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Most units you create in Master of Orion II are customized using the design screen, using whatever technologies you have a available. Thus, the number of units is nearly infinite. However there are a few units build-able in every game.

All of these units are built through the Colony build select screen.


These are non-combat ships. They move at the same speed as your combat ships (on the galaxy screen), but will be instantly destroyed if attacked by anything. (they don't even enter the combat screen) They can travel alone, but cannot retreat without an escort. If they are escorted by a military ship, they will automatically retreat if the escort is destroyed.

Colony Ship[edit]

  • Cost: 500

Allows you to colonize a planet. You can colonize any planet except for Gas Giants.

Outpost Ship[edit]

  • Cost: 100

Creates an outpost on a planet, which treats it as a colony for purposes of refueling ships. You can build an outpost on anything, including asteroid fields, and Gas Giants. If you build a colony on a planet you had previously placed an outpost on, the colony will start with a marine barracks.

Transport Ship[edit]

  • Cost: 100

Carries four marines, which can be unloaded on your other colonies, or used to invade an enemy planet.


Everything that isn't a ship.

Colony Base[edit]

  • Cost: 200

Allows you to colonize another planet in the same star system. A colony ship can do the same thing, but a colony base is cheaper, meaning it can be built much faster.

Freighter Fleet[edit]

  • Cost: 50

Has two uses, see Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares/Freight training.


  • Cost: 100

Spies are used to spy. See Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares/Espionage wars.


  • Cost: 50

There are three kinds of androids: workers, farmers and scientists. When you produce them, they work at the selected job forevermore. They get a +3 bonus to their chosen field, pay no taxes, and take up 1 million space.

The game says they get no morale bonuses or racial bonuses, but all androids get racial bonuses, and android workers get any morale bonuses[1].

Most importantly, androids act as if they have the tolerant trait, meaning that even if a planet's population is full, so long as it is terran or worse, you can build several androids.


  1. Data acquired through testing. Version used was 1.40