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Primarily you use the PC Mouse.png to control everything in Master of Orion II. One thing to remember, is that if you are not sure about how something works, or a concept in the game, simply PC Mouse Right Click.png on it. You'll find excellent summaries on the majority of items and buttons simply by PC Mouse Right Click.png on them.

Keyboard Shortcuts[edit]

Following, is a list of the keyboard command shortcuts that can be used to speed up your game play.

Key Action
ESC Return/Cancel
Y Confirm On Yes
N Cancel On No

Key shortcuts in Main Menu

Key Action
C Continue
N New Game
L Load Game
M Multiplayer
H Hall Of Fame
Q Quit Game - Quits game when pressed without confirmation.

Key shortcuts in Galaxy Map

Key Action
F1 Cycle to next colony.
F2 Cycle to previous colony.
F3 ???
F4 Star Relocation - Set rally point from a star system which new ships will go to a specified star system.
F5 Cycle to next colony.
F6 Cycle to previous colony.
F7 Cycle to next colony that has enemy ships en route.
F8 Cycle to previous colony that has enemy ships en route.
F9 Parsec measurement tool.
Alt+F9 Load last saved save game.
F10/Alt+F10 Save last saved save game.
Alt+F1 Toggle "End Of Turn Summary"
Alt+F2 Toggle "End Of Turn Wait"
Alt+F3 Toggle "Enemy Moves"
Alt+F4 Close Window on Windows does Alt+F5 on other systems
Alt+F5 Toggle "Auto Select Ships"
Alt+F6 Toggle "Animations"
Alt+F7 Toggle "Auto Select Colony" - Auto select colony when clicking on star system
Alt+F10 Toggle "Relocation Lines"
Info On Non-Windows systems from F4 to F7 are F5 to F8 actions + On Non-Windows system[Alt+F8] - Toggle "GNN News Broadcast"
G This will open the Game Menu, which is used to save/load/quit/restart games and control options.
C This will open the Colonies screen, which is used for comparing and controlling your colonies all together.
P This will open the Planets screen, which is used for comparing scouted planets and sending available outposts and colony ships to the colonies.
F This will open the Fleet screen, which is used for comparing and controlling your ships. This screen is where you go to scrap a ship that you no longer need.
L When at the main galaxy screen or at a colony, this will open the Leaders screen, which is used for purchasing and assigning Leaders to your colonies and spaceships.
R This will open the Races screen, which is used for communicating with, reporting on, and spying on all other races you're currently in contact with.
I This will open the Information screen, which is used for showing a host of detailed information about the current game you are playing, including valuable information on your opponents, turn summaries, financial expenditures of your empire.
T This will end the turn and process the next one.
Shift++/Num+ Zoom In
-/Num- Zoom Out