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Recurring enemies[edit]

Waddle Dee Waddle Doo
Waddle Dees are probably the game's most harmless enemy. They mostly ignore Kirby and just walks around, only hurting Kirby is he bumps into him. In Extra Mode, they are a bit faster and can sometimes jump.
Waddle Doos look similar to Waddle Dees with a giant eye for a face. They can generate a sweeping beam with their eyes to attack Kirby. In Extra Mode, they gain the ability to jump.
Bront Burt / Koozer Shotzo / Blasty
Bront Burts are flying creatures that have a variety of attack patterns. Some of them simply hover across the screen, some of them chase you down while some launch themselves across the screen at a set height. In Extra Mode, they are replaced by Koozers, which are overall faster and more aggressive than Bront Burts.
Shotzos are indestructible cannons that fires cannonballs at you. Some are able to change where they aim according to your position relative to them. They are replaced by Blasties in Extra Mode, which can fire cannonballs at a higher rate.
Gordos are one of the most threatening normal enemies you will encounter. They are completely invulnerable to any form of attack, and usually serves as obstacles. Touching them removes two bars of health, three if you're playing Extra Mode.

Green Greens[edit]

Twizzy / Tookey Cappy / Blopper
Twizzies are young chicks that either fly across the screen or stay on the ground. Grounded Twizzies will jump up whenever you are close. They are replaced by Tookies in Extra Mode. Grounded Tookies will jump up and fly in circles when approached instead of simply jumping straight up. Cappies are mushrooms that hop around the ground. You will only initially suck up their caps, revealing the stalk inside, effectively making them take two hits to defeat. In Extra Mode, cake-like Bloppers take their place, throwing out frosting around them that can hurt you if you get hit.
Grizzo Poppy Bros. Jr.
Grizzos are large bears that simply hop around the ground. They sometimes carry Poppy Bros. Jr. on them. Poppy Bros. Jr. make large hops along the ground. They can sometimes ride Grizzos or rolling apples.

Castle Lololo[edit]

Flapper Broom Hatter
Flappers are bats that simply fly around the screen. Broom Hatters sweep the floor to damage you, and can occasionally jump. In Extra Mode, they gain the ability to dive at you.
Booler / Gaspar Hurly / Chuckie
Boolers are ghosts that either fly around in circles or jump across the floor. They are replaced by Gaspars in Extra Mode. Hurlies pop out from question-mark blocks, hopping around on top of it before jumping back in. In Extra Mode, they are replaced by Chuckies, which pop out of question-mark blocks more rapidly.
Mumbies / Skullers Two Face / Mr. P. Umpkin
Mumbies are enemies that float around the screen. They are notable for being one of the few enemies that you cannot inhale. Skullers replaced Mumbies in Extra Mode. Two Face will fly off the wall and chase you around when you get close to it. They are replaced by Mr. P. Umpkins that behave the same way.
Glunks are sea anemones that remain stationary on platforms and shoot projectiles that spread out above them.

Float Islands[edit]

Blipper Squishy / Flotzo
Blippers can leap out of the water and into the skies. They can jump quite high into the air. Squishies usually move across the ground, but some can propel themselves vertically into the air. They are replaced by Flotzo in Extra Mode.
Wizzer / Peezer Kabu / Grumple
Whizzers have a beam attack similar to Waddle Doos, but cannot be inhaled while they are not attacking. In Extra Mode, they are replaced by Peezers, which behave the same way. Kabu are odd enemies. Some of them will bounce around the screen while others simply float. Some Kabu can teleport, during which they cannot be attacked until they reappear. Kabus are replaced by Grumples in Extra Mode, which will actively seek you out and can even ignore walls when they do so.
Coners are hermit crabs that slowly walks across the screen. They can sometimes hide in their shells, during which they can't be inhaled.

Bubbly Clouds[edit]

Dizzy / Benny Kookler / Whiskers
Dizzies often move across the screen in one direction, but some will also bounce around walls. They are replaced by Bennies in Extra Mode. Kooklers move in odd triangular or circular patterns. Whiskers replace Kooklers and move faster then them in the same trajectory.
Scarfy Sir Kibble / Boomer
Don't be fooled by their cute exteriors, as Scarfies are immune to inhalation. If you try to suck them in, they will turn into hideous cyclops-like creatures that chase you down until they explode. Whenever a Scarfy dies, they will create a small explosion that can still hurt you even after they are defeated. Sir Kibbles throw boomerangs at you from a distance. They are replaced by Boomers in Extra Mode, which can throw multiple boomerangs at a time.
Puffy / Cawcun Parasol
Puffies are sunglass-wearing ghosts that swoops down at you from above to attack. Cawcuns replace Puffies in Extra Mode, and they can swoop down at you faster. Parasols can be held by Waddle Dees and Waddle Doos or tied to Shotzos. They are mostly harmless, but they can hurt you if you get in their way. In Extra Mode, parasols released by Waddle Dees and Waddle Doos will actively hunt you down.



