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Item Cost Resale Description
Healing Leaf 100g 50g Heals 200HP. Ally.
Healing Shroom 60g 30g Heals 200HP. Ally.
Healing Flower 200g 100g Heals 800HP. Ally.
Healing Bloom 600g 300g Heals 200HP. All Allies.
Magic Leaf 1000g 500g Recovers 50MP. Ally.
Antidote 40g 20g Cures Venom. Ally.
Medicine 300g 150g Cures all status. Ally.
Phoenix 1600g 800g Restores Life. Ally.
Power Water 2000g 1000g Attack +4. Ally.
Swift Water 2000g 1000g Speed +4. Ally.
Guardian Water 2000g 1000g Defense +4. Ally.
Life Water 5000g 2500g Max HP +16. Ally.
Speed Elixir 1500g 750g Increases speed for one battle. Ally.
Power Elixir 1500g 750g Increases attacking power for one battle. Ally.
Door of Light 200g 100g Teleport out of dungeons