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This is a list of the major and minor characters.



(バァン Bān?) Seiyū: Wataru Takagiref name=SeiyūEnding credits./ref

Vahn is the main protagonist. He lives in the town of Rim Elm, in the far south of Drake Kingdom. His weapon of choice is a sword or knife, and his Ra-Seru is Meta, which is affiliated with fire. Having grown up sparring with the resident Biron monk Tetsu, Vahn is an adept martial artist. He has a father, Val, and a sister, Nene, unlike his comrades who are both orphans. Not much is said as to Vahn's personality, as he has no lines in the game, except in response to other characters, and his personality is open to interpretation by the player.


(ノア Noa?) Seiyū: Sachiko Sugawararef name=SeiyūEnding credits./ref

Noa is the main female protagonist. She is an orphan and has been raised by the Ra-Seru Terra, who, while raising Noa, attached itself to a wolf. Due to living most of her life alone in Snowdrift Cave with Terra the wolf, she is childish and ignorant; the outside world is new to her. She joins Vahn in his quest to destroy the Mist. She wants to see the world and meet her parents, who call to her in her dreams. She uses claws or tonfa batons to fight, and her Ra-Seru, Terra, is wind elemental. Later in the game, she discovers that she is the daughter of the King and Queen of Conkram.


(ガラ Gara?) Seiyū: Jin Yamanoiref name=SeiyūEnding credits./ref

Gala is one of the three main protagonists. He is a Biron Warrior Monk from the main Biron Monastery, where he is the second-in-command and called Master Teacher. He is sent with Vahn and Noa to revive the Genesis Tree in West Voz Forest, but fails because the tree has already been killed by the Mist. However, Gala does find a Ra-Seru egg inside the dead tree. Following an attack on the Monastery, he tries again at East Voz Forest, where he briefly spars with the traitorous Songi. Afterwards, the heroes are able to revive the Genesis Tree in East Voz Forest, and the egg hatches into Ozma. Against the tradition of Biron, Gala wears the lightning affiliated Ra-Seru, and is subsequently excommunicated. He then joins Vahn and Noa on their quest. In battle, he wields axes and maces.



The Berserker is a boss enemy found in the town of Jeremi, eating away at the town's Genesis Tree. Berserker can use Spore Gas which causes Rot, a status effect which prevent its victim from executing a specific type of attack depending on the affected body part. It also uses Poison Gas, which causes Poison. Berserker also uses an extremely powerful attack called Stone Circle that can deal between 750 and 900 points of damage(depending on level) against all three characters. There is also two other Berserkers that appears as mini bosses in Rogues Tower. They are listed as Berseker Lv2 and Berserker Lv3.


Caruban is the first boss enemy. It is a large red lion-like creature with wings and a blue mane. It is first encountered when Noa reaches the summit of Mt. Rikuroa. Zeto appears and calls it forth to attack Terra who is still in wolf form. Zeto, believing victory over Noa to be certain, leaves the area. The battle actually begins when Vahn also reaches the summit, and the two humans join forces against Caruban. Caruban has Bite and Flap combos as well as a Fire Breath attack. There is also two other Carubans that appear as mini bosses in Rogues Tower, these two Carubans are listed as Caruban Lv2 and Caruban Lv3, at first they would be Rougue fragments at first floating in a room of the castle then when the action button was pressed they would transform into Caruban forms (Which may state that the original Caruban is also a Seru, but this is unconfirmed, though wheather if Caruban himself is a Seru or just a monster wouldn't effect the storyline much anyways.).

Prince Cort[edit]

