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Map of the Maple World as seen in MapleStory Thief Edition.

The Maple World is divided into three explorable continents.

Victoria Island has four towns with hunting areas connecting them:

Ossyria in the original MapleStory has seven regions and twelve towns. In this version, the only existing regions is the El Nath Mountain Range and two towns appear:

Magatia in the original MapleStory was a town in the Nihal Desert region of Ossyria. In this version, it is considered to be a completely different continent. Unlike the original, Ariant is not present in Nihal Desert. The following town appears:

In each town the two vendors Mr. Lee and Mr. Wang is available selling equipment and potions respectively. The later also sells scrolls and refills throwing stars.


Exploration in MapleStory Thief Edition is not too complicated. You start your journey in Victoria Island's Henesys. After going through every mandatory quest, the Pirate, who resembles the NPC Kyrinn from the original MapleStory, will give you the option to go to the next continent, Ossyria. However, there is a small factor that may convince you to stay on Victoria Island. In order to go to Ossyria, all of your previous non-mandatory quests will be nullified if not completed. The question will still be asked if you completed all of your non-mandatory quests. You will have quests to do on Victoria Island after going to another continent, but not the same quests. If you choose to go to Ossyria, you will arrive in the town of Orbis. If you complete all the mandatory quests in Ossyria, you will be told to ask the Pirate to go to the continent of Magatia. Like before, you will have to choose whether you wish to continue with incomplete quests or move on with the storyline.

Return scrolls[edit]

Other than walking or asking the Pirate to take you from continent to continent, you may also use return scrolls to quickly travel to a town. Potion vendor's in each town sell the Return to Nearest Town scroll and a scroll that takes you back to the town that you bought it from. Ossyria's El Nath vendor also sells a Return to Dead Mine scroll which takes you to one of El Nath's hunting fields. The scrolls may be used anywhere, excluding Jumping Quest Maps and Boss Hunting Maps, unlike original MapleStory where they could only be used within the same continent.