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Recommended Technology Tree[edit]

  1. (Electronics)
  2. (Chemistry)
  3. (Nuclear Fission)
  4. (Cold Fusion)
  5. Biospheres (Astro Biology) - Allows habitation of uninhabitable terrain
  6. Cloning Center - More humans with good attributes
  7. Soil Enrichment (Advanced Biology) - More productive Agriculture
  8. Planetary Supercomputer or Holo Simulator (Positronics) - Rapid information processing, Automate research
  9. Pollution Processor (Advanced Chemistry) - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle pollution
  10. Robo Mining Plant (Robotics) - Automated harvesting of resources
  11. Fusion Drive (Advanced Fusion) - Fusion powers the stars
  12. (Military Tactics) - Military strategy
  13. Xeno Psychology (Xeno Relations) - Worldwide Diplomacy
  14. Microbiotics (Genetic Engineering) - Alter the genetic code
  15. Terraforming (Genetic Mutations) - Alter the environment to human habitable conditions
  16. Neutron Scanner (Neutrino Physics) - Accurately and rapidly analyse the composition, shape and density of an object
  17. Planetary Gravity Generator (Artificial Gravity) - Normalise gravity
  18. (Teaching Methods) - Education - don't make the same mistakes we did.
  19. Atmospheric Renewer (Molecular Compression) - Reduce the harmful effects of humans on the atmosphere
  20. Virtual Reality Network (Galactic Networking) - Creates holograms and virtual models of objects to fool enemies
  21. Weather Controller (Macro Genetics) - Control the weather
  22. Subspace Communications (Subspace Physics) - Communicate Anywhere
  23. Stealth Suit (Electromagnetic Refraction) - Invisibility - Go unseen
  24. Titan Construction (Astro Construction) - Allows massive objects to be built
  25. Robotic Factory (Advanced Robotics) - Automated Production
  26. (Advanced Government) - Keep everyone running cohesively
  27. Nano Disassemblers or Microlite Construction (Nano Technology) - Allows problems to be solved at the fundamental atomic level
  28. Anti-Matter Drive (Anti-Matter Fission) - Faster Transport
  29. Heightened Intelligence (Evolutionary Genetics) - More Intelligence
  30. Core Waste Dumps (Tectonic Engineering) - Eliminate pollution
  31. Uridium Fuel Cells (Molecular Manipulation)- More Power
  32. Pleasure Dome (Moleculartronics) - Entertainment
  33. Universal Antidote (Artificial Life) - Eradicate disease
  34. Advanced City Planning (Superscalar Construction) - Planned Utopian societies
  35. Hyperspace Communications (Hyper-Dimensional Physics) - Communicate Anywhere
  36. Thorium Fuel Cells (Molecular Control) - More Power
  37. Gaia Transformation or Evolutionary Mutation (Trans Genetics) - Mutate to Transcendence
  38. Doom Star Construction (Planetoid Construction) - Attack - Eliminate all threats to survival
  39. Planetary Barrier Shield (Temporal Fields) - Defence - Survive forever
  40. Star Gate (Temporal Physics) - Teleportation - Allows change and transport to occur instantaneously
  41. (Galactic Economics) - More of Everything