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Box artwork for Otomedius Excellent.
Box artwork for Otomedius Excellent.
Otomedius Excellent
Developer(s)Konami Digital Entertainment
Year released2011
System(s)Xbox 360
ModesSingle player
Rating(s)ESRB TeenCERO Ages 15 and up
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Otomedius Excellent (オトメディウスX(エクセレント!)? Otomediusu X (Ekuserento!)) is an Xbox 360 game and the sequel to the 2008 game Otomedius G (Gorgeous!) by Konami, a spin-off of the Gradius series. Otomedius Excellent features female characters representing different Konami franchises. It was released in April 21, 2011 in Japan and in North America on November 1, 2011.


The story was a crossover war between Space and Time in the world of Gradius but the Anti-Bacteraian Organization G was replaced into Earth as Invaders and it was a chronological event into Cosmic War era of Dr. Venom's previous war and Gradius III era of Dark Force back in a journey through time.


The game offers a single-player campaign and a multi-player mode provided via the Xbox Live service.

In Otomedius Excellent, you can enjoy a new story when you play the single campaign, and when the stages get too punishing, you can recruit up to 3 helpers in the Multiplay offline mode and a Score Attack that you can achieve many point after the game and unlock new weapon cards. If you have your Xbox Live account, the game would be even more fun, as you get to play against the best shooters on the network and grab new contents as you proceed through the game. There are also several new characters, several extra stages and several character BGM Packs that will become available through downloadable content.

  • Characters should be help by 3 offline co-op/s for the first time.
  • Unlockable Weapon Cards according to the Stage Loops until the 3rd Loops for Multiplayer Mode.
  • Early order includes downloadable Aoba Anoa in T-301 General Purpose (Gradius V) fighter.
  • Unlockable Gallery Mode after the player clears in Story Mode and Multiplayer Mode, features of many Illustration Artworks by Mine Yoshizaki.
  • Score Attacks now have 10 loops, unlike in Gradius V, which is better for the Bullet Hell references.


In the year 2011 A.D., after the civilization war between the Angel Squadrons and the Gofer Sisters before their memories taken, and the music box has been forbidden (Otomedius Gorgeous). Meanwhile, the Inter-Dimensional Organization G now continues the new Bacterian Army with new member squadrons to defeat the unknown Bacterian Force and the Dark Force was taken to earth and revolved their destruction but the Squadrons were going back in time to finished their most powerful forces among the real world of planet Gradius.


Angel Squadrons[edit]

Returning Characters[edit]

  • Aoba Anoa - a second-year high school student of St. Gradius Academy. She has recently been recruited into the G Organization after it was found she had a large amount of Platonic Powers. She works hard to try to live up to the reputations of the other members, and endeavors to be friends with everyone she meets. Her Ride Viper is Vic Viper.
  • Erul Tron - a Gradian and a second-year student of St. Gradius Academy, in the same class as her friend Anoa. Erul is also came to Earth from Ratis, a planet near Gradius which has been on friendly terms with Gradius for a long time. She came to Earth to look for her brother, the former pilot of VIXEN, a Ratian craft that disappeared some time ago without disappearance. Her Ride Viper is Lord British.
  • Madoka - an immigrated to Earth from Planet Mel on her Riding Viper, which she built with her own two hands after being inspired by TwinBee, a hero from her home planet. A peppy and cheerful girl, she enjoys tea and sweets, though things she prepares herself seem to be less-than-delicious. Her Ride Viper is Murdoch Viper 2.
  • Diol Twee - a leader of the Riding Viper Squadron used by the G Organization. A kind-hearted young woman who very much enjoys her work, she hopes some day that the universe can be rid of evil such as the Bacterians. Her Ride Viper is Serenity Viper.
  • Tita Nium - a Bacterian traitor, who for some reason has opted to turn on her own kind and enlist to help the G Organization. She's also hilariously quirky and fun, since she doesn't think like a human normally does. She enjoys her time at G, despite being an outcast, and tries her best to become an accepted member of the organization. Her Ride Viper is Big-Core Examiner.
  • Esmeralda - a Gradian and former business-like tactician and weapons expert. She's a reference to the popular Gradius Gaiden, and pilots Jade Knight. Her wingman is Poini Kune. She's also a third year student and in the same class of Diol Twee that she becomes rivalry.
  • Poini Kune - a surprisingly young Gradian with an equally surprising intelligence. Like Esmeralda, she's a reference to Falsion, piloting Jade Knight's partner ship, Falchion β. Also she likes Esmeralda, Poini is in Diol's class at St. Gradius Academy, as a third year student in spite of her age.

