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Great Temple[edit]

It's now time to explore a whole new area, the Torvus Bog. The goal for now is the Torvus Energy Temple. But just getting to Torvus will be a bit of an adventure.

Temple Sanctuary[edit]

Scan the door with the Amber hologram to clear it and get to the next area.

Transport C Access[edit]

Harmony Class Drones

The passage is blocked by a door with a purple crystal; shoot it with a Light Beam to clear it. Scan the creatures that are floating around beyond. These are this game's version of the Bombu and are susceptible to the Dark Beam.

Temple Transport C[edit]

Just a lift here, so scan the control panel and step into the hologram.

Temple Grounds[edit]

Temple Transport C[edit]

Continue to the next room.

Meeting Ground[edit]

Age of Anxiety

Scan the door with the Amber hologram to clear it, but watch for War Wasps which attack as you go forward. There is a door to the left which you can't open yet, so continue through the U-shaped passage. There is a Violet history scan you can get here, it's above the U on the left side.

Follow the next passage to the end.

Hall of Eyes[edit]

Try to eliminate the War Wasp Hives before you're attacked. There is a Green door ahead but you can't get through it. Instead, jump up to the ledge and go through the portal on the other side of the bridge.

Sky Temple Grounds[edit]

Base Access[edit]

In this version of the room, the Green door is behind you, so continue to the next room.

Abandoned Base[edit]

Corrupted Sentreye

There is a long passage with no safe zones and Ingclaws spewing poison gas, so it would be very difficult to get through this without the Dark Suit. Somewhere in the middle you are met by Sentreyes.

Climb the slope at the end. There are pistons moving inside safe zones on either side; switch to Morph Ball and roll onto the one on the right. It lifts you to a track which makes a full circle around to the other piston. There are four Bomb Slots here, and each controls a gate which blocks the track when closed. You need to activate all four, but if you do it in the wrong order the gates will prevent you from finishing. You can check the location of the gates to figure out what the order should be. First, do the slot closest to the to piston on the right. Go back and use the piston on the left to get to the track again, do the farthest slot you can reach and then the other two as you make your way back to the piston.

A hologram appears on a cable car next to slope, so jump into it to start the car. As it moves you are attacked by swarms of Nightbarbs, so try to shoot as many as possible before they hit you and pick up their drops.

When you reach the end, jump to the ledge with the portal and use it; if you fall down you need to go back and take the cable car again.

Temple Grounds[edit]

Path of Eyes[edit]

The World Warped

Some Space Pirate are here, but they soon turn into Dark Space Pirates. This is the Light version of the path you just took in Abandoned Base. Shoot the wall with the purple crystal to proceed.

Jump onto the next wall, but don't go over until you clear the Space Pirate that appears. When you do go over, shoot the purple crystal on the other side to move the wall forward. There is another purple crystal on the right which you can shoot to reveal a Green door, but you can't go through now.

Jump on top of the wall you just moved forward to reach the top of the next wall. Follow the passage to a flooded area with yet another purple crystal on the far side. Shoot it to make a stepping stone to the next ledge and follow the next passage to a door with an Amber hologram. Before scanning it though, locate the small hole to the left, switch to Morph Ball, and follow the tunnel. When you reach the end, scan the Violet history hologram and shoot the purple crystal to create a short cut.

Go back, scan the hologram to open the door and continue to the next room.

Torvus Transport Access[edit]

This is a ledge guarded by War Wasps. Enjoy the view for moment, then blast the Missile door to get to the next room.

Transport to Torvus Bog[edit]

Scan the control panel and step into the hologram.

Torvus Bog[edit]

Transport to Temple Grounds[edit]

Torvus Bearer Pod

Search around the air purification machine here to get a scan of a new storage device. Then continue to the next room.

Temple Transport Access[edit]

Torvus Hanging Pod

As you step into this room you are attacked by Shriekbats, so step back again to dodge them. Look above you to get another scan, then wade through the water to the next room.

Torvus Lagoon[edit]

S-Dly's Testament

This is the first major room in the area and you get a short overview as you enter. Then you are attacked by Shredders coming from the water. Get a scan, but then you need to take care of them quickly so shoot Missiles at them. Also get a scan of the dead Luminoth near the door.

Eventually you need to raise the bridge here, but the control is unreachable now so you'll have to explore a bit. First, blast open the Missile door on the left and go through.

Save Station A[edit]

There is a Save Station here; it's probably been a while so it's a good idea to save.

Torvus Lagoon (cont.)[edit]


Jump into the water, get a scan of the swarm of small creatures swimming around, and follow the passage behind them to a Black door.

Path of Roots[edit]

Switch to Morph Ball and roll into the water, underneath the structure in the middle. Jump to shore on the other side.

Great Bridge[edit]

Sentinel Crystal

The bridge here is out of reach for the moment, and the way to get to it is actually via the first bridge, so you need to get back to Torvus Lagoon, but using a new route.

First, get a scan of the eyes attached to the walls. These don't do anything, just U-Mos' way of tracking your progress. Now notice the little plants floating in the water; they look harmless now but when you get close they pop out and attack. They shoot beams of sound at you and disappear, making them time consuming to defeat. You can run past them, but if you decide to fight then build up your Charge Beam while dodging they shots. Wait for one to appear, then target and shoot as quickly as possible to get a Charge Beam hit in before it becomes invisible. Two Charge Beam shots each should do the trick.

Cross the water, blast the Missile door on the right and go through.

Portal Chamber[edit]

Switch to Morph Ball and follow the track. You pass a room with a Missile Expansion, but it's just a teaser since you can't actually reach it until later.

Torvus Lagoon (cont.)[edit]

Scan the control panel to open the gates and raise the bridge. Now follow it to the White door.

Ruined Alcove[edit]

Shoot the Shredders and cross the water.

Forgotten Bridge[edit]


Step into the room and there is a short scene introducing a new enemy, Grenchlers. They are very similar to the Baby Sheegoths from Metroid Prime, so you need to keep shooting them from behind to destroy their shells and then shoot the exposed flesh underneath to finally defeat them. Meanwhile they will try to keep facing you while either charging at you or shooting lightning bolts at you. So this can be a tricky fight if you've never faced these guys before. Keep strafing to circle behind one, then fire Missiles or the Charge Beam; the Power Beam will take too long.

When the Grenchlers have been defeated, get a scan of the bulbous plants dotting the area, then cross the water and jump on the platforms to the ledge on the right. There is a third bridge here which you must move, but the control is in Dark Aether. So cross the bridge and use the portal at the end.

Dark Torvus Bog[edit]

Dark Forgotten Bridge[edit]

Dark Sentinel Crystal
Ingsphere Cache
Dark Phlogus

There is water in the Dark version of the room as well, but stay away from it since all the water in the Dark side is toxic.

Cross the bridge and activate the Bomb Slot to move it into a different position; the Light side version moves along with it. There isn't any more to do here except get some scans. First scan the eyes on the wall for the Dark version of the Sentinel Crystal; these report to U-Mos as well. Scan the bubble-like plants which serve as Ing storage here, and finally scan the large creature floating in the water.

Use the ledges to get back to the portal.

Torvus Bog[edit]

Forgotten Bridge (cont.)[edit]

Missile Expansion #15
Dark Pirate Commando

When you return the Granchlers are gone but a new type of Dark Pirate, the Dark Pirate Commando, is there instead. They keep shifting dimensions so it's difficult to keep a lock on them. Try shooting them with a Dark Charge Beam when you can get a lock; this freezes them so you can take them out with a single Missile shot.

Cross the bridge which leads to a door that was out of reach before, and collect a Missile Expansion on the way.

Abandoned Worksite[edit]


There is a Missile Expansion visible on the left behind some roots, but it's out of reach for now. Drop off the ledge into the water to get a scan of the creature on the wall to the left. There's no use in attacking it now since it will only come out of its shell if it senses the Morph Ball.

Jump back to the ledge and switch to Morph Ball, the start along the track on the right but go back when you here the Sporb come out. Once it's out it can shoot needles at you, so try to dodge them while you fire Missiles at it.

When the Sporb is gone you can safely follow the Morph Ball track to a tunnel, then the tunnel to the other side of the room. Drop off the ledge and get to the White door.

Great Bridge (cont.)[edit]

Scan the control panel to turn on a Kinetic Orb Cannon on the other side of the room. The panel was out of range before and the only way to get to it was through the Abandoned Worksite.

Drop off the ledge, fight the Shriekers if you feel like it, and get to the ledge with the cannon. Switch to Morph Ball and use it to be fired onto the bridge. Eliminate the Shriekbats at the other end, then cross to a Black door.

Temple Access[edit]

Energy Tank #5

Scan the floor of this passage to find a hole covered by a Taloric disk. Switch to Morph Ball, drop a bomb to clear the cover, and drop in to collect an Energy Tank. You're now in the lower part of this room which you could have entered the first time you were in Great Bridge, but there was no point because a Green door is blocking the way forward this way. So go back, go through the Black door to get back to the upper passage, and continue to the next room.

Torvus Temple[edit]

From the size and shape of the room you might be expecting a boss battle here, but all that happens is that Space Pirates arrive in a skiff. There are three waves with different types of Pirates, but nothing you haven't seen before.

When the battle is over you can collect the Super Missile on a small ledge on the far side. This is your first Beam combo, meaning it combines the power of the your beam weapon with Missiles. To use it, first make sure the Power Beam is selected, charge it as for the Charge Beam, but then press the button to fire a missile while holding the charge. There are other beam combos for the other beam weapons, but until you get them the Power Beam is the only one you can use with Missile. Each Super Missile shot costs five Missiles so use them sparingly. The Super Missile can clear Green doors so there are more places you can explore now.

After you pick up the Super Missile, the ledge it was on turns into a lift, so step into the hologram to be carried to a high ledge. There is a Green door there you can use to practice shooting your Super Missile.

Controller Access[edit]

Use the Morph Ball slot to turn the gate as in the Agon version of this room.

Torvus Energy Controller[edit]

Dark Aether

Scan the green hologram next to the dead Luminoth. You hear the last message of A-Voq. As with the Agon Energy Controller, you are told to visit the Dark version of this place to get the stolen energy back. Your energy is restored and you are given the Emerald translation module so you can start translating the Emerald holograms. Start by scanning the history hologram on the wall here. Head back to the Temple.

Expansions (Torvus Bog)[edit]

Even though you can now open Green doors, there are only two additional Missile Expansions you can get now. One of these we'll be covering later since it's deep in unexplored territory. The one we will go for now is way back in Agon. We'll be opening a few short cuts and finding a some small things on the way, but you can just as easily skip this until later.

Torvus Temple (cont.)[edit]

When you come out on the ledge the lift does not come up to meet you, but dropping that distance doesn't cost any energy so it's no big deal. Scan the Emerald hologram in the middle of the room to activate a lift which takes you to the basement. There are four ways out from here; the first is a Green door which takes you back to Temple Access. Opposite this is a Morph Ball tunnel to a second Green door which takes you to a new area which we'll cover later. On one side is a Purple door you can't use yet and on the other is a door with an Emerald hologram which we'll explore in the next page. For now, go through the first Green door and through Temple Access.

Great Bridge (cont.)[edit]

Open the Emerald hologram door behind the Orb Cannon.

Torvus Map Station[edit]

Map Station
Torvus Bog

Get the map of the area here. At first glance it may look like there isn't much left to explore, but zoom out a bit and you'll find a whole underground area you haven't been in yet. Go back and start heading back to the Temple Grounds via the Path of Roots

Path of Roots (cont.)[edit]

The Ing Attack

Check the wall here for a history scan and continue on to Torvus Lagoon.

Torvus Lagoon (cont.)[edit]

There are Grenchlers here now. Don't try to fight them while underwater; rush past them to reach land where the fight is more fair or you can get to the next room. The Super Missile will crack their armor in one shot so it's very handy for fighting them. Grenchlers now appear in one or two other areas as well. Continue on back to the Temple Grounds.

Expansions (Temple Grounds)[edit]

Path of Eyes (cont.)[edit]

Continue to Path of Eyes. You can save yourself some trouble with Dark Pirates by using the shortcut you made the first time through here. Take the Green door near the end of the short cut. There is a second Green door in this room, but it's a dead end for now.

Hall of Eyes[edit]

There is a Green door in Base Access, the Dark version of this room, but it's a dead end for the time being. Continue back.

Meeting Grounds[edit]

Follow the tunnel to the U-shaped path, then take the side path to a Green door.

Service Access[edit]

Follow the Morph Ball tunnel here to come out in the main section of the room with Lumites flying around. The door on the left is a dead end, so go through the door on the right at the end of a short passage.

Landing Site[edit]

M-Dhe's Testament

Scan the dead Luminoth here, then drop down the ledge and say hello to your ship. Use the Light beam to shoot the purple crystal below the ledge you just went over to make a shortcut back, but you don't need it for now. Save and restock on ammo if you want, then continue as at the start of the game, though you can skip the side path through the hive this time. Keep going until you reach the transport to Agon.

Expansions (Agon Wastes)[edit]

Portal Terminal[edit]

Get to the Portal Terminal and activate the portal.

Expansions (Dark Agon Wastes)[edit]


Continue to Battleground and go through the Green door there.

Warrior's Walk[edit]

Missile Expansion #16

This is a short passage which connects Battleground with Judgment Pit when the Green doors are both cleared, so now the two parts of Dark Agon Waste are joined. Use your Scan Visor to find the weak spot in the floor and drop a bomb to break it open. Drop down into the hole where you'll take some damage from the Phazon, but pick up a Missile Expansion.