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A Map of Ossyria

Ossyria is a continent that forms a crescent along with the continent of Magatia. The map structure of Ossyria itself is very similar to the map structure of the El Nath Mountain Range of the original Maplestory. It is a tower built in the middle of a frozen snowfield. The top of the tower features a town with a hunting ground on clouds nearby.


The tower itself in this game is not named nor is it given a purpose. However, the town on top of it is explained. The town of Orbis is held up in the sky by an aurora released by the garden of two colors. (The colors being Blue and Red.) The aurora also gives a bit of solidity to the clouds. (The gardens themselves are on clouds.) There is a third garden, the garden of black, however it does nothing for the area. If the aurora were to disappear, then the town of Orbis would slowly sink. As for the snowfield bellow, it is barren yet filled with life. It is in intense cold then leads to a sudden leap of intense heat of the Dead Mine. The Dead Mine is so hot that you lose health for just being there. Orbis's Garden of Black is home to the Herb of Life. Along with the Potion of Life, the Herb of Life may revive the dead.


  • Heracle
  • Fairy
  • Ericsson
  • Elma
  • Pirate (Orbis Dock)
  • Humanoid (Orbis Dock until going to Magatia)
  • Corporal Wilson (West Road)
  • Barun (Orbis Tower 15 - 10)
  • Orbis Dock
  • Orbis Village
  • West Road
  • The Road to Garden of 2 colors
  • Garden of Red
  • Garden of Red 2
  • Garden of Blue
  • Garden of Blue 2
  • Stairway to the Sky
  • Garden of Black
  • Garden Ruins
  • Cloud Park 1
  • Strolling Path
  • Cloud Park 2
  • Cloud Park 3
  • Orbis Tower 20 - 16
  • Orbis Tower 15 - 10
  • Orbis Tower 9 - 5
  • Orbis Tower 1 - 4

El Nath[edit]

  • Alacaster
  • Jade
  • Miner (After starting Chapter 3)
  • Snow Queen
  • Scardur
  • Snowy Hill
  • El Nath Village
  • Watch Out for Icy Path
  • Cold Field
  • Ice Valley
  • Valley of Snowman
  • Sharp Cliff
  • Crossroad on Ice
  • Dead Mine 1
  • Dead Mine 2
  • The Cave of Trials
  • Door to the Altar
  • Hellfire Altar

The dead mine throughout the game is called by three different names.

  • Dead Mine
  • Devildom
  • Hellfire Dungeon