Poppy Bros. Sr. Lololo
Poppy Bros. Sr. is the mid boss of Green Greens. Like his smaller counterparts, he will hop around the screen, sometimes jumping further than normal. However, he will mainly attack by throwing bombs at you. You must inhale the bombs and spit them back at him to damage him. He takes three hits to defeat.

In Extra Mode, Poppy Bros. Sr. will throw bombs much faster, almost relentlessly. Instead of jumping, he will also charge across the screen at high speeds. Facing him requires a change in strategy. Instead of staying on the ground and avoiding his jumps, you must be ready to jump whenever he charges.

Lololo is the mid boss of Castle Lololo. He will emerge from one of the four doors pushing a block, then shoves the box across the screen, before disappearing back into one of the doors. You must inhale the boxes he is pushing and spit it out at him. He takes three hits to defeat.

In Extra Mode, Lololo shoves his blocks at a much higher speed, and will also shove a Gordo forward immediately afterwards. The Gordo not only increases the threat of his attacks, but serves as a shield if you spit the block back at him immediately after swallowing it. You must spit the blocks back at him only when he is heading back to the door to reliably damage him.

Kracko Jr.
Kracko Jr. is the mid boss of Bubbly Clouds. He has a rather erratic flight pattern around the screen. He can throw four cannonballs that spread out across the screen, as well as generate Waddle Doos to fight for him. You must suck up these Waddle Doos and spit them back at him to damage him. He requires three hits to defeat.

In Extra Mode, Kracko Jr.'s attack pattern changes slightly. While he keeps his cannonball attack, he will now swoop down twice after doing the attack, then drops bombs across the screen afterwards. You must inhale the bombs instead of the Waddle Doos and spit it back at him to damage him.

Main Bosses[edit]

Whispy Woods Lololo and Lalala
As the first boss of the first level Green Greens, Whispy Woods is quite a pushover. He will mainly drop apples at you, which can be inhaled and spat back at him to damage him. He can also blow out damaging puffs of air. Finally, his nose also physically harms you if you touch it. Whispy Woods has 6 bars of health.

In Extra Mode, Whispy Woods will drop Gordos as well as apples. The method of defeating him is still the same, but the additional threat of the Gordos make the battle a bit harder if you're careless.

Lololo will partner up with his girlfriend Lalala at the end of Castle Lololo. They will both push a block across the screen on two of four levels. You must suck the blocks they are pushing and spit it back at them, while dodging Lololo and Lalala themselves. They have 3 bars of health each, and you can quickly defeat one first, leaving only one of them pushing blocks around.

In Extra Mode, Lololo and Lalala will push their blocks around faster. The strategy is completely the same, but you must be more agile so that you don't get hit by them too much.

Kaboola Kracko
Kaboola is fought at the end of Float Islands after acquiring the Mint Leaf. It will shoot at you with its cannon, either in streams or three-shots at once that spread out. Kaboola can also ram into you to damage you. You must use your infinite air puffs granted by the Mint Leaf to damage Kaboola. While it appears to have 8 bars of health, it actually takes 40 air puffs to defeat it.

In Extra Mode, Kaboola not only moves faster, it also fires cannonballs more rapidly. You simply have to move faster to keep up with it and avoid getting hit, which is easier said than done.

Kracko is a step up from Kracko Jr., and moves similarly to him. He can swoop down at you or slowly hover to the other side of the stage. While stationary, he can generate two beams that rotate around him to strike you if you're in range, or create a Waddle Doo. You must inhale the Waddle Doo and spit it back at Kracko to damage him. 6 attacks are required to defeat Kracko.

In Extra Mode, Kracko has radically different attacks. It mainly stays at the center of the screen, frequently swooping down along the bottom corner of the screen. While at the center of the screen, it can perform an improved version of its beam attack that almost covers the entire screen, or hover across the stage while dropping bombs. Instead of Waddle Doos, you must inhale these bombs and spit them back at him to injure Kracko.

King Dedede
King Dedede is the final boss of the game, and can only be fought after defeating all four bosses again at Mt. Dedede. King Dedede has a variety of attacks. He will mostly charge at you, after which he will either dive at you or try to suck you up, then spit you to the edge of the screen. If he has a hammer out, he can also try to attack you with the hammer. If you're airborne, he can either leap at you or jump straight up and swing at you with his hammer. To damage him, you must inhale the stars that appear whenever he lands from a leap or after he does a grounded hammer swing. King Dedede takes 10 attacks to defeat.

In Extra Mode, King Dedede is overall faster with his attacks and movement, so dodging them is much harder. He is also more keen with his leaps, sometimes doing them multiple times in a row. Although this means you have more opportunities to damage him, King Dedede will often follow up leaps with other attacks, which can catch you off-guard. However, he is still quite similar to the King Dedede in the normal game, so the strategy for him there should still work in Extra Mode, with a bit of tweaking.