via her nightingale Sing Sing, Cassima will have the ring at the wedding.

If Alexander retrieves his ring, but does not send it to Cassima, he'll have it at the wedding.
If Alexander leaves his ring in the pawn shop, there won't be a ring at the wedding.

Alexander must retrieve his ring from the pawn shop and send it to Cassima.
Alexander's relationship with Jollo If Alexander befriends Jollo in the bookstore, Jollo will be happy and joyful at the wedding. Otherwise, he'll look worried. Alexander must befriend Jollo.
The genie's fate If Alexander is able to use the genie's lamp to become the new master of the genie, Alexander's family will be present at the wedding, and it'll be noted that the genie has already repaired the ferry and reuniting the islands will be much easier now that the genie's powers are being used for good.

If the genie is killed, Alexander's family will not be present, and Saladin will speak for Alexander at the wedding instead of King Graham. It will also be noted that the ferry will need to be repaired before the islands can be reunited.

Alexander must get the replica lamp from the peddler in the village, and give it to Jollo in the castle. This is only possible on the long path.
The fate of King Caliphim and Queen Allaria If Alexander brings King Caliphim and Queen Allaria back from the Realm of the Dead, they'll be present at the wedding and give Cassima away.

If Alexander doesn't bring them back, Jollo will give Cassima away, and the wedding will be bittersweet.

Alexander must go to the Realm of the Dead and bring back the king and queen. This is only possible on the long path.
The unrest between the islands If Alexander discovers the treasure room in the castle basement and looks at all four treasures down there, it will be noted that the feuding between the islands has stopped, and that the feuding was caused by the vizier stealing a sacred treasure from each island and then have each island blame another to sow distrust among them. If Alexander becomes master of the genie, the rulers of the other islands will be at the wedding as well.

If Alexander doesn't discover the treasure room and the treasures, it will be noted that the other islands are still feuding, and that you'll have to figure out the cause of the feuds. Even if Alexander becomes the genie's master, the rules of the other islands won't be present.

Alexander must get into the treasure room in the basement and look at all four treasures in that room. This is only possible on the long path.