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Rappelz: An Epic Of The Ultimate Creature
Box artwork for Rappelz: An Epic Of The Ultimate Creature.
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Rappelz: An Epic Of The Ultimate Creature is a subscription-free MMORPG that is supported by in-game item purchases used with Gs (Gpotato currency, swapped for real money). The only problem with this style of game is that it promotes the use of 'twinking' or buying items for characters to give them an advantage; luckily the only items currently available are not excessively advantageous. The game was developed by Korean company nFlavor and is now hosted and presented to various countries world-wide by Californian Gala-Net Inc., who also published and distributes the MMORPG Flyff and the MMOG Space Cowboy Online.

The game is set in a fantasy medieval world, comparable to that of the game Lineage II, in which three races exist in harmony: The Deva (guardians of light), the Asura (servants of the dark) and the Gaia(the protectors of nature).

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