(コート Kōto?) Seiyū: Jūrōta Kosugiref name=SeiyūEnding credits./ref

Prince Cort is the main villain. He is the son of King Nebular and Queen Minea, and is the older brother of Ra-Seru hero Noa. Cort was contacted by the evil Ra-Seru Rogue, who taught him how to create a Mist Generator. This device would create a Mist that Rogue claimed would be beneficial to Seru. Rogue was lying, however, and the device was rigged so it would malfunction and release mist all over Conkram. Fortunately, the Ra-Seru heroes traveled back in time from the near-future and shut down the device by traveling to Seru-Kai and killing Rogue. Cort was reprimanded by his father for creating such a horrible device, but was undeterred, believing he could improve on Rogue's design and make a more reliable Mist Generator. He did so at Jette's Absolute Fortress, with the help of four of his father's top advisers. The generator was activated, and all of Karisto was enshrouded in the mist. Years later, Vahn, Noa, and Gala began traveling across the world, reviving Genesis Trees and destroying Cort's Mist Generators. Cort's minions were unable to stop the heroes from reaching Jette's Absolute Fortress, where they even killed Jette, whose Sim-Seru was said to be stronger than Rogue. When the heroes reached the Mist Generator, Cort telepathically attacked his sister, preventing them from deactivating the device. By the time Cort's voice disappeared from Noa's head, he was standing directly behind the heroes, and after further expressing his anger at their actions, he engaged them in battle. During the fight, Cort will first raise his Mystic Shield which prevents all non-combo, non-magic attacks from affecting him. He will use Guilty Cross, which hurts one hero and Mystic Circle which does damage to all three. When his Mystic Shield fails, Cort may also use Evil Seru Magic to summon the Juggernaut to attack. Following his defeat, he fell off the balcony into the large pool of mist where the Juggernaut was resting. Because of his direct link to the Absolute Fortress Mist Generator, the machine immediately ceased to function. An explosion then ripped through the entire fortress, though the Ra-Seru heroes were able to escape. Cort was presumed dead, but the Juggernaut had survived, and had actually become one with Cort. Afterwards, the party returns to Rim Elm to celebrate the victory.

However, it is short lived, as Songi, another villain from the game, appears and combines the Juggernaut with Rim-Elm, making it a gigantic Sim-Seru, just like Conkram was. Songi reveals that Cort has become one with the Juggernaut. After defeating Songi the party manages to use the power of the Great Genesis Tree in Noaru Valley to open up the Juggernaut's mouth and head to its very bowels, were a horribly mutated Cort awaits. Cort has now become a being that transcends all beings, even the Seru. The final battle takes place against him, in which he can use three different special attacks and a normal attack. The normal attack hits around four times. He uses Ultra Charge, a skill that forewarns the player that he will use his ultimate attack next, Final Crisis. This attack does devastating damage to the party. Also, Devil Cort has another attack called Doomsday, which does even more damage than Final Crisis. Luckily, it is not used often. After defeating Cort once and for all, Juggernaut begins to perish and fall apart. Later, after Rim Elm has been returned to normal, Noa finds Cort again, reincarnated into a baby. She takes him with her to raise him.

Delilas Siblings[edit]

The Delilas Siblings are a trio of boss enemies. They are Zora's bodyguards, whom she has dispatched to protect Koru at Nivora Ravine. The Delilas siblings are fought in consecutive, one-on-one boss battles: The first battle is Gala vs. Che, the second is Noa vs. Lu, and the third is Vahn vs. Gi. Following their defeats, they fall into Koru's pit, and merge with him, attempting to cause him to self-destruct, releasing a huge blast of energy which would have destroyed half of Karisto had they succeeded, but the Ra-Seru heroes regroup and take out Koru before it can explode.

Che Delilas[edit]

(チェ・デリラ Che Derira?) Seiyū: Wataru Takagiref name=SeiyūEnding credits./ref

Che is a large brute who wields a massive hammer in battle. When the Delilases attack the Ra-Seru heroes at Nivora Ravine, Che Delilas squares off against Gala. While fighting the excommunicated Biron Warrior Monk, he occasionally uses Megaton Press, a very powerful attack. Upon Che's defeat, he falls into the pit containing the Seru monster, Koru.

Lu Delilas[edit]

(ル・デリラ Ru Derira?) Seiyū: Shouko Ezakiref name=SeiyūEnding credits./ref

Lu is a pink haired woman who uses powerful martial arts in battle. When the Delilases attack the Ra-Seru heroes at Nivora Ravine, she squares off against Noa, after seeing her brother Che fall into the pit with Koru. While facing Conkram's long-lost princess, Lu occasionally uses Plasma Strike, which is considerably powerful. When Lu is defeated, she too falls into the pit.

Gi Delilas[edit]

(ギ・デリラ Gi Derira?) Seiyū: Isshin Chibaref name=SeiyūEnding credits./ref

Gi is the effective leader of the Delilas Siblings. Gi is a master swordsman who wears a mask over his nose and mouth. When the Delilases attack the Ra-Seru heroes at Nivora Ravine, Gi squares off against Vahn, the leader of the Ra-Seru heroes, after he sees his brother and sister fall into the pit with Koru. While fighting against Vahn, Gi occasionally uses Blazing Slash, a powerful attack which causes several fiery Japanese symbols to appear on screen. After he is defeated, he falls, joining his siblings at the bottom of the pit.