New Characters[edit]

  • Arnval - an android created using parts and designs stolen from the Bacterians when Tita Nium betrayed them. Her purpose is specifically to counter Bacterian weapons and tactics. In personality, she's somewhat dull and formal, a very proper and polite girl who is more accustomed to taking it easy. In combat, she tends to rely on her programming rather than her instincts. This sets her apart from her more emotionally comfortable "Sister", Strarf. Her Ride Viper is Anthurium, based-off from Thunder Cross and Gradius V.
  • Strarf - a second half of the Android Pair, something of a "sister" to Arnval. She has a Devil motif, complimenting Arnval's Angel motif, and was designed explicitly for night combat. Unlike Arnval, Strarf is a very excitable and upbeat girl with an intense fascination for the world around her. She's also very mischievous, and enjoys teasing her sister. Her Ride Viper is Alpinia, based from Solar Assault.
  • Gesshi Hanafuuma - a joined up with the G Organization fairly recently. Hailing from a world with a mixture of modern technology and feudal Japanese ideology, she has a very old fashion sense of duty and dedication. As a samurai, she's an excellent soldier and a powerful Riding Viper pilot, but she has a hard time adjusting to the more eccentric behaviors of the Bacterians. Her Ride Viper is Hadouken, based-off from Axelay.
  • Kokoro Belmont - a vampire hunter and a middle student of St. Gradius Academy, but her life is getting miserable since her older brother Julius Belmont really wants her to finish up education, graduate and become a vampire hunter along with Gesshi Hanafuuma, but the Squadron really knows that just by her name and her demeanor, she's the first vampire hunter to ever join the team. Her Ride Viper is Stavros, based-off from Castlevania.


Returning Characters[edit]

  • L.B. Gofer and R.B. Gofer - the troublemaker Bacterians from the first Otomedius game and they return as the mid-boss on stage 2.
  • Meta Lium - a servant-type Bacterian created by the Gofer Sisters in order to handle less important tasks. She serves them with fierce loyalty and has become one of their most skilled Riding Core pilots, nearly on the level of the Sisters themselves, though she has a smaller psychic presence and lacks the ability to generate biomass. A stoic and determined woman, she has a weakness for cute things and considers the Sisters the most adorable things in the universe. She can sometimes he found acting unprofessionally when she thinks they aren't looking.

New Characters[edit]

  • Neko-Sencho - A space pirate whom the Gofers regularly employ when they want something stolen and don't want to get it themselves for whatever reason. Neko Sencho's loyalty is to money, and slightly to the Gofers for giving her and her Sea Cat pirates the Mirrored Core gunship, which they use as a pirate ship. Most of the deals between the Gofer Sisters and Neko Sencho tend to go "Take what I want and give it to me, everything else is yours".
  • T.B. Rika - An infiltrator-type Bacterian created by the Gofer Sisters in order to gather intelligence on the G Organization. She currently works as a teacher at St. Gradius Academy, and is infamous in the school for being extremely strict with her students and yet has that whole atmosphere of a kind person. It's generally felt that she's strict because she wants her students to be successful.
  • Ryukotsuki - a demon from a distant hell, one of Hanafuuma's most enemies and the previous Last Boss on Getsu Fuuma Den. She was resurrected by the Gofer Sisters so they could employ her power against the G Organization. Her loyalty is maintained through her personal honour and an invoiced bill for the price of resurrecting her. The amount is ludicrous, and intentionally designed to take a long time to pay off. Occasionally, Ryukotsuki attempts to gamble to lower her debt, though it usually goes badly.
  • Shiori Fujisaki - a human girl from St. Gradius Academy who discovered T.B. Rika is an alien. Rather than expose her, though, Shiori became infatuated. An alien nut, she studies Ms. Rika, who in turn misleads her about her alien nature by claiming she's from planet Latis. Shiori has never met the Gofer Sisters in person, though they have spoken in audio-only communication. The Sisters, via Rika, gave Shiori a Core ship to seal her loyalty, and Rika has been teaching her how to use it.
  • Ruby and Cobalt (Hikaru and Akane) - an androids created by the Gofer Sisters based on old enemies of the Bacterians, Hikaru and Akane. Unlike Ryukotsuki, the Gofers keep these two bunny girl robots in line by being their creators, resulting in Ruby and Cobalt feeling indebted and thus loyal. However, these two do work several odd jobs to feed their hobbies.
  • Dark Force - a Bacterian superweapon created by the Gofer Sisters as part of their campaign against the G Organization and a main antagonist of this game, designed to crush Earth's defenses and obliterate the Organization itself. Though she is just a weapon, the Sisters treat her with great respect and equality, as they recognize she might turn on the Bacterians if she feels unhappy.
  • Konami Lady - a guest character from the crossover series Konami Wai Wai World. She pilots the Scramble Ship and her attitude turn inro troublemaker in St. Gradius Academy that can hear how she doing inside the campus.
  • Yae / Emon-8 - a ringleader of Emon-5 since her partner goes missing in action and that because of the Space-Time Organization G takes place without the male squadron, so she takes revenge for the Angel Squadron to avenge Emon-5.

Supporting Characters[edit]

  • Operetta - an effective commander of Angel Squadron, Operetta is a holographic robot girl who coordinates the squadron's activities and dispatches them on their missions.
  • Dr. Venom - a commander of the Bacterian Fleets that based from Gradius 2 and Cosmic Wars and later he joins the Gradians returning his world of what did happend of Dark Force's Destruction.
  • Pastel - a cameo appearance in Donburi Islands piloting Winbee. However, Winbee takes a bad bump from running through a metal girder, causing its programming to malfunction and turn on the Angel Squadrons. She pleads with Winbee to stop while it battles with the pilot, but eventually, Winbee reverts to its original programming and flies away with her unharmed.

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