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Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
Box artwork for Metal Gear Solid HD Collection.
Developer(s)Kojima Productions
Bluepoint Games (Metal Gear Solid 2 & 3 port)
Genki (Peace Walker port)
Armature Studio (PlayStation Vita version)
Aspect Co. (Metal Gear & Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake port)
Release date(s)
PlayStation 3 icon.pngXbox 360 icon.png
PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
PlayStation Vita icon.png
PlayStation Vita
Genre(s)Stealth, third-person shooter, compilation
System(s)PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation Vita
Mode(s)Single player, Multiplayer
SeriesMetal Gear
TwitchMetal Gear Solid HD Collection Channel
YouTube GamingMetal Gear Solid HD Collection Channel

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection is a collection of Metal Gear games. It includes:

Substance, Subsistence, and Peace Walker have been updated to run at HD resolutions. In the console versions, Peace Walker's control scheme has been updated to support the use of the second analog stick, while the Vita version adds touchscreen control support. The versions of the games from this collection have also been released as individual downloadable games for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.