(ドハティ Dohati?)

Dohati is a villain and one of Cort's henchmen. He is responsible for goading Van Saryu to produce the Sim-Seru (an artificially enhanced and altered Seru,) Juggernaut. Dohati himself guards the Mist Generator in his castle when the Ra-Seru heroes arrive to shut it down. He initially appears as a wizard, similar to Zeto's initial appearance, but he then transforms into a giant green bird to do battle. During the fight, he periodically uses Chaos Breath which can induce the status effects Venom and Toxic, which are more powerful forms of the Poison status effect.


(ガゼール Gazēru?) Seiyū: Takashi Nagasakoref name=SeiyūEnding credits./ref

Gaza is a boss enemy. He is an armor-clad warrior from the city of Sol who fought in the war against Conkram. When the Mist stops the war, he resorts to fighting Seru monsters. The Ra-Seru heroes encounter Gaza in the mist-filled lower portions of Sol, where he mistakes them for Seru monsters and nearly attacks them, but he realizes his error in time, and allows them to proceed, mentioning that Noa bears a resemblance to his dead granddaughter. When Gaza learns that Vahn intends to plant the Genesis Tree Seedling in Warrior's Square (an area in the lowest parts of Sol,) he realizes that its revival will mean that there will be no more Seru monsters for him to do battle with. As the heroes try to leave the Biron Monastery at the top of Sol Tower, from which they received the seedling, Gaza attacks them. During this fight, he may use Astral Slash. Gaza is fatally wounded following the battle, but Songi appears and whisks him away, saving his life, and equipping him with a Sim-Seru. As the Ra-Seru heroes reach the center of Warrior's Square, Songi appears with Gaza in tow. Gaza, now more powerful, attacks the heroes again, this time wielding the more powerful moves Astral Wave and Neo-Star Slash. In the end, he is defeated again and is again faced with imminent death. However, the heroes take pity on him, and use their Ra-Seru to transfer Gaza's essence into the Genesis Seedling as they revive it. The seedling grows into a Genesis Tree and drives away the mist. As a parting gift he leaves Vahn his sword, a huge sword that is quite powerful, but takes up more of the action bar when used.


(ジッツ Jittsu?)

Jette is Cort's assistant, and will attack the Ra-Seru heroes when they attempt to reconfigure a device within his fortress to allow them to proceed to the Mist Generator. He can create copies of himself, but they are not nearly as powerful as the real Jette. He can also use an attack called Shadow Break.


(ジャガーノート Jagānōto?)

Juggernaut is a gargantuan Sim-Seru. It was created by Van Saryu of Ratayu after Dohati tricked him into wearing a Sim-Seru that took over his mind. A second Juggernaut would have been created had not the Ra-Seru heroes intervened, freeing Saryu from the Sim-Seru's influence. Juggernaut is responsible for the destruction of the wall of Rim Elm, and also attacked Biron Monastery and Uru Mais. Cort has the ability to summon it, and upon his defeat, he merged with the Juggernaut. It then set out from Jette's Absolute Fortress to Rim Elm, where it merged with its buildings and inhabitants as well, creating a natural castle that the Ra-Seru heroes had to traverse in order to confront Cort for the last time.


(ブリズマ Burizuma?)

Koru is a large Seru monster. Zora placed it in the Nivora Ravine, where it absorbs a great amount of thermal energy. This causes the nearby town of Buma to freeze over, preventing the Ra-Seru heroes from reviving Buma's three Genesis Trees. They obtain help from Dr. Usha in the form of time-space bombs, the only weapon that can be used to safely kill Koru. Had Koru been killed without time-space bombs, he would have exploded, releasing a deadly wave of thermal energy which would have fried everything all the way to Sol. Instead, however, the Ra-Seru heroes enter Nivora Ravine, and find Koru asleep in a large chamber. The Delilas Siblings attack in order to defend Koru, but are defeated and fall into the pit. The time-space bombs are detonated, but Koru still clings to life. The Delilas siblings merge with Koru, who awakens and prepares to self-destruct. The heroes, with precious little time to inflict the final blow to Koru, jump into the pit and attack. Koru's attacks pose little threat to the heroes, but they have a mere five turns to finish Koru off, or he will use Dead End Crisis (his self-destruct) which will automatically end the battle in defeat.


