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The Events are a bunch of mini-games that can, depending on the game, earn you more coin.


Special Delivery[edit]

Spend 40 silver coins / 1 gold coin at the payphone and call "Delivery Guy" for Ned, the delivery guy to come over in his van, the minigame is essentially a slot machine with the icons being food ingredients (and some being left blank), if 3 ingredients match up you win that ingredient for the day, ingredients won in this way give you a 10 coin bonus in every served dish that use them, you don't need to do anything for the won ingredient to be used in the dish. The possible results are:

  • Imported Beef: Affects most meat (beef, lamb, veal, etc..)
  • Organic Vegetables: Affects all vegetables (this is probably thebest result, since nearly every recipe at every restaurant uses the dish)
  • Fresh Fish: Affects fish and Calamari
  • Free-Range Chicken: Also affects duck
  • Exotic Cheese: Helps a lot at Stuffolini
  • Absolutely Nothing: Doesn't come up often till Chez Haute

Nugget takes a Nosedive[edit]

Click A button on Nugget, the newspaper boy, as he rides past you to enter this minigame. Cars will drive by and toss out bundles of newspapers, 7 at a time. You can click B button on them before they hit the ground to destroy them. There is no penalty for mashing B like mad. For every newspaper you catch consecutively (without letting one drop to the ground) you gain an extra point on top of the points it is already worth, in the beginning that value is 1 Point. Points however, are not what matters, what matters is not allowing any papers to fall to the ground. If you complete it flawlessly you are rewarded with a large amount of Coin, varying by location.

Knife Sharpening[edit]

If you use your knife at any restaurant for too long you will have to sharpen it. You'll have to tilt your knife to the left (into the Green zone) and press down to sharpen. Hold it steady at that angle till the knife fills up with color. Then tilt it to the right and repeat. If you complete this task you get to keep cooking.

Spice Chopping[edit]

On your third day at the Gravy Chug you will be forced to do this minigame, after that you can access it by clicking the red pepper left of Master Miyoda. In this game Master Miyoda will throw a Pepper on screen and you have to move the Wii Remote in a motion shown on-screen (without pressing any buttons). Getting a Perfect 10/10 will reward you with 10 Coin.

Carrot Slicing[edit]

Once you have the fifth star at El Fuego the next time you try to buy spices Master Miyoda asks you to do this minigame and you will not be able to buy spices until you do. The mionigame is based on four carrots on a chopping board and a cleaver sweeping left to right above them, when you think the cleaver will cut right through the middle of the carrot thrust the Wii Remote downwards, try to cut 10 within the time limit. The reward is 50 coins for a perfect 10/10 plus bonus points for any extra you managed to get.

Health Inspector[edit]

Some days when you randomly enter your restaurant Bob Manhorn, the health inspector will be there. He makes you clean a certain amount of your dishes within a time limit. If you win, business as usual. If you lose, however, your restaurant will close [i]immediately[/i] and Bob will be back the next day.

Rats in the Kitchen[edit]

An event that randomly occurs, though you can supposedly make it happen by throwing out a lot of food. You must flick the 15 rats which have invaded your kitchen within a certain time frame, if you win it's business as usual, if you lose your day ends [i]immediately[/i] and all your patrons leave.

Sleeping Assistant[edit]

Randomly occurs even if you don't use your assistants, though you can make it happen more often by using one a lot. If they fall asleep it will be halfway through the day. A second one may fall asleep after the 3rd table as well. To wake up you assistant shake your Wii Remote very quickly to fill a meter in a certain time frame. Nothing if you win, if you fail the assistant goes home for the rest of the day.

Kitchen Fire[edit]

If you leave a food item cooking for too long if will catch fire, on easy mode it happens when either of the 2 pointers reaches the very end of the meter, they move much slower in the last segment. When this happens you will grab a fire extinguisher and try to put the fire out. Aim at the fire and hold B button to spray the fire extinguisher. When it runs out shake the Wii Remote to refill the extinguisher, it works best if you sweep slowly from left to right. If you win, then only that ingredient you were working with is lost. If you lose, the sprinklers come on and your restaurant is shut down for the rest of the day.