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Temple Grounds[edit]

Your mission for the Galactic Federation may be done, but you will soon meet one of the surviving inhabitants of Aether who has something else you can do.

Sacred Bridge[edit]

PFC E. Denys
War Wasp

Scan the body to he left to obtain the last trooper log, then roll down the tunnel to the right to get to the lower floor. Scan and defeat the War Wasps which attack. These normally come from hives but in this case they're flying free. Look up and scan the control panel on the far ledge to activate the Kinetic Orb Cannon, then Morph Ball and roll into to be fired to the exit.

Sacred Path[edit]

War Wasp Hive

As mentioned, War Wasps normally come from War Wasp Hives and there are several here that will start spawning wasps when you get near. Get a scan of one, then take them out with Missiles while you're not fending off the wasps they've already produced. There are three visible, and it's easiest to spot them with the Scan Visor, but there's one above a ledge to the right and it's impossible to see it even though it keeps spitting out a wasp every so often. So you'll just have to do the next part taking a bit of harassment from them.

With your Scan visor, look for a weak section of wall above you and to the left as you enter. Fire a missile at it to weaken it. Now locate the Kinetic Orb Cannon further down the slope and scan the control panel nearby (located in a nook just to the left) to turn it on. Switch to Morph Ball and roll into the cannon to be fired through the wall onto a ledge. Now you can finally see that last wasp nest so take it out.

Roll through the tunnel and along a Morph Ball track to get to the door on the top ledge. There you'll find the corpse of a Luminoth. As you will soon learn, they are an advanced race on a similar level as the Chozo, but while the Chozo resemble birds, the Luminoth look like giant moths.

Temple Transport A[edit]

Scan the control panel to activate the left, then step into the hologram to be carried to the Great Temple.

Great Temple[edit]

The Great Temple is high building supported by a tower of three pillars rising from the Temple Grounds. You might have seen it in the distance in the Temple Assembly Site. It functions as a hub within a hub since it connects different parts of the grounds.

Transport A Access[edit]

As you step into this room you'll see a swarm of Sand Bats coming out of a hole on one side. It's very difficult to get a scan of them now, but there will be plenty of other opportunities later. Note that once you drop over the ledge here you won't be able to go back since you don't have Space Jump. In the left wall is a Morph ball tunnel to a Save Station. Save your game since there is a battle coming up, then continue on.

Temple Sanctuary[edit]

Alpha Splinter (Only chance)
Dark Alpha Splinter (Only chance)

There are more doors with holograms of different colors, though you still can't do anything with them. Scan the objects inside the walls to learn they are Luminoth in suspended animation. When you step into the center of the room a shield will rise locking you in the and a battle starts.

Dark Alpha Splinter

There are three parts to this battle. First a group of Dark Splinters appears. You've fought these before but you're in close quarters so keep moving and concentrate your fire on one enemy at a time.

When the Dark Splinters are gone, an Alpha Splinter pops out of the big cocoon overhead. At the same time the game tells you about the strafing maneuver. Get a scan before you attack since this is your only chance, then start firing Missiles at it when you're not trying to dodge its attacks. The Alpha Splinter is very fast though, so your best bet to do as much damage as you can as quickly as possible.

Fortunately it doesn't take too much damage to trigger the next part of the battle; a Darkling takes over the Splinter and turns it into the Dark Alpha Splinter. The is your first real boss and it has it's own health bar so you can track your progress. Fortunately, though it's stronger and has more health than the original Alpha Splinter, it also moves more slowly so its attacks are easier to dodge. In addition to trying to ram you, it also shoots balls of dark energy at you, but these are still fairly easy to avoid. So as long as you keep moving to avoid damage, you can keep plugging away with your Charge and Power Beams to bring it down.

What would a boss be if they didn't drop some kind of reward that you can't finish the game without? In this case it's a glowing ball of light but your Scan Visor can't identify it. But since the wall around the middle of the room won't lower until you do, pick up the object. At first all you learn is that although it's merged with your suit, it's not doing any harm.

The walls around the middle of the room have now been lowered, but a new hologram door has appeared blocking the way you came. There is only one door available so go through.

Controller Transport[edit]

Scan the control panel to activate the lift and step into the hologram to get to the top floor.

Main Energy Controller[edit]

Energy Controller

When you enter you are greeted by the Luminoth U-Mos who tells you the backstory of the game. The Luminoth have been fighting a decades long war with the evil Ing to control the energy of the two parallel versions of Aether. The Ing stole an Energy Transfer Module, but now you have it; it's the unknown technology you just picked up. U-Mos begs you to use the module to restore the energy the Ing have taken from Aether, otherwise the Ing will win the war and may spread to other worlds.

The there are three energy temples and the procedure is similar for each one. First you need to go to the Light version of the temple and speak to its Luminoth guardian. You then need to collect the keys needed to enter the Dark version of the temple. Once you have the keys, you can enter the Dark temple and collect the energy stored there. Finally, you need to take the energy to the Light temple and restore it.

Finally, U-Mos updates your Translator Module so you can read the Violet Holograms of the Luminoth. You energy is completely restored and the Energy Transfer Module is added to your Data Network under Suit Expansions.

Get the scans here: U-Mos, the Energy Controller, and the Violet hologram on the wall near the door. (The holograms on the walls are backstory information only, similar to the Chozo Lore in Metroid Prime.)