Lapis is an optional boss that can be fought on the summit of Mt. Dhini any time after using the Soren Flute and meeting the Soren people for the first time. It has the appearance of a large gray and red bird. Lapis appears only as a random battle, so the player must run around the upper most area of the mountain to find it. Lapis ambushes the party, and seals all MP and magic skills indefinitely for the battle. Thus, items are key to winning against Lapis, though MP restoring items have no effect. Lapis is considered to be the strongest boss in the game, due to its high combo pool and attack power compared to all other bosses in the game.


(ルージ Rūji?)

Rogue is a boss enemy. He was an evil Ra-Seru, the nemesis of Tieg and its Ra-Seru brethren, and the mastermind behind the Mist. Rogue contacted Cort and shared with him the secrets of making Mist, but failed to disclose its full effect to the young Prince of Conkram. Cort built a primitive Mist Generator per Rogue's instructions, but his first experiment predictably went awry. The Ra-Seru heroes from the near future had traveled to this time to find a Nemesis Gem, and upon the accident, they journeyed into Cort's laboratory where they found the device. They used its conduit to travel to his tower in the Seru-Kai, and fought their way up to the top floor, where they encountered Rogue himself, and a fight ensued. During this battle, Rogue will only attack every other turn, but his attacks are very powerful. The other turns he uses to shift his elemental affiliation, which affects which of his three attacks he will use on the next turn. Despite the Ra-Seru heroes' victory over Rogue, the Mist plot was to continue, for Cort had been corrupted. Cort built his own Mist Generator in Jette's Absolute Fortress, improving upon the design given to him by Rogue.


(ソンギ Songi?) Seiyū: Takashi Nagasakoref name=SeiyūEnding credits./ref

Songi is a former Biron Warrior Monk; he is a rival of Gala, who was also a Biron Warrior Monk. He and Gala were orphans and grew up with each other. Early on, Gala considers Songi as a good friend, not knowing that Songi hates him for always besting him. Songi later betrays the Biron Monastery while on a mission to East Voz Forest, wearing a mysterious Seru and turning on his own men.

Following Vahn, Noa, and Gala's unsuccessful attempt to revive the Genesis Tree in West Voz Forest, they venture to East Voz Forest in an effort to revive its Genesis Tree as well. When they reach the tree, Songi makes his presence known and proves the strength of his new Seru by defeating Gala in a sparring match. He then unleashes two Viguro Seru Monsters on the heroes, but they are defeated and Songi flees.

In the lower levels of Zeto's Dungeon, he again stops the heroes, and fights with Gala again. During this fight he may use the move Hyper Wave. After his defeat here, he journeys to the Sebucus Islands, where he causes more trouble for the heroes.

He erects a force-field around the Genesis Tree on Mt. Letona, and comes up behind them when they find themselves unable to revive the tree. He tells the heroes that he will only deactivate the force field if they can defeat him. This time, all three of them fight against him, but by now he is stronger, and is discolored while he is drawing power of his Seru. During this battle, he uses Hyper Lightning and Hyper Crush.

Following this battle, Songi deactivates the force field and journeys to Karisto. There, he rescues the Sol warrior Gaza after his defeat by the Ra-Seru heroes, and outfits him with a Sim-Seru. When the heroes attempt to plant a Genesis Seedling in warrior square, Songi brings in Gaza to attack the heroes, and then goes to Zora's Floating Castle, where he is present during a visit of the Delilas Siblings.

Zora sends the Delilas Siblings to attack the Ra-Seru heroes, but they fail and the heroes reach the castle with the help of the Soren. After Zora is defeated, Songi appears and disables her mist generator. He goads Zora, telling her that she meant nothing to Cort, and then kills her. As he leaves, he tells the heroes that they have only six minutes until Zora's Floating Castle plummets from the sky.

Songi then disappears for some time, reappearing only when the Juggernaut is about to engulf Rim Elm. Songi announces its arrival to the Ra-Seru heroes, and then jumps through a portal to Seru-Kai, where he attempts to drain the power of the Great Genesis Tree in Noaru Valley. Vahn, Noa, and Gala pursue him by using a portal at Uru Mais, and discover him in the act. He is forced to stop in order to do battle with the heroes, but he taunts them prior to attacking, claiming to be Tieg himself. During this battle, Songi takes the form of a gargantuan creature, and may use Chaos Flare and Genocidal Cannon. Following his defeat, his Seru separates from him, exposing him to the power of Seru-Kai, which causes him to turn into stone.

