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GameCube, Wii

You will begin the game with two visors: the standard Combat Visor and the Scan Visor. Acesss different visors with Neutral dpad

Combat Visor[edit]

This default visor is standard for battle and provides Samus with all the general information she needs.

Scan Visor[edit]

Items that can be scanned are cloaked in a red, blue, or green light. Green indicates that the object has been scanned before, red means that the item is mission critical, and blue means you can gather some information about the item. Press and hold L button to lock onto an object and download information. This visor is used to solve puzzles, find enemies' weak spots, and unlock various areas in the game.


Many pieces of information may be stored in Samus's Logbook, including creature morphologies, Space Pirate and Federation Logs, Luminoth Lore and much more. The Logbook may be accessed by pressing Start button during gameplay.

Dark Visor[edit]

Use this to see bettter though Dark Aether's poisonous haze and to identify invisible and interdimensional objects and creatures. It will show the weak points of certain enemies or objects and will help in total darkness and poor weather.

Echo Visor[edit]

Visualizes sound waves to detect invisible enemies and objects.