Van Saryu[edit]

(ボン・セルジュ Bon Seruju?)

Lord Saryu is the ruler of the town of Ratayu. He is possessed by a Sim-Seru given to him by Dohati, and implements a system of human sacrifice he calls Seru Brides in order to create Juggernaut. The Mist interrupts his plans, but when the Ra-Seru heroes arrive, he comes up with a plan to resume his creation of Juggernauts. He allows the heroes access to Mt. Letona, where they revive the Genesis Tree at its summit, driving the mist from Ratayu. As part of a deal, Saryu was supposed to give the heroes the key to the city's west gate, which would allow the heroes to reach Dohati's Castle, but he reneges on this. He then summons the innkeeper's daughter, Eliza, to become a Seru Bride, but Noa takes her place in disguise. When Noa discovers what is really happening, Vahn and Gala come running to the rescue. Infuriated by the heroes' deception, Saryu transforms into the giant monster Van Saryu, somewhat similar to Zeto in physical appearance. He uses Earthquake and a move called Jugger Power which boosts his attack power. After Van Saryu is defeated, the Sim-Seru controlling Lord Saryu separates from him, and he regains himself. He immediately orders a halt to the Seru Bride sacrifices, but in sorrow, he realizes he has already created one Juggernaut. In an effort to redeem himself, he gives the heroes a key where they can use to exit to the other side of town and be able to defeat Dohati. In the ending, he is shown getting married.


(ブルテリオ Buruterio?)

Xain is a boss enemy. He is found at the bottom of the Fire Path, where he is carrying out Dohati's orders to destroy the town above and kill its inhabitants by attacking the massive pillars which hold up the underground portions of the town. Xain will initially ignore the heroes, but when he notices that they are wearing Ra-Seru, he will realize they are his enemies, and will attack. His Bloody Horns move can hurt hard, but his Terio Punch is far more devastating. Like Zeto's Big Wave, this attack takes one turn to charge up before it can be used. After he is defeated, he freezes the lava with his dying breath, causing the Vidna windmill system to stop working and allowing the Mist to enter the town. He is also one of the hardest bosses in the game, due to the high attack power of his Terio Punch move, which is similar to Zeto's Big Wave attack, and deep dungeon location.


(ゼトー Zetō?)

Zeto is a master magician, and protector of the first Mist Generator housed in Drake Kingdom.

Zeto is introduced to the main character Vahn, when he is woken during the night to investigate a strange noise emanating from beyond Rim Elm's massive wall. Zeto materializes before the main gate, and after a brief taunting of the village residents, orders the massive Sim-Seru Juggernaut, to blast through Rim Elm’s protective wall; wherein allowing the Mist, and its henchmen, to enter.

Zeto plays a minor role in the rest of the Drake Kingdom part of the quest. Making one more appearance atop Mount Rikuroa, unleashing Caruban to dispose of Noa and her wolf companion Terra (the actual Ra-Seru itself, but attached to the wolf because of at the time, Noa was too little to become physically bound to her), before making his final appearance as the boss character to the titular Zeto's Dungeon; trying to protect the Mist Generator (the cause of Drake Kingdoms Mist) from Vahn and his now two party members (Noa and Gala.

Zeto transforms into a giant crab, looking very similar to that of a large Seru. No official proof exists as to if this transformed state is in fact a Seru, or Sim-Seru, but the cosmetic similarities are striking. During the fight, Zeto is prone to physical attacks such as clamping with his large claws, and slamming his body onto the party members. Zeto possess two specific “magic” attacks, “Poison Bubbles” and “Big Wave”. “Poison Bubbles”, accurately named, deals an above amount of damage whilst having a high percentage rate of causing the subject to become poisoned (high “charisma“ can lower the chances). Zeto’s other move, “Big Wave”, is a super-powerful spell attack that requires him to charge one full round to perform (with a notice: Zeto is charging up for a big attack displayed across the bottom part of the screen). Upon his next sequential turn in battle Zeto unleashes the attack, which takes the form of a giant wave of water, which hits the characters party, crests, and dissipates, causing significant damage. The power of the attack can reduce by “spiriting”, before the move is initiated. Damage can be further reduced by equipping a “Deep Sea Jewel” bought at Biron Monastery, or any other water damage reducing accessory (though none but the “Deep Sea Jewel” are available at the given time without a cheat device).

Zeto is destroyed after successfully defeating him in battle, leaving Vahn, Noa and Gala to destroy the Mist Generator and free Drake Kingdom from its misty grasp. The destruction of the generator signifies the end to the Drake Kingdom part of the story, to where the Heroes pass through the Ancient Water Cave to the Sebucus Islands.


(ゾラ Zora?) Seiyū: Shoko Ezakiref name=SeiyūEnding credits./ref

Zora is a villain. From her Floating Castle, she dispatches the Delilas Siblings to do her bidding. She also harbors Songi after his schemes concerning the warrior Gaza are foiled. When the Ra-Seru heroes are conveyed to her castle by Soren warriors, she is not there at first, but she arrives shortly thereafter and comes up behind the heroes in her own throne room, adjacent to the Mist Generator room. She appears as a thin woman, who grows wings when she battles the heroes. During this battle, she may use Glare which petrifies a hero, or her powerful Dark Typhoon move. Following her defeat, Songi makes his presence known and shuts down her Mist Generator. He then reveals the truth to Zora, that Cort has deceived her and she is worth much less than she thought. He then kills her.


In Legend of Legaia, Ra-Seru are a special type of Seru worn by the game's three heroes. They differ from ordinary Seru in that they are unaffected by the mist which has recently covered all of Legaia. Each Ra-Seru has its own elemental affiliation: for example, Vahn's Ra-Seru Meta is affiliated with Fire. The Ra-Seru cannot survive without the Great Genesis Tree in Seru-Kai. There is also a connection between Ra-Seru and Mist Generators. This connection however, is not well understood by most players. It is the secret of the game.


(メータ Mēta?)

Meta is Vahn's Ra-Seru and is affiliated with fire. Vahn finds Meta in the Rim Elm Genesis Tree after the town wall is blown open by Juggernaut. Meta then attaches itself to Vahn's arm and Vahn uses its power to revive the Rim Elm Genesis Tree.


(テルマ Teruma?)

Terra is Noa's Ra-Seru and is affiliated with wind. Terra initially takes the form of a she-wolf and raises Noa as her daughter, since Noa is too young for Terra to bind with. However, when Noa and Terra attempt to revive the Mt. Rikuroa Genesis Tree, they are attacked by the creature Caruban, and the wolf is wounded. Vahn arrives just in time to save Noa and defeat Caruban, and with the power of the Genesis Tree, Terra transfers from the dying wolf to Noa herself.


(オズマ Ozuma?)

Ozma is Gala's Ra-Seru and is affiliated with lightning. After the heroes find Ozma's egg in the dead Genesis Tree of West Voz Forest, they take it to East Voz Forest, where they use the power of that forest's Genesis Tree to hatch the egg. Ozma immediately binds with Gala, and the Biron Warrior Monk is excommunicated as a result.

Other characters[edit]


(カーラ Kāra?)

Cara is a thief. The Ra-Seru heroes first meet her in Octam, where she ironically accuses them of stealing. She subsequently returns to her native Karisto, where she awaits the heroes' arrival at the train station. When they arrive, she points out to them the presence of Zora's Floating Castle in the sky above. She then returns to Sol to meet with her lover, Grantes. Her meeting does not go well, but she waits for the heroes to revive the Genesis Trees in Buma. She then asks a favor of Vahn, Noa, and Gala: relay some sheet music to Grantes. The sheet music is that for a song written by Cara for Grantes. The heroes successfully convince Grantes to return to Buma to meet Cara. Cara gives Noa the Ra-Seru egg she had been carrying, which had enabled her to safely travel through the mist.

Musical note; interestingly enough, Cara's theme music that plays whenever she appears before the party is that exact same music that plays in the video game Alundra whenever a character dies.


(グランタス Gurantesu?)

Grantes is a Soren who fell in love with Cara. Cara composed a song for Grantes, who asked the Soren elders for a pair of Soren wings for Cara. He was refused, but was contacted by Zora who tricked him into providing her with an egg, which she used to build the Mist Generator in her floating castle. This resulted in Grantes losing his own Soren wings as punishment. He suffered the further humiliation of seeing Cara's hometown of Buma covered by the mist, and frozen by Koru. Grantes travelled to Sol where he frequented the Jazz Club. Following the destruction of Koru by the Ra-Seru heroes and the revival of Buma's Genesis Trees, the town returned to normal, and Cara gave the heroes her sheet music to the song she had composed for Grantes. They relayed it to Sol, and had the piano player in the Jazz Club play the song. This sparked Grantes' long lost hope, and upon learning from the heroes that Buma was mist-free, he returned to Buma and was reunited with Cara. He gave the heroes his Soren Flute as a reward, telling them that they could use it to contact the other Soren if they played it at the top of Mt. Dhini.

King Nebular[edit]

(コンクラム大公 Konkuramu Taikō, Archduke Conkram?)

King Nebular of Conkram is the father of Cort and Noa, and the ruler of Conkram. After Cort's botched experiment with the Mist, he reprimanded his son, but the punishment was not enough to deter Cort, who still believed he could successfully turn mist into the weapon he intended it to be. Against his father's orders, Cort built a Mist Generator in Jette's Absolute Fortress. Upon its activation, the town of Conkram was covered by the mist, and Nebular had no choice but to have Noa, a mere infant at the time, sent away with the Soren to protect her from the mist. He was absorbed into the giant Sim-Seru that later enveloped all of Conkram. When his daughter Noa later returned with Vahn and Gala, they found Nebular in a pitiful state. With Nebular's help, the trio journeyed to the past, where after saving the town from Rogue, they received a Nemesis Gem from Nebular.


(メイ Mei?)

Mei lives in Rim Elm, where the game begins. She is introduced as a fairly shy and withdrawn girl. She is a year older than Vahn (Most probably fifteen). It is given that she nurses a considerable crush on Vahn.


(エイミ Eimi?)

Maya is Mei's long lost mother. For about ten years, she stayed in Biron Monastery to escape the Mist. After freeing the Drake Kingdom from the Mist, Maya goes back to Rim Elm to be reunited with her daughter.

Queen Minea[edit]

(ミネア公妃 Minea Kimihi?)

Queen Minea of Conkram is the wife of King Nebular, and the mother of both Cort and Noa. When the Mist covered Conkram, Minea had the Soren take Noa, still an infant at the time, far away to protect her from its harmful effects. When her daughter returned accompanied by Vahn and Gala, they found her in a terrible state, for a Sim-Seru had engulfed the entire town, and Minea was partially absorbed into the creature. Minea was unable to see, but could still identify Noa and was able to give her daughter instructions on how to obtain a Nemesis Gem, necessary to enter Jette's Absolute Fortress. The Ra-Seru heroes travelled to the past, where they found Minea, still pregnant with Noa. Noa had to fight back the urge to reveal her identity to her mother. Following the defeat of Rogue, the heroes obtained the Nemesis Gem and returned to the present, where Noa confronted her mother about failing to disclose that Cort was her brother. Minea admitted the truth, and upon learning that Noa had indeed found a Nemesis Gem, asked her to shut down the final Mist Generator. But again, Minea knew more than she was telling Noa, for she was aware that her daughter would be hesitant to comply if she knew what would happen to Conkram if the giant Sim-Seru were to be deprived of Mist...

Dr. Usha[edit]

(ドーマン博士 Dōman Hakase?)

Dr. Usha is in charge of Usha Research Facility, and he helps the Ra-Seru heroes by making time-space bombs for them so they can destroy Koru. He indicates that each bomb will explode after three seconds, but the bombs are really set to go off after only two.


(トッド Toddo, Todd?) Seiyū: Isshin Chiba

Tetsu is a monk from Biron Monastery, who teaches Vahn some of his fighting techniques. At he beginning of the game, Vahn spars with him, but is defeated at the end of each lesson. Tetsu helps fend off mist-influenced Seru when Rim Elm is exposed to the mist after Zeto and Juggernaut's attack. If the player speaks to Tetsu throughout points in the game, he will give give advice and teach characters Art Moves if they have not learned them by a certain point in the game. After battling with Prince Cort, the player can fight him once again. The reward for beating him is a rare Mettle Gem. He can be spoken to while attached to Juggernaut at the end of the game, still giving Vahn and the others encouraging words. After Juggernaut is defeated, Tetsu continues his training and gives Vahn good wishes on